Monday, October 8, 2018

Our Mountain Trip by the Numbers

We just spent five fun-filled days in the mountains for our annual trip and I have a ton to recap!  However, laundry and grocery lists and unpacking calls, so I’m doing one of my famous “by the numbers” posts to hold us over until I have more time to recap.

Here we go! 

3 – Shots I had to get at the acute care place the morning we left because… freaking allergies.

4 – Prescription drugs I was on the whole time to keep me comfortable 

11 – Times we crossed the Georgia / North Carolina border 

4,784 – Highest elevation reached on the trip… we went to the highest point in the whole state of Georgia!

21 – Total donuts consumed

12 – Donut holes consumed

12 – Donuts consumed that were of the apple cider variety… these are included in the tally above.  ;o)

24 – Apples picked

10 – Adult beverages consumed

3 – Bottles of wine brought home from the vineyard.

1 – Place we ate that didn’t take credit cards… that’s how you know you’re in the sticks.

8 – Ice creams consumed… I feel like we could have done better than this.  Haha.

3 – Times Olivia fell and scraped her knees.  Sigh.  #ClumsyGal

93 – Gems grubbed (44 for Jacob and 49 for Olivia)

10 – Cities/areas visited (Hayesville, NC, Hiawasee, GA, Ellijay, GA, Young Harris, GA, Blueridge, GA, Cleveland, GA, Helen, GA, Blairsville, GA, Brasstown Bald, GA, Anna Ruby Falls, GA)

17 – Times somebody yelled out “COWS!” because they saw cows

3 – Times the cooler fell over in the back of the car

0 – Times the GPS fell off of the windshield… see last year’s post to see just why this was such a big deal.  Hehe.

730 – Pictures taken on the trip

90 – Stories uploaded to Instagram… and they’re all saved in the “Mountain Trip” highlight in my bio if you want to catch up!

0 – Times we were asked if Jacob and Olivia are twins.  If you’ve been following along here for a while you know this is a big deal!  We rarely go a day without getting asked this question, let alone an entire vacation.

Countless – Times my ears popped from all of the crap in my head.  #Ugh

0 – Leaves that had changed from green into brilliant fall colors.  Okay, okay, maybe there were a few, but there might as well have been none. 

This weather is for the birds, y’all, but we still had fun!

I’ll be recapping our trip soon, so stay tuned!

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  1. I love how much you guys love donuts. :) Definitely jealous of those apple cider donuts...I need to find some before the season ends! Can't wait for the recaps!

  2. Yep, I love that you had doughnuts and doughnut holes. I adored following along now that I am on Insta. The cutest family in them there mountains!!

  3. I can’t wait to see the recaps. IG stories looked like y’all had the best time.

  4. I love the amount of doughnuts that were consumed! Looking forward to your recap!!!

  5. Sorry you didn't have the fall weather you were hoping for! It still sounds like an awesome time and I can't wait to see some pics!

  6. Sounds like a great trip! Too bad you had allergy issues though!

  7. Sounds like such a fun trip. Oh Olivia, tripping and scrapping her knee. Ouch! Also, those allergy shots do not sound fun. I cannot wait to see some pictures and for your recap!

  8. It looked like such an amazing trip. I am so jealous and want to get all the details.

  9. It sounds like you had a fun trip! I really want to plan a long Fall weekend in the mountains with my family one day!

  10. 21 donuts - you guys know how to have a good time!! LOL Sorry to hear about your allergies!

  11. I cannot wait for your recap! Your IG stories were so great. I would love to come visit this location one day.

  12. I laughed at the GPS falling off the window and the twins things because I remember those from last year. So glad your GPS survived this year withou any falls. I can't wait for your recaps. Sounds like you had a great time other than the allergies.

  13. oh man I feel ya on the allergy shots, I got 4 on Thursday and need to do one tomorrow, but I'm starting to get sick...I guess I'll just lie...shhhh, don't tell them! Looks like you had a great trip!

  14. I cannot wait for the recap! Ugh to the allergies, I hope you did not suffer too much! I need an apple cider donut!

  15. These by the numbers posts are my favorite!! I hate you had to deal with allergies the whole time--and the insane heat we're getting!!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  16. These are such fun reads! I can't believe not one person asked if they were twins...seems like everywhere y'all go, someone asks. LOL!

  17. I loved following along with your beautiful trip on IG stories! What a great time you guys had!!

  18. Love the format of this post/recap - so fun! Looks like an incredible time in the mountains. :)

  19. I always love your mountain trip recaps and so fun to recap in numbers. I’m loving all of the donuts consumed! Mason gets a total kick out of the gem grubbing! Can’t wait to see more about your trip! Heading to watch all of your stories now.


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