Monday, December 20, 2021

The Ultimate Christmas Roundup

Christmas is my verrrry favorite holiday of all, and my blog has definitely reflected that over the years.  I’ve probably posted more Christmas content than anything else, so today I thought I’d do an ultimate roundup of all of my favorite Christmas posts through the years. 

Whether you’re looking for gift ideas, recipes, decorating ideas, or anything else Christmas related, you should be able to find it all here!

Decorating Ideas

Christmas Home Tour 2021

Christmas Home Tour 2020

Christmas Home Tour 2019

Christmas Home Tour 2018

Christmas Home Tour 2017

Christmas Home Tour 2016

Christmas Home Tour 2015

A Rainbow Christmas Tree

Gift Guides

For the Ladies

For the Guys

For Kids Under Age 3

For Kids Ages 4 - 12

For Teenagers



Christmas Charcuterie Board

Fruit Santa Hats

Hot Pineapple Casserole

Aunt Joy's Cinnamon Muffins

New Year's Eve Dessert Board

Brian's Grandmother's Chocolate Chip Cookies

No Bake Three Ingredients Hershey Pie

Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake

Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

Winter White Cosmo (Bonefish Copycat Recipe) 



Lindsay's Sweet World's Ultimate Christmas Play List

The Best Christmas Books for Kids



DIY Wine Cork Ornament

DIY Christmas Card Holder



The Easiest Way to Organize Christmas Cards

How I Organize Gift Wrap

How to Stage Your Home When Hosting Guests


Our 2021 Christmas Card with Mpix

Our 2020 Christmas Card with Mpix

Our 2019 Christmas Card with Shutterfly

Our 2018 Christmas Card with Shutterfly

Our 2017 Christmas Card with Shutterfly

Our 2016 Christmas Card

Things to Do

Christmas Bucket List 2019

Christmas Bucket List 2018

Christmas Bucket List 2017

Christmas Bucket List 2016

Christmas Bucket List 2015

Things to Do in New York City at Christmastime

Personal Faves

My Favorite Ornaments

My Christmas Movie Faves & the Stories Behind Them

The Greatest Christmas Gifts I Ever Received

My Favorite Holiday

Whew, that was A LOT, y’all.  Now I’m off to wrap a few last-minute gifts!

Happy Monday! 

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