Friday, June 23, 2023

Five on Friday - Bible Study Supplies, ABCs of Solidarity, a Prank, and a Happy Accident

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Hey, y’all!  We’ve had another week full of rain and storms (literally and figuratively), and it honestly hasn’t been a great one for the second week in a row.  I’ve been in a bit of a funk the last couple of weeks due to some of the things that have been going on behind the scenes over here, so I’ve been especially grateful for all of the little things that have brought a smile to my face.  Here are a few that I’ll share with you from the week…

O N E – Bible Study Supplies

I have been wanting to read the Bible from cover to cover for a long time… it’s something I’ve never done in my whole life.  Yes, I’ve probably read nearly every chapter and verse in there at some point in my life, but I’ve never done an actual cover-to-cover reading aside from reading the books of Genesis and Exodus from start to finish my freshman year of high school in my History of the Bible class.

I decided recently to purchase a new journaling Bible along with The Bible Recap by Tara-Leigh Cobble because I’ve heard so many great things about it.  The Bible Recap is designed to get you through the entire Bible in one year.  It tells you which books/chapters/verses to read every single day for 365 days, and then after you read the Bible reading for the day, you read the two-page recap from your book. 

Because this is meant to be a one-year project, my Type A OCD heart would reeeeaaaally like to start on January 1, but since we’re still six months away from the new year, I decided to just go ahead and start.  I do know that it’s probably unrealistic for me to do this in just one year anyway, and therefore, I’m giving myself a year and a half to do it.  I know there will be days that I won’t have the opportunity to sit down and give it the attention it deserves (hello, Disney trip 2024!), so I don’t want to set unrealistic goals and set myself up for failure. 

So anyway, now that I’ve finally settled on a Bible I’m going to be starting my Bible in a year journey really soon, and I’m aiming to complete it by the end of 2024… maybe even before then! 

In addition to my Bible and my Bible Recap book, I also grabbed these Bible journaling pens and some special Bible highlighters.  Both the pens and the highlighters are made specifically for Bibles, so they supposedly won’t bleed through the (very) thin pages, and they both have excellent reviews. 

But anyway, this little pile of stuff right here makes me so happy, and it’s been a favorite from the week!  I’m excited to dig in!


T W O – ABCs of Solidarity

One of my favorite people on Instagram, @ohhappydani, creates and sells beautiful artwork, and she posted this ABCs of Solidarity artwork just ahead of Juneteenth.  It’s so important for us to support one another, and I love all of her ideas here on ways that everyone can be proactive and offer support for the Black community.  If you're interested in purchasing any of her artwork, you can get to her shop from her Instagram page here.  I have several pieces hanging in my office and they are some of my favorites!


T H R E E – Prank

This is kind of a silly and off-the-wall favorite from the week, but after a tough couple of weeks, I’m loving all simple things that bring a smile to my face.  Jacob’s piano teacher has always liked to play silly pranks (and I’m often his target), and Monday he was in a particularly silly mood because he was trying to keep the mood light for Jacob (which I was soooo appreciative of) since it was his last lesson with him as he’s taking a new job.   

After Jacob’s final lesson with him was over, I was at the front desk trying to get Jacob scheduled with a new teacher for his future lessons, and Jacob’s teacher kept bringing handfuls of Dum Dums from his treasure box and dumping them in my purse when I wasn’t looking.  Apparently, the kids and several other teachers were watching the whole time and they all thought it was hilarious because I was completely clueless as to what was happening even though it went on for quite some time. 

After I was done scheduling Jacob’s lesson, Jacob and I sat down in the lobby to wait for Olivia’s voice lesson to be over, and when I opened my purse to grab my phone, there were Dum Dums everywhere.  It made me laugh so hard, and I was just really grateful at how hard Jacob's teacher worked to keep Jacob laughing since it was their last lesson together.  Jacob has been so sad about him leaving, and I was worried that Monday was going to be really tough for him.  Instead, it ended up being one of his most fun lessons ever.  I guess that kind of makes it even more bittersweet.

I took this picture the next day after we’d already eaten a bunch of them.  There were probably at least 20 in there the day he put them in there.  The whole inside of my purse was covered.  I was also really excited because he knew to put a bunch of Root Beer ones in there since those are my favorite.  Hahahaha.  

F O U R – A Happy Accident

I was reading my daily devotional (which is really fantastic!) the other day as I always do, and this particular entry made me think of a friend who has been going through some struggles.  I thought it would be nice to send it over to them, so I snapped a picture and sent it via text. 

Immediately after I hit send, I realized I’d sent it to the wrong phone number because instead of showing up in our current text thread, a completely new text thread had been created in my text log.  Whoops!

When I sent the picture, I thought I’d just type the phone number in directly from the picture, but I accidentally transposed two of the numbers when typing, so instead of going to my friend’s phone number, it went to some random person’s number who I don’t know.  Haha.  I immediately texted the number back and said, “Sorry wrong number” and then I sent it to my friend at the correct number.

I figured I’d never hear back from the wrong number I’d sent the text to, but within seconds, I received a message back from them saying, “Thanks for sending that I need it.”  We then went back and forth one more time, me saying, “Aw I’m so glad then!  A happy accident!”  And they responded with, “Yes.”

I have no clue who they are or if they are male or female or how old they are or where they live, but it made me happy to know that I blessed someone even if it was just by accident. 

(And note to self, the next time I need to text a picture I will just go to the original text thread and send the picture from there instead of typing in the number so I can send the text directly from the picture.  Hahahaha.)

F I V E – Family Picture

My friend, Jeannine, texted this picture to me earlier this week and it gave me all the feels!  Y’all!  Look at my tiny babiiiieeeessss!  I have always loved this picture… Jacob looks so bored, and Olivia already looks mischievous at just six-ish months old… she has the cutest little smirk on her face.  Haha. 

Also, in case you are wondering why it looks like we are in a catalog, this picture was taken for our pictorial church directory.  Haha.

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Happy Friday, y’all!

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  1. I really really hope the weather gets better for y'all soon! Your quiet time set up looks like mine--I love having all the things I need handy to highlight or take notes. Have a great weekend!

  2. I'm sorry you're having a tough week! The prank and the happy accident stories made me smile so I know they've helped you too!

  3. Hope things get better with the behind the scenes things! Love the happy accident!

  4. That dum dum prank is hilarious! My youngest son and I have been talking about reading the bible but I wasn't really sure where to start; thanks for the suggestion.


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