Monday, June 19, 2023

Our 2023 30A Summer Beach Trip by the Numbers

We had another wonderful trip to our favorite place, and today I’m finally recapping the trip by numbers as I always love to do…

8 – Days we were on our trip

7 – Nights we stayed in the condo

7 – Little beach towns we visited while we were there (Panama City, Inlet, Rosemary, Seacrest, Alys, Santa Rosa, Seaside)

9 – Times somebody yelled “cows” when they saw cows on the drive down… it’s our family tradition.  And probably the tradition of every southern family.  Do you even live in the south if you don’t do this?!  Hahahaha.

1 – Time somebody spotted corn and yelled, “corn!” on the drive down.  And then, Olivia, of course, had to start singing the corn song.  Hahahaha.

14 + 1 pitcher of margs – Adult beverages consumed (this is actually less than last year… and keep in mind we were there for eight days… don’t judge.  Haha.)

14 + 8 minis that we had in the freezer at the condo – Ice creams consumed (this is significantly lower than usual because… I barely ate any ice cream this year since my body has stopped craving sweets.  So crazy to me that this is still a thing… it’s been more than eight months since I had Covid and lost my sweet tooth.  At this point I don’t think it’s ever coming back.)

24 – Donuts consumed (I did still partake in donuts, though)

1 – Time we got takeout for dinner and ate in the condo (pizza from our favorite place there!)

6 – Restaurants we ate at on this trip (all for dinner)

3 – Times we ate outside at a restaurant

3 – Times we ate inside a restaurant

2 – New restaurants tried on this trip (Firefly in Panama City and The Daytrader Tiki Bar and Restaurant in Seaside)

6 – Times we made lunch in the condo (we didn’t eat out a single time for lunch on the trip… it was just sandwiches, chips, fruit, etc. in the condo every day)

27.25 – Hours spent on the beach during the day (this excludes all of the time spent out there in the evening and at night)

9 – Walks taken on the beach (this excludes a couple that we took in the evening because I forgot to start a workout on my Apple Watch and, therefore, have no records of them)

9.7 – Miles walked on the beach (excluding the couple of walks I forgot to record)

13 – Crabs seen on our walks (4 of them were sand crabs and 9 of them were ghost crabs)

2 – Crabs that Olivia rescued (she carried them to the water because they appeared to be in the wrong place and lost)

8 – Bottles of sunscreen that we went through

6 – Holes-in-one made during our mini golf outing… two of which were made by me!  ;o)

3,847 – Tickets won at Dave and Busters (that’s almost double the number from last year… they racked up this year!)

2 – Books I read on the trip (Things We Never Got Over and Happy Place)

0 – Times we were asked if the kids are twins (this typically happens a lot, but for two years running we have not been asked this question on our beach trip!)

390 – Pictures taken on the trip with my iPhone

58 – Videos taken on the trip with my iPhone

33 – Jellyfish spotted on our trip (Thursday while we were there, they had the purple flag out for dangerous marine life, and we saw so many jellyfish.  They were all clear and they looked like little round ice cubes in various sizes laying on the beach.)

35 – Shells found and brought home on this trip

2 – Sand dollars found and brought home on this trip (They were not alive when we found them.)

70 – The lowest temp we saw during the whole trip 

83 – The highest temp we saw during the whole trip (and that was just one day.  All of the other days it maxed out at 80 or 81.  This was, by far, the coolest it’s ever been on our beach trip and it was lovely.)

59 – The lowest humidity percentage we saw on this trip (this is UNHEARD OF in Florida.  Florida is the most humid place everrrr and you can typically cut the air with a knife there because the humidity is so awful.  I could not believe how low the humidity was for almost our entire trip.  It was insane.  Our weather was absolute perfection the entire time.)

79 – The highest humidity percentage we saw on the entire trip (and again, this is SO LOW for Florida.  It’s usually nearly 100% humidity most of the time, and sometimes it feels like a thousand.  Haha.)

Countless – Times I said, “I’m cold.”  (Hahahaha.  I don’t think I’ve ever uttered those words on a beach trip in June before, but I cannot even tell you how many times I was chilly on this trip.  It was SO NICE not dying of heat exhaustion while sitting in the sun on the beach in June in Florida.)

And that’s it, y’all!  As always, I’ll be recapping our trip from start to finish, so be sure to stick around!  And if you missed following along with us, you can always relive the whole trip in my “30A ’23 highlight in my Instagram bio. 

Happy Monday and Happy Juneteenth, y'all!  


  1. Gabbie thinks it's a midwest thing to say "cows" when you see cows. We also saw horses and sheep on our trip! And I found a sand dollar too!

  2. I love these "numbers" posts that you do. Wow, y'all lucked out with that weather. Perfect temperatures!

  3. The weather seemed to be absolutely perfect while y'all were there!

  4. That sounds like perfect Florida weather!


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