Monday, August 28, 2023

20 Year Dating Anniversary

Y’all!  Today marks TWENTY years since Brian and I started dating.  Twenty.  2-0.  Two whole decades.  And I’m honestly not sure how that’s possible since I’m only 25.  ;o)

We don’t typically celebrate our dating anniversary since we have a wedding anniversary, but I thought that 20 years was definitely worth mentioning here on the blog because that is a very, very long time. 

We have been through so much together in the last 20 years – we celebrated my graduation from college and the start of my corporate career, we got engaged, we got married, we had the worst honeymoon of all-time, we lived in three different homes, we built a house, we went through three pregnancies, we lost one baby and we welcomed two healthy babies, we raised one precious little dog baby, we survived me quitting my corporate job after 13 years to become a stay-at-home-mom, we buried four of our grandparents, we welcomed to the world five nieces and nephews (in addition to the two who were born before we started dating), we celebrated 15 wedding anniversaries, we traveled to lots of fun places, we attended countless concerts, and we made it through one pandemic. 

We have experienced super high highs and super low lows and it’s been quite a ride.

In honor of 20 years, I thought it would be fun to share our relationship in pictures… most of these have never been shared on the blog, so please enjoy seeing what we looked like back in 2003 when I was just 21 and Brian was just 25.  ;o)

2003 - At B's best friend's wedding rehearsal

2003 - Before B's best friend's wedding

2003 - At a house party

2004 - Skiing in Snowshoe, WV

2004 - In Biloxi, MS

2005 - In New York City... my first time there!

2005 - At my SIL's house for a birthday party

2005 - In Vegas, Baby!

2005 - In Vegas

2005 - At our friends' Halloween party

2006 - Skiing in Snowshoe, WV

2006 - At my MIL and step-FIL's wedding

2006 - At our friends' Halloween party

2006 - Thanksgiving

2006 - At Brian's house a few months before we got engaged

2007 - Vegas again

2007 - One of our engagement pictures

2007 - At our friends' Halloween party... we were a bride and groom since our wedding was just a month away!

2007 - At the UGA vs. AUB Blackout game

2007 - Our wedding

2008 - Vegas again

2008 - NYC again

2008 - At our friends' Halloween party

2008 - Our Christmas card picture for that year... taken in our old front yard

2009 - In Panama City, FL

2009 - In Panama City, FL

2009 - In Vegas yet again.  Lol.

2009 - At the Grand Canyon Skywalk

2009 - At our friends' wedding.  We got to walk down the aisle together

2009 - At our friends' Halloween party

2009 - Ushering in 2010 with a pajama party at our friends' house

2010 - At my friend's wedding while pregnant with our first baby
2010 - Our first Christmas card picture with our first baby, Maui

2011 - Pregnant with Jacob

2011 - Jacob's birth

2012 - New York City at Christmastime for our 5th wedding anniversary

2013 - Easter

2014 - Pregnant with Olivia

2014 - Olivia's birth

2015 - Date night

2016 - Heading to the annual benefit ball we always attend

2016 - Heading to the annual school fundraiser

2017 - Annual benefit ball again

2018 - Another benefit ball

2019 - That time we had the best seats for a Dave Matthews Band concert

2020 - Another benefit ball right before the world shut down

2021 - Getting our first Covid vaccines

2021 - At the Friends popup in Atlanta

2022 - Welcoming a new year

2023 - Date night to see Ed Sheeran

2023 - Beach trip!

2023 - Our most recent picture together


Happy 20 years, B!  I love you!


  1. I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat! Except for the honeymoon. I would totally change the honeymoon. I love you, Lindsay!

  2. Oh wow! What a great collection of photos! Your couples Halloween costumes were so good! I love the pregnant photos of you too. Now I'm curious just what happened on the honeymoon-- ha, ha!



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