Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Favorite Planner Accessories

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Simplified Planner launch day is less than a month away which means I’ll be purchasing my new planner for 2024 soon!  I always get excited about getting my new planner every year, and it gives me so much joy to get it all set up for the upcoming year.  This will be my sixth year using the Simplified Planner because it’s truly the best!

Today, I thought I’d share all of the accessories that I use with my planner… there are so many fun things!

First up are these pens!  I’ve been using these pens since college… maybe high school?  I can’t remember.  But anyway, I’ve been using them for a very long time… almost 20 years… and nothing compares to them.  I love this multipack because I do like to color code the monthly spread by person.  Brian is black, I’m pink, Jacob is light blue, and Olivia is green. 


In addition to pens, I also use pink highlighters.  I know a lot of people prefer to use a checkmark to indicate that a task is done, but I prefer to highlight mine when they’re done simply because it’s easier to see what’s been done and what hasn’t at a glance.


Years ago, I bought this set of heart paperclips and star paperclips, and they have been such a fun addition.  I use them to hold my current page.  I clip the current daily page to the monthly page, so I can easily flip back and forth between the two.


I also have one of these magnetic page markers, and I used to use that to hold my current page, but since I like to clip multiple pages together (sometimes 10+ pages) I had to switch to the paperclip because the magnet wasn’t strong enough to clip that many pages together.  I now use it to hold together the separate lists that I have for various projects since I write those on notepads and then keep them in my planner.  These also make excellent bookmarks.


While I don’t use stickers a lot in my planner (mainly because – ain’t nobody got time for that), I do love to use them on occasion, and I always keep them on hand.  Amazon has some really cute options like these and these, and Target has this option that’s awesome.  Simplified also has some really great ones, too.


I love these mini notebooks to supplement my planner.  I use this for my blog content calendar and random other things.  It slides perfectly into the front pocket of my planner and closes right up in there!

Whenever I take my planner anywhere (which is rarely now since I no longer work outside the home), I use one of these stretchy bands to put around it to ensure nothing falls out.  These are SO GREAT, and they can be used for a variety of things. 


I also use a planner pouch when I take my planner anywhere, to keep it protected from getting banged up in my purse.  These planners are quite an investment, so the last thing I want is for it to get scratched up in my bag.  These planner pouches are the perfect size, and they can be used for so. many. things. when you’re not using them for the planner.  I use mine all the time!  They’re great for holding tablets, iPads, snacks, makeup, and various other items when you travel.


There are also smaller pouches that you can purchase to hold all of your pens and highlighters when you travel.  These are also great for storing random things like makeup, medicine, etc.  I use two of these in my purse at all times to keep my stuff wrangled in my big ol’ bag.


Finally, I have always loved carrying a big bag because I like to have plenty of room for everything, and my favorite one for the last few years is my Barrington Savannah tote.  It’s so big and it fits so much stuff, but it’s not too big if that makes sense.  It does easily fit the Simplified Planner as well as all of the other stuff that I carry daily like my wallet, keys, etc., and it’s so sturdy!  It is also fully customizable which I love.


And that’s it, y’all!  So many fun things!  This kind of stuff gets me all excited and I can’t wait to get my new SP set up in just a few weeks!

Happy Wednesday, y’all!


  1. So fun! My planner goes to the end of the year but I always need a new one when school starts because things start getting planned for next year too!

  2. I love it! You are so organized, and the colorful accessories are so fun!

  3. I love your planner process! I've never tried the Simplified brand before, I am a Happy Planner girl but every few years or so I try a new one! I like the plastic ring binders with the Happy Planner. Do you find that the ring binders on yours stay intact?

    1. Yes! All of my planners from year's past still look brand new and the coils are still perfect. That said, I rarely take mine anywhere and it's usually laying open in my office, so it doesn't get a lot of wear and tear on it like it would if I carried it around all the time.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing with us at Encouraging Hearts and Home!


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