Friday, August 18, 2023

Five on Friday - Tanks, PJ Shorts, Kitchen Items, and More

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Hey, y’all!  Happy Friday!  I’m finally starting physical therapy for my vertigo this morning, so I’m praying that it helps.  In the meantime, here are some favorites from the past couple of weeks…

O N E – New Pattern For My Favorite Tanks

Y’all know I’ve been raving about these simple Target tanks all summer, and I’ve worn one with jean shorts pretty much every day this summer.  Well, I came across this animal print version the other day and I couldn’t snatch it up fast enough.  I definitely don’t need another one, but since it was only $6.80, I thought it would be worth it to have one in a print that would help me transition to fall. 

By September 1, I’m always ready to start transitioning to my fall wardrobe, but September weather here in Georgia is always stupid hot, so I thought this might help me look fall-ish while also staying cool.  ;o) 

All women’s clothes are 30% off until tomorrow if you have the Target Circle app, so if you’ve been wanting to refresh your wardrobe for fall, today is the day!


T W O – PJ Shorts

And speaking of Target, I found some great PJ shorts from there.  I’ve been looking for some for a few weeks now, and I think these are going to end up being the winners.  They do have pockets, which I’ve found to be a problem in the past, as the ones on my current PJ shorts tend to make my hips go numb when I sleep on them (since the seams are so thick where the pockets are), but on this version, the pocket seams are in the front, which means the sides are smooth. 

They come in this pattern which I love, but they also come in grey, black, and navy.  They’re super soft, they have a working drawstring, and they’re really affordable.  Highly recommend these if you’re picky and looking for some PJ shorts like I am.


T H R E E – Silicone Spatula Set

My favorite spatula that I have been using for probably 15 years snapped in half the other day, and the other two that were in the set were looking gross, so it was time for a new set.  I came across this set on Amazon and I couldn’t love it more!  Each one is completely seamless, which I love!! 

Remember the old ones that were two pieces where the silicone head attached to the plastic handle?  And remember how water and gunk would get up in the middle of the head where it connected to the handle and then they’d look all gross?  Well, since these are all one seamless piece, you no longer have to worry about that! 

I love that this set has two different sizes of spatulas, two different sizes of spatula “spoons,” and a bonus skinny one… it will be perfect for frosting cakes!


F O U R – Home Alone Package at The Plaza Hotel

This is totally random, but when I was searching for hotels for our stay in New York City in December, I decided to search for The Plaza Hotel just to see how much it is.  It’s obviously way out of my price range, but y’all, during my search, I discovered that they offer this Home Alone 2 package as an add-on for your stay, and I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to add something to my bucket list so fast!  Haha.  How fun (and expensive!) is this?!


F I V E – Wordle Win

After using the same starting word every single day for over a year, my word was finally the Wordle word a couple of weeks ago, and I can’t even tell you how satisfying this was!!!!  Haha.  It was definitely a favorite from the week.  IYKYK.

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Happy Friday, y’all!

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  1. Love that animal print. I’ve lived in Jean shorts all summer too. Have the best weekend

  2. Fun tank and shorts! Hope the PT goes well. I totally knew how to play minesweeper - and my boys have an app for it?? Also you should check out the game Connections. It's really fun!

  3. We went to NYC in Nov 2001 and got an incredible rate at the Plaza Hotel (because the city was struggling after 9/11). It was definitely an item checked off the bucket list! Hope you have a good weekend!


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