Monday, August 14, 2023

A Few Things I Have My Eye On - Fall Edition

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Cozy season is right around the corner, and even though it’s still 84,000 degrees outside, I haven’t been able to help myself… I’ve been browsing all the fall things and thinking about all of the good things to come in the next few months.  Seasonal items tend to sell out quickly every year anyway, so you pretty much have no choice but to shop early… that’s a great way to justify this very early fall post.  ;o) 

Ready to see a few fun things that I came across while browsing?  Here we go!

Ghost Mugs

Y’all!  These ghost mugs!  I drink a lot of hot tea, and the occasional cup of coffee, so mugs are one of my guilty pleasures, and I have quite a collection.  These ghost mugs are the absolute cutest, and they would look so cute in my little coffee and tea bar area of the kitchen.


Pumpkin Charcuterie Board

This pumpkin charcuterie board is gorgeous, and it would be a great addition to the kitchen for fall.


Stacked Jack O’ Lantern

This stacked Jack O’ Lantern would look great on any front porch, and it’s made of metal, so it seems like it would hold up well outside in the elements.


Galvanized Jack O' Lanterns

These galvanized Jack O' Lanterns are awesome because they would go with pretty much any color, theme, and decorations in any home.  They are the perfect neutral, and they’d be a great staple that you could use year after year.


Faux Fall Branches

These faux fall branches are beautiful, and they would be a great way to bring fall foliage inside the home.  I always prefer yellows to oranges and browns during the fall season and these are just the perfect shade.  They look so realistic.


Ghost Cocktail Glasses

Oh my word, these ghost cocktail glasses might be the cutest things I’ve ever seen!  Crate and Barrel is my very favorite place to get quality glassware – the majority of our glassware is from there – and these Halloween options are so festive.


Bats Cocktail Glasses

In addition to the ghosts, they also have this bats option and I think it would be cute to get a couple of each so you can mix and match!  How cute would they look on a bar cart?!


Life Size Skeleton

I’ve been wanting a life size skeleton for years because I think the kids would get a kick out of it.  We have a couple of rocking chairs on our front porch, and I think he’d look perfect sitting in one of them for Halloween.  ;o)


This is making me absolutely giddy for all things fall and I can’t wait to pull out all of my décor at the beginning of September!  Only a few weeks to go!

Happy Monday, y’all!


  1. The ghosts are so cute. There are a few people nearby that have huge skeletons and one house kept dressing it up for different occasions!

  2. Oh my goodness - LOVE that charcuterie board! <3

  3. Great fall finds! I think I'm putting my fall stuff out at the end of August! It can't come soon enough!


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