Monday, February 26, 2024

2024 House Cleanout - End of February Update

Every year in January, I start the process of cleaning out our entire house from top to bottom with the hope of having the whole house done by the end of March.  I started out strong this year, tackling many things in January.  You can see the recap of everything that I did here if you missed it.  I lost some steam in February, but I’m hoping to pick up the slack this week.  Here’s what I’ve done since my last update…


Master Closet (Brian)


-       He cleaned out his entire closet

-       Freed up 57 shirt hangers and 20 pants/shorts hangers

-       He hung his tie rack (the one I gave him literally 15+ years ago.  Lol.)

-       He purchased and hung a shoe organizer

-       He sold lots of his old shirts on eBay (so weird… who knew people bought clothes on eBay?!)

Said Goodbye To:

-       57 shirts

-       16 pairs of pants

-       4 pairs of shorts

-       2 pairs of shoes

-       2 hats


The Before.  It actually looked even worse than this.


After: You can finally see the floor!

After: The shelf is completely cleared off now, and he hung his tie rack

After: the shoes are now off the floor and organized in pockets

Bye bye bye, bags of clothes

More clothes that he said goodbye to

More clothes that he said goodbye to

My Office


-       Cleaned out bookshelf

-       Rearranged a few things on my bookshelf to optimize functionality and make it look less cluttered

-       Found a home for a few items I’ve been wanting to display

-       Cleaned out side table

-       Cleaned out storage area next to desk

-       Cleaned out desk

-       Cleaned out craft table

-       Cleaned out closet

-       Cleaned out file cabinet

-       Started a medical and health spreadsheet and transferred all of the information from old medical and health papers to digitize them so I could toss them

-       Filed some old papers that have been sitting on top of the file box forever

-       Sold a few items on Facebook


Said Goodbye To:

-       27 books

-       Pile of trash

-       Pile of recycling

-       Bag of random stuff to donate

-       A stack of papers that is literally 6 inches tall (from my file cabinet)

A nice, decluttered bookshelf 

Bye bye bye, old stuff!

Master Bedroom


-       Cleaned out my dresser

-       Cleaned out my side table

-       B cleaned out his dresser


Said Goodbye To:

-       Several pairs of socks, winter hats, swimsuit coverups, bras, tights, and various other random things

-       Several old prescriptions (I keep them in my nightstand)

-       Lots of old white t-shirts and socks of Brian’s

Bye bye bye, old stuff!

Old prescriptions I said goodbye to

Master Bathroom


-       Cleaned out all cabinets

-       Cleaned out all drawers

-       Wiped down top drawer organizers where we keep toothbrushes, etc.

-       Organized makeup

-       Organized all items that I buy in bulk when on sale


Said Goodbye To:

-       All expired medicines

-       A whole pile of stuff for recycling

-       A whole pile of stuff for trash

A nice, cleaned out, wiped down top bathroom drawer

My cleaned out, wiped down makeup organizer (similar here)

All supplies I ordered in bulk are now organized in my bottom bathroom drawer

Bye bye bye, old stuff from the bathroom cabinets


-       Photographed 5 more clothing items and listed them on Poshmark.  (Already sold a couple of them, too!)

-       Photographed and listed various other toys/books/home décor items on our local Facebook selling page.  (Already sold some of them, too!)


And that’s it for now!  I’m hoping to have the whole house finished by the end of March, so I should have a pretty hefty update next time.  And if you missed my last update, you can see it here.  Lots of good stuff!

Happy Monday, y’all!


  1. This is so motivating! I want to do this! Or, can you come do mine?

  2. You inspire me! I can't believe how many shirts Bryan had / has!

    1. I know!! He definitely has hoarder tendencies. Lol. I'm sure some of those shirts are 25+ years old.

  3. This is amazing! And it can be hard to get husbands to get rid of things/organize. Michael has his own closet now, and I just try not to look in there. ;) I have a friend who started selling clothes on ebay. She goes to thrift shops and buys used women's nightgowns and pajamas, and people buy them on ebay!! I never thought there would be a market for that, but she is making $$$!

    1. That's exactly how I feel about Brian's office... I just try not to look in there either. Haha. That's so crazy to me that she can make money buying stuff from thrift shops and selling on eBay! I wouldn't have thought there was a market for that either!


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