Monday, February 19, 2024

What I Wore - January 2024

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January was coooold, so the name of the game last month was sweaters and leggings and boots!  I cannot believe how many times I wore leggings.  And just when I thought leggings couldn’t get any better, Target went and put out these.  I thought nothing would ever top my beloved 90 Degree leggings from Amazon, but y’all, wow.  These Target leggings are even softer than the 90 Degree leggings, they stay in place for every kind of workout, and they have a skinny version as well as a flare version.  I have both, and this is one of those items that’s so good that I’m tempted to buy ten pairs of each so I can have them forever.  I hope they never stop making these because they are just that good.

Anyway, here’s what I wore in the month of January.  Per usual, I’ll link as many items as I can under each of the pictures…

January 1 - Necklace (similar)

January 2 - Tank // Leggings // Nike Shoes // Necklace (similar)

January 3 - Tunic // Faux Leather Leggings // Boots

January 4 - Sweater // Jeans // Necklace (similar)

January 5 - 

January 6 - Fleece-Lined Tights // Boots // Necklace (similar)

January 7 - Flare leggings // Necklace (similar)

January 8 - Leggings // Necklace (similar)

January 9 - Leggings

January 10 - Leggings // Necklace (similar)

January 11 - Workout Pullover // Flare leggings // Necklace (similar)

January 12 - Faux Leather Leggings // Boots // Necklace (similar)

January 13 - Skirt // Fleece-Lined Tights // Necklace (similar)

January 14 - Sweater // Faux Leather Leggings

January 15 - Leggings // Boots // Necklace (similar)

January 16 - Faux Leather Leggings // Boots // Necklace (similar)

January 17 - Leggings // Necklace (similar)

January 18 - Necklace (similar)

January 19 - Jeans

January 20 - Sweater Dress // Fleece-Lined Tights // Boots

January 21 - Sweater // Boots // Necklace (similar)

January 22 - Tee // Red Puffer Vest (similar) // Boots // Necklace (similar)

January 23 - Sweater // Jeans // Shoes // Necklace (similar)

January 24 - Workout Pullover // Flare leggings // Nike Shoes // Necklace (similar)

January 25 - Tank // Jean Jacket (similar) // Leggings // Necklace (similar)

January 26 - Tee // Jeans // Shoes // Necklace (similar)

January 27 - Dress

January 28 - Sweatshirt (similar) // Leggings

January 29 - Workout Pullover // Flare leggings // Necklace (similar)

January 30 - Sweater // Jeans // Shoes // Necklace (similar)

January 31 - Flare leggings // Necklace (similar)

Happy Monday, y’all!


  1. Loving all your sweaters cutie. Especially that blue and white stripe.

    1. Isn't that one fabulous?! I got it on clearance at Macy's and it was one of my favorite purchases of 2023!

  2. I know I've told you this before, but you always find the best black cocktail dresses. I am still in love with those flare leggings and need to check them out.


    1. Thank you! Amazon truly has a great selection! I just can't bring myself to spend $200 on something I'm only going to wear once or twice, so I love that Amazon has great selections for under $50.


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