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Five on Friday - A Product That Actually Removes Odors, a Great Whitening Toothpaste, and the Best Pillow

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Happy Friday, y’all!  As always, I’m sharing some favorites today… let’s get started!

O N E – Downy Rinse & Refresh

We have some hand towels and a couple of bath towels that have been smelling musty for a while, and I’ve tried everything to revive them – baking soda, extra detergent, vinegar, pre-soaking, etc.  I was just getting ready to toss them and buy some new ones (much as it killed me), when I heard the commercial for this Downy Rinse & Refresh cleaner on the radio.  I’ve heard this commercial a million times – it’s the one with the Backstreet Boys – but for some reason, a couple of weeks ago I actually paid attention to it for the first time ever, and I realized that it claims that this stuff doesn’t just cover up odors, it removes them.

Call me a sucker, but I got B to pick some up from Walmart on his way home from work one evening, and I’ll be darned if this stuff doesn’t work, y’all!  With just one wash in this stuff, the odors were completely removed (even the worst ones!), and they’ve been fresh and clean ever since! 

It’s rare for a commercial or ad to reel me in, but this one got me, and I’m so glad it did, because we now have a batch of towels that smell as good as new, and we didn’t have to actually buy new towels!

We bought this “Cool Cotton” scent, and it smells lovely, but there is a scent-free version as well as a lavender version.  The scent is pretty strong while the washing machine is working, but the towels come out smelling fresh and clean, and the scent is mild on the freshly dried fabric.  So, if you’ve been trying to remove odors from any particular items – towels, clothes, etc. give this a try!  It’s safe for all fabrics.   Per usual, Amazon has the best price, so I linked it here.


T W O – Crest 3D White Advanced Toothpaste

I drink at least one cup of hot tea per day, most of the time, two, and a few months ago I noticed some staining on my front teeth right under my braces brackets.  I started paying extra special attention to that area when I would brush, but I couldn’t remove the stains. 

I started using this Crest 3D White Advanced Toothpaste, and within a couple of weeks, the stains were gone!  I obviously have to be careful what I use to brush my teeth right now since I have braces, but my orthodontist told me that it was okay to use whitening toothpaste, so I’ll probably continue to use this throughout the rest of my treatment and then afterward, too.  I can’t wait to get these braces off and have my normal smile again!  One more year to go!  At least.  Cringe.

But anyway, if you’re looking for a whitening toothpaste that actually works, this one has been great for me!


T H R E E – Pillow

I have tons of neck, shoulder, and facial tension, so I hunted for a new pillow for years to see if it would help me sleep more comfortably.   I tried multiple pillows only to return them or toss them, until I found this one.  This pillow is designed especially for back and side sleepers, and it cradles your head and neck perfectly.  Each side is a different height, so you have two sides from which to choose (I use the lower side since I’m petite), and y’all, I LOVE THIS PILLOW. 

It has been a Godsend, especially since I’ve started to wear my braces rubber bands again.  It’s the only pillow that hasn’t felt like a brick under my face… it truly feels like a cloud.  I’ve been sleeping on it for nearly four months now, and it’s definitely a fave.  I had promised to update y’all once I was able to spend proper time with it, and I’m happy to report that this one is finally the one!  It is pricey, but thankfully, I was able to get it deeply discounted during the Amazon Prime Day sale.


F O U R – New JT Single

I’ve been a huge Justin Timberlake fan since he went solo waaaay back (and an NSYNC fan, too), so when he dropped his new single last week, I was thrilled.  This song is so fantastic, y’all, and I’m loving the OG JT vibes it’s giving.  The whole album comes out in March, and I can’t wait!  Oh, and did I mention that B and I were able to get floor seats to his Atlanta show in June?!  EEK!


F I V E – Benefit Ball Professional Pictures

The professional pictures from the ball we attended a couple of weeks ago are in, and they turned out so cute!  I didn’t take any pictures with my Momma and Daddy with my phone, so I was so happy to get these!  Oh, and I edited them to remove the logo on the step-and-repeat for privacy reasons, so just ignore the weird backgrounds.  ;o)


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Happy Friday, y’all!

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