Monday, February 5, 2024

What I Ordered from Amazon in January 2024

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It’s that time of year that I start shopping for a dress for the ball we attend every year, so what would have been a very light month for Amazon orders, turned into a very heavy month because… all the dresses!  Per usual, I ordered quite a few to try, and I returned all of the ones that I didn’t wear to the event.  Are you ready to see what I bought in January?  Let’s go!


One Shoulder Sequin Dress with Fur Hem

Y’ALL!!!!  THIS. DRESS.  The second I put it on, it was love at first sight, and it’s the one that I ended up wearing to the ball.  This dress is so fun, and the fur hem?  DARLING.  I have wanted to wear a dress with a fur hem ever since I saw Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion back when I was a teenager and this one is giving serious Romy & Michelle vibes.  I love that movie so much.  Anway, this dress is perfection in every way and the quality is fantastic, especially for the price.  It is on the short side, though, so size up for a slightly longer length! 


One Shoulder Ruched Dress

This dress looked great on, and I loved it, too, but I liked the other one better.  The quality of this dress is just okay, but I don’t usually care much about quality if it’s something I’m only going to wear once or twice.  The ruching is so flattering, though.  This one is true to size and it comes in tons of colors. 


One Shoulder Ruched Dress #2

Well, I didn’t intend to buy two dresses that were almost identical, but when you’re ordering tons of dresses, sometimes you don’t remember which ones you’ve ordered.  Haha.  This dress was actually TERRIBLE, though.  The quality of the fabric is awful.  I could see straight through it.  I kid you not.  So don’t waste your time and money on this one.


One Shoulder Ruched Dress with Sash

Ooooh y’all, I loved this dress.  This one fit like perfection and that sash takes the dress to the next level.  This was my second choice for a short dress!  It comes in lots of different colors, too, and the fit is true-to-size.  I wear a small.


Ruched Black Dress

This dress is exactly like the second dress I posted about, but with two sleeves.  While I loved this dress, too, I thought the one sleeve look was more fun!  This one comes in heaps of colors, too, and it’s so flattering because of the ruching.  It’s true-to-size.  Small was perfect for me.


Rose Gold Sequin Dress

This dress is stunning and the quality is fantastic, but it just didn’t look good with my current skin tone.  I think if I was tan, it would look great, but it was literally the exact color of my skin currently and it washed me out.  If it had come in black, it would have been a contender for sure.


Pink Ruched Dress

This dress was so cute as well, and it fit like a glove.  I just decided not to go with the bold pink color.  It does come in tons of other colors, so I could have had it in any color I wanted, but ultimately I liked that other dress better anyway.


Purple Sequin Dress

This dress was stunning, and also very well-made, but I decided that I didn’t like the purple color on me.  I would definitely buy and wear this in black in a heartbeat, though.  It is just beautiful.


Velvet One Shoulder Dress with Bow

Oh y’all, this dress was my second choice overall.  It is so elegant!  I love the bow on the shoulder, and the slit takes the whole dress up to a whole other level.  I added this one to my wish list for next year… I may be revisiting it for next year’s ball.  We’ll see!


One Shoulder Long Dress

This one would have been beautiful, but I wasn’t a fan of the fabric.  If it wasn’t for that, it would have been a winner!


Black Boots

I haven’t had tall black boots in years, so I used one of my Amazon gift cards that I got for Christmas to purchase these.  I usually get my boots from Target, but they didn’t have any tall black boots that I liked, so I was happy to find these.  These are comfortable and the quality is good for the price.  They’re super cute on, too.


Black Sequin Skirt

This skirt was a purchase for Olivia for her birthday.  She pretty much only wears dresses and skirts (she hates pants and leggings), so I bought this one to add to her collection.  She’s in her Reputation Era right now, so I thought this was perfect.  ;o)  I may give it to her before her birthday so she can wear it with her birthday shirt.


Birthday Girl Shirt

This is the birthday shirt that I bought for Olivia to wear this year because – you guessed it – she wants a TS themed birthday party.  ;o)  This shirt is the absolute cutest and she squealed when I surprised her with it.


Black Sequin Girls Dress

The Daddy / Daughter dance is right around the corner, so we bought two dresses for Olivia to try for the dance.  This is one of the options – she loves it because it looks like a “reputation dress.”  Haha.  It is really cute, though, and the quality is great!


Rainbow Sequin Girls Dress

This was the other dress that she opted to try and it is soooo cute.  It comes in lots of different colors, too. 


Taylor Swift Time Magazine

This was a purchase for Olivia’s birthday.  She devoured the Taylor Swift People magazine that we gave her for Christmas (she literally read every single word cover to cover), so I bought this Time magazine for her.


Theo of Golden by Allen Levi

Allen Levi is a family friend, and I’ve known him my whole life, so when I saw that he’d authored a new novel, I couldn’t buy it fast enough.  Had I seen it in time, I would have attended his book signing and bought one straight from him, but I missed it, hence the Amazon purchase.  I’m so excited to read this because the reviews have been fabulous.  He also wrote my favorite children’s book of all-time – Oliviatown.  He is such a wonderful human being and I’ll support everything he does!


Heatless Curling Set

Olivia and I decided to try out the famous heatless curling set that everyone is wearing these days, and I have to say that I had very low expectations.  However, the first time we used it and took Olivia’s hair down, I was amazed to see how curly her hair was!!  It was so cute.  She ended up making the mistake of brushing through her hair, though, so that messed it up, and we’re going to try it again in the future and finger comb it next time.


Lego 3-in1 Set

This was a purchase for Jacob for Valentine’s Day.  We always get each kid something small for the holiday, and I don’t like to give candy since they get so much already, so it was a Lego set for Jacob!


Lego Sunflower Set

This was a purchase for Olivia for Easter.  I originally purchased it for Valentine's Day, but instead, decided to give her something that is Taylor Swift-themed instead.  ;o)

Pokemon Card Binder

Jacob filled his large Pokemon binder and was in need of another, so he chose this smaller version that’s easier to carry on the go.  It zips up around the edges so it keeps everything contained.  He absolutely loves it.


O’Keefe’s Lip Balm

I have been so freaking impressed with the O’Keefe’s Working Hands lotion that I decided to try their lip balm, and I have to say, it’s pretty great, too!  It puts a coat on your lips that stays on for hours and hours, even through eating and drinking.  It helped get my lips repaired when they were severely chapped a couple of weeks ago when we had all of the extreme cold temps.  I will say that I still prefer Carmex over all, though!


Piano Adventures Sheet Music

Jacob has advanced to another level in his piano class, so it was time for a new book!  He has been using these Piano Adventures books for the last few months and they’ve been really great.


Mailing Envelopes

I’ve been selling so much stuff on Poshmark that I finally ran out of the 100-pack of mailers that I bought a few years ago.  I bought the exact same pack from the exact same seller yet again because these bags are great!  They’re the perfect size, they fit in the mailbox even when they’re fully stuffed, and they’re SO affordable.



I started taking this every morning a few months ago, and I love it.  It has helped with my tense muscles and it has provided several other benefits as well.  It was time for a refill so I grabbed them from Amazon again since they always have the best price!



Maui gets one of these every evening for a little treat, and they help keep the tartar at bay on her teeth.  It was time for a refill, so I grabbed this pack!


Happy Monday, y’all!

And if you want to see everything that I ordered in previous months, just check out the posts below!

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  1. That's a lot of dresses! Glad you found one that worked!

  2. All of the dresses are so pretty! That would have been a hard choice! I have also wanted to try those heatless curlers.

    1. Thank you! I want to try the heatless curlers for myself, too. One of these nights I'm going to try them.

  3. So many great dresses! I need an excuse to get dressed up again. I feel like we haven't had a wedding or big event in awhile.

    1. Same! We just have this one ball that we attend every year and that's it. All of our friends have been married for years, so we haven't had the chance to go to many weddings. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we'll have a couple coming up in the next year or two since my niece just got engaged and two of my cousins are in serious relationships! ;o)

  4. All of the dresses are so fun. What did we do before Amazon where we can try things on at home and then just return?! What are you selling on Poshmark? Love Olivia's "reputation" dress! :) Thanks for linking up!

    1. I know, it's so convenient. I do hate the waste the goes along with it, though from all of the packaging and transport, but I figure - I only do this once a year. I'm selling some of my old clothes on Poshmark, but I'm mostly selling the kids' old clothes!

  5. I want to try that heatless curling thing eventually, because I don't like my natural curl that much... but, I bet I'd love the curls this would give! And you are the QUEEN at finding gorgeous black dresses!


    1. Thank you! I LOVE your natural curls. I would love to have hair like that!


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