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How to Create a Perpetual Packing List - The Easiest Way to Pack

Every time I ask what you guys want to see more of the response is overwhelmingly, “more organization posts, please!”  So today I’m delivering, and I’m going to share my perpetual packing list that lives in my phone. 

We are a family of four (plus a fur baby), so every time we travel, even if it’s just for an overnight trip, we have to pack a lot of stuff.  I recently created a perpetual packing list in my phone for every single thing that we could possibly need for any trip, and it has been the most convenient tool to have!  It makes packing an absolute breeze, and it ensures that we never forget anything. 

I have an app on my phone called “List Master” that I bought nearly a decade ago, and it has been worth its weight in gold.  It houses all of my perpetual lists (grocery lists, gift ideas, wish lists, packing lists, list of movies/shows to watch, etc.) and it is so nice to have all of those lists in one place.

In my List Master app, I have a list titled “Pack for a Trip,” and then there are 17 lists divided into categores within that list.  The packing list for myself is divided into three separate lists… I have one list for each bag that I pack – my suitcase, my toiletry bag, and my purse/carryon.  Then I also have lists for the different places we go (there are some items that we only pack when we go to the beach, there are some items that we only pack when we go to Disney World, etc.), lists for the kids, a list for Maui (our pup), and I have lists of things to do before and after the trip. 

Since there are so many lists, I have them color-coded so I can see at a glance which category each list falls into.  All of the lists for myself are in pink, the lists for everyone are in red, the list for Jacob is orange, the list for Olivia is yellow, the list for Maui is green, and the to-do lists are blue. 

Here is a list of the categories and a little explanation for each…


  1. Lindsay Suitcase (clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc.)
  2. Lindsay Toiletry Bag (shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, etc.)
  3. Lindsay Purse/Carryon (wallet, chargers, books, etc.)
  4. Medicine Bag (daily medications, meds for unexpected illnesses, vitamins, etc.)
  5. Food Bag (food/snacks to keep in our hotel room/condo)
  6. House Bag (when we stay in some places we have to bring extra toilet paper, paper towels, tissues, etc.)
  7. Other (items that don’t fall in any other category – umbrellas, DVD players, pillows, etc.)
  8. Georgia Games (clear stadium bags, face tattoos, tailgate food, etc.)
  9. Beach (beach bag, boogie boards, coolers, portable speaker, etc.)
  10. New York City (belt bag, comfy shoes, etc.)
  11. Disney (Mickey/Minnie ears, Magic Bands, ponchos, etc.)
  12. Vegas (casino cards, etc.)
  13. Jacob (clothes, shoes, toiletries, etc.)
  14. Olivia (clothes, shoes, toiletries, stuffed animals, etc.)
  15. Maui (crate, bed, leash, food, etc.)
  16. To Do Before (pack, clean house, make sure appliances are off, etc.)
  17. To Do After (unpack, laundry, etc.)


Here’s what the list looks like in my app.  I had to take two pictures since all of them won’t fit in just one screenshot.

In each of these lists, I include every single item that we could possibly need for that category.  Before I pack for a trip, I uncheck every single item from the lists we’ll need (I obviously wouldn’t uncheck any items from the Disney list if we weren’t going to Disney, and the same goes for Georgia games, the beach, New York City, and Vegas), and then as I pack the items, I check them off of the lists.

Do you want to take a peek at what’s inside some of the lists?  You know you do!  ;o)  Here are some samples of what the lists look like.  Many of these lists have so many items that I can’t capture them all in one screenshot, so you’re only seeing the top items on the lists, but you get the idea…

Here’s the list for my suitcase:

And here's what it looks like checked off:

Here’s the list for Jacob:

Here’s the list for Maui:

Here’s the list for Disney World: And again, these are only things that we pack if we’re going specifically to Disney World, so I obviously wouldn’t even reference this list if we were going to the beach.  Eventually, I’m sure we’ll go to other locations that will require their own specific lists in addition to Georgia games, the beach, Disney, NYC, and Vegas, and I’ll create lists for those locations as needed. 

Here’s the list of things I do before a trip: And this list has 38 tasks, so you’re not seeing the whole thing on one screen.  I thought I’d list all of them here, though, so you can get some ideas for your own lists.  Some tasks are for the actual trip, some are for the house (I like to come home to a clean, tidy house… there’s nothing worse than coming home from a trip to a messy house), some are for the blog (I like to have all posts done, all emails caught up, etc. before we go, so I don't have to work while we're away), and some are for safety reasons.


  1. Pack me
  2. Pack Jacob
  3. Pack Olivia
  4. Pack Maui
  5. Charge phone
  6. Charge camera
  7. Charge iPad
  8. Charge Ring cameras
  9. Hook up DVD players in car
  10. Buy everything we need for trip
  11. Ask somebody to watch Maui
  12. Manicure
  13. Pedicure
  14. Tidy the house
  15. Clean the countertops
  16. Dust
  17. Clean the toilets
  18. Vacuum
  19. Mop
  20. Blog posts published for entire time we’re gone
  21. Catch up on regular emails
  22. Catch up on blog emails
  23. Catch up on blog reading
  24. Catch up on planner
  25. Poshmark closet on hold
  26. Shut down home computer
  27. Water plants
  28. Ask someone to get mail (unless someone is house sitting)
  29. Last minute packing
  30. Turn off air/heat
  31. Turn off oven
  32. Turn off all fans
  33. Turn off all lights
  34. Turn off heated blanket
  35. Turn off curling iron
  36. Close all blinds
  37. Lock all doors
  38. Set house alarm

Here’s the list of things I do after a trip:

Once I feel like I’m done packing for a trip, I just go back to the main list, and I can see at a glance on the righthand side if each category is fully checked.  Soooo convenient. 

I have been using this method forever, and I’ll continue to use it since it works so beautifully.  It truly makes packing a breeze, and it ensures that we never forget anything.

Happy Wednesday, y’all!


  1. What a fabulous app! That would have come in so handy when the kids were little. Now I leave them all to pack their own stuff and I'm a pretty light packer myself. I've really started to embrace the "if I forget it I can always buy it" philosophy!

  2. I love how organize you are. I end up making a new packing list every time and always forget something.

    1. I used to do that, too, and I always had the same problem!

  3. I use Notepad on my Mac to make a packing list that I type out, but ohhh this app makes it so much more manageable for not just yourself, but the teens, pets, etc.!! I need to check it out!


    1. Yes! I love this app so much! I use it for so many things!

  4. Uhhh...genius! You are so organized!

  5. I love this!! Luckily, I only have to pack myself now!! :)

    1. Yes, that's so nice! I'm getting there... I've definitely started getting the kids to pack themselves, but I always have to go behind them to make sure they didn't forget anything!


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