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Our 2024 Disney World Vacation, Day 3 - Epcot

Thanks for all of your comments, emails, and DMs about my first Disney post about our day in Hollywood Studios!  I’m so glad y’all enjoy these posts… they’re some of my favorites to write!  And since my blog comments are still not going to my email, I’m still not able to respond to comments via email, so I wanted to answer one quick question that I have received multiple times via comments and DMs. 

Many of you have asked how I remember all of these details from our trip, and a couple of you asked if I take notes while we’re there.  The answer is YES!  I create a list in my List Master app before we go, and as we do rides/attractions/meet characters/etc. I just pop a quick note in there.  It takes about ten seconds every time we move to our next “thing” and it’s worth it because it makes my life so much easier when I do these recaps.  :o)  And if I ever need to know about timing, I just look at the timestamps on my photos.  Easy peasy!

Now that that’s out of the way, it’s time to recap our day in Epcot!  We had been watching the forecast for Epcot day for the entire week leading up to our trip because it was the one day that looked very questionable weather-wise.  The night before, the forecast was basically saying super high winds, rain, and potential severe weather, so we went prepared with ponchos for one and all!

Wednesday morning, we had a later wakeup call since Epcot opens later than the other parks.  We were able to sleep in until 6:45 AM (which is still waaaay too early for us, but it’s much better than 5:45 AM, haha), and then we got ready for the day. 

Every morning in the hotel, B and I would wake first and head to the little bathroom area in the room.  Disney has thick blackout curtains that separate the bed area of the room and the bathroom area, so we would go in there and pull that closed so the kids could sleep a little later while we got ready.  We would take turns showering, and then when we were about 20 minutes away from departing, we would wake the kids so they could get dressed, brush teeth, and brush hair.  They shower at night, so that cuts way back on the time it takes for us to get ready every morning.

That morning, we were out the door at 7:45 AM to walk to the bus stop (about a 60-second walk from our room), and we were at Epcot right at 8:30 AM for early entry.  But first, a quick picture in our cute Princess Eras Tour shirts!  ;o)

Again, Olivia’s bag set off the security alarm on the way in, and she had to be searched and have her bag searched.  It was there that the Disney Cast Member told us that it was her glasses case setting it off, and he was the one who told us the trick about taking the metal items out of your bag and walking through the metal detectors with your arms out in front of you holding said items. 

Thankfully, when we arrived, the weather was just fine – no rain yet, and just a little bit of wind.  At 7 AM in the room, we had booked our first two lightning lanes – Brian had gotten Guardians of the Galaxy (well, he had technically gotten in the virtual queue), and I had gotten Ratatouille.  Those are the most popular rides with the longest waits in Epcot right now, so we were relieved to have gotten them. 

We knew that the line for Frozen Ever After always gets really long, so we decided to make that the ride that we ran to first.  By the time we got in line, the wait already said 35 minutes, but we didn’t end up waiting that long… I think we probably waited 20 minutes, max.  While we waited, we ate our breakfast bars, and before we knew it, we were boarding our boat.

They put us in the front of the boat, and I knew that meant trouble because that’s the bench that always gets wet at one particular part of the ride.  I was on the left side of the boat which is the worst place to be, so LOL at my face when the camera took the picture during the ride.  I knew the big splash was coming, and I have a triple chin trying to back away from it.  Hahahaha.  It was early in the morning, cool, and not sunny, so I wasn’t super excited about getting wet, but such is life on a water ride!  Luckily, it was mostly just my butt that ended up getting wet, but it did take forever to dry since I was wearing jean shorts.  Haha.

Once we were done there, Brian ran off to ride Guardians of the Galaxy because his group number had been called, so the kids and I wandered over to Soarin’ since the wait time on the app didn’t look too bad. 

By the time we arrived at Soarin’ the wait had climbed to 40 minutes, but I think we only ended up waiting for about 20 minutes and we were boarding!  Soarin’ is my favorite ride in all of Disney World, but it’s very immersive and can trigger dizziness and vertigo… they have warning signs while you wait in line and they make you watch a video that discusses it, too. 

Since I’d ridden it a few times prior to this trip, I knew what to expect, and I decided that I was willing to take the risk since it is my favorite ride.  I was super nervous, though, especially since Brian wasn’t with us.  If it had triggered my vertigo, I would have been all, “Sorry kids, y’all are going to have to help haul Mommy out of here!”  Hahahaha.

Thankfully, all was well, and it was ah-mazing as usual!  It did definitely mess with me a little bit because I did feel like I was rocking on a boat for about 30 minutes afterward (that doesn’t usually happen when I ride it, so it was definitely caused by my ongoing battle with this vertigo and dizziness), but thankfully, the feeling wore off pretty quickly. 

By the time we got off the ride, Brian was waiting for us at the exit, and he raved about Guardians of the Galaxy!  He loved it!  The day before, when we were in Hollywood Studios, we had talked to a family who had been in Epcot the previous day, and they had all ridden it, and they said that they were still dizzy/feeling sick from it even though it had been nearly 24 hours since they had ridden.  And the guy who told us that said he loves thrill rides, and he’s not ever affected by them.

Jacob had originally considered riding it, but after he heard that, he was like HARD PASS, so Brian ended up riding it alone.  Olivia didn’t want to ride it to begin with, and I wouldn’t have ridden it even if I wasn’t having vertigo and dizziness.  I love a roller coaster, but I do not love a super crazy one that makes me want to barf.  We had watched the YouTube video of the ride before our trip so Jacob and Olivia could see what to expect, and I couldn’t even watch the YouTube video because it looked so awful.  How do you people ride stuff like that?!  Haha.

Anyhoo, after that, we all took a bathroom break and then we walked to The Seas with Nemo and Friends.  By that time, the lines had all picked up, and we had to wait, like, 20 minutes for that ride.  Every other time we’ve ridden, we have literally just walked right on.  Haha.  So that’s how we knew it was going to be a busy day at Epcot.

After that ride, we decided to walk through the new Journey of Water attraction that’s inspired by Moana.  The good thing about that one is that it’s very large, so everyone just goes at their own pace which means you don’t really have to wait to get in there.

Inside, there is water everywhere.  You can choose to get wet if you’d like, but you don’t have to, and there are many interactive things you can do while you’re in there.  They have a few fountains that you can put your hand over and “control” the height of the water.  There’s a spot that you stand on, and there’s a sensor on the spot that somehow allows the water to sense where your hand is, so you can make the water go up or down with your hand without even touching it… just like Moana.  ;o)

Then, there’s a curtain of water that you can walk through, and that, too, has a sensor, so the water parts before you walk through it.  It’s so neat!

There’s also a larger fountain that you can control, again by standing on the sensors, and you can make the giant wave crash up into the air by flinging your arms in the air.  We got a video of Olivia doing it and it’s really neat. 

They also have a PhotoPass opportunity to take a picture with Te Fiti, so, of course, we had to do that.  ;o)

After that, Olivia wanted to go into the butterfly habitat and see them for a bit.  I don’t think that’s always there, but since we always go in the spring, they always have it when we’re there.  We didn’t stay long because the winds were starting to pick up, and I wanted to make sure that we got one more PhotoPass picture before the rain rolled in.  As a matter of fact, when we were waiting in line to have our picture taken with Te Fiti, I got an alert on my phone saying that we were under a tornado watch.  WHAT.

I had high hopes for this Disney PhotoPass picture, but the winds started gusting crazily right as we got in line, so we are completely windblown in every picture.  This was the only decent one we could get.  Haha.

Right as we finished up there, it started sprinkling a little bit, so we headed for the massive souvenir shop to take cover since it was close.  The kids had wanted to browse there anyway, so it was a good time to do so.  Olivia wanted another Ariel bubble blower like she had gotten in 2018 on our first trip, so she purchased that, and Jacob grabbed a little Figment shoulder buddy.  They have magnets that allow them to sit on your shoulder.  ;o) 

The rain had stopped by the time we left the shop, so we were able to walk to Spaceship Earth for our lightning lane unscathed.  We got there just in time, because just as we were walking under the shelter of the ball, the bottom fell out and the wind started gusting crazily.  It was perfect timing for us to be indoors!  

By the time we were done there, it was time for our lunch reservation at Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria in Italy, so we headed that way.  Thankfully, the rain had pretty much slowed to a stop, so we didn’t have to worry about getting wet.

We’d never been to Via Napoli before, and we were all looking forward to some pizza and pasta!  B and I shared a pepperoni pizza and Jacob opted for the spaghetti and meatballs.  That boy loves some spaghetti and meatballs!  Olivia opted for the chicken fingers (whyyyy – haha) and everything was delicious. 

We all took a bathroom break before we left, and right as we were heading for the door, Jacob realized he’d left his sunglasses in there.  He headed back in to grab them, but someone was in the stall, and he told Jacob there were no sunglasses in there.  We talked to the front desk to see if anyone had turned them in, and sadly, they hadn’t, so we never got them back.  I guess after losing three items on the trip, we were bound to not get one of them back! 

After lunch, we decided to walk to Morocco to try to find Jasmine from Aladdin.  We’d always heard that you could meet her there, but we’d never actually looked.  Sure enough, she was tucked away towards the back, and the line to meet her was really short.  She was soooo beautiful!


By the time we finished up there, I had started getting weather alerts saying that the storm front was about to move through in just a little bit.  It looked pretty bad on the radar, and sure enough, the wind had started gusting outside. 

We decided to walk over to France since they have a couple of large indoor places because we knew we’d be able to shelter from the rain there pretty easily.  On the way over, it started pouring, and we arrived at the Beauty and the Beast Singalong just in time before it got too bad.  We had timed it well because a show was starting shortly. 

After the show, it was still raining pretty hard, so we stayed right where we were… fortunately the Beauty and the Beast Singalong show exit puts you out right in Les Halles Boulangerie and Patisserie.  We had gotten snacks there on our last trip and they were all fabulous, so it was on our list of things to do anyway.

The kids both opted for the assortment of macarons, and I opted for a fruit and yogurt parfait.  Brian was still full from lunch, so he decided not to get anything.

It rained the whole time we were inside snacking, and we were hoping it would stop by the time our lightning lane for Ratatouille opened, but no such luck.  Instead, we put on our ponchos and ran over there.  Thankfully, it wasn’t far since we were already in France, but the gusty winds blew the rain all over us, and our legs and feet were pretty wet by the time we arrived. 

We thought for sure even with the lightning lane that we’d have to wait about 15 minutes, and that the rain might be done by the time we got out, but we ended up walking right onto the ride.  That was our second time riding – we’d ridden it on our last trip in 2022 – and it didn’t disappoint.  It is such a unique ride!! 

Ratatouille ended up burning less than 10 minutes of time, so the rain was still going strong when we got out.  I took a quick look at the radar and saw that the worst of the rain was almost over, but sadly, there was no place to keep taking cover at the ride because it puts you straight outside.  So, we put on our ponchos and headed back around the building to find a souvenir shop so Jacob could buy a little Remy shoulder buddy. 

The run around the building was wild because it was pouring and the wind was gusting like crazy, blowing everybody’s ponchos right off, but thankfully, we only had to be out in it for a couple of minutes before we made it to the shop.  I actually read in a news article after our trip, that the day we were there during the worst part of the storm that some of the panels on the side of one of the buildings in France blew off.  Lol.  Nobody was hurt, thank goodness, but I told Brian we were probably around that area when it happened.  Haha.

After Jacob paid for his Remy shoulder buddy, we jumped right across the sidewalk back to the dessert shop to wait out the rest of the rain.  There’s a souvenir shop in there, too, so many people were doing the same.  We only had to wait about 20 minutes and then the rain finally slowed to a mist.  While we waited, we browsed a bit, so it wasn’t too bad of a wait.

Brian had gotten a lightning lane for all of us for Soarin’ since he hadn’t yet had the chance to ride it, so we walked there next, stopping along the way to admire all of the gorgeous flowers and the ducks.

I did well on Soarin’ yet again, although I did feel a little boat-rocky again afterward, but thankfully it didn’t last too long.  I just love that freaking ride, though.  If you’ve never ridden it, you must add it to your list!  It is just so dang cool.

The rain had picked up again after we got off the ride, so we decided to do something else we’d never done before because it’s in the same building as Soarin’… we rode Living with the Land.  Lol.  We’ve always made fun of that ride and assumed it must be pretty boring because it never has a wait, and you literally just ride a boat and learn about “living with the land.” 

Well y’all, I have to say that Living with the Land is completely underrated!  I actually enjoyed riding through because they take you through Disney’s greenhouses that are right there in Epcot, and they literally grow hundreds of fruits, veggies, edible flowers, herbs, and other things that they use in their restaurants in the parks.  Mind blown!!!! 

It was so neat to see all of the things that they grow… they even had little baby pineapples… the picture is so blurry, but I couldn’t not post it because – look how cute!  They also had other clever things to look out for like hidden Mickeys and plants in different colors that spelled out the word Epcot.

While it obviously isn’t the most exciting ride in Disney World, it was actually worth doing once, in my opinion.

By the time we were done there, the rain had slowed to a mist again, so we walked over to Journey Into Imagination with Figment since it was close by.  At that point, we were just killing time before our dinner reservation.  And B was able to book a lightning lane for it so we didn’t have to wait at all.  That is probably my least favorite ride in all of Disney – LOL – but the kids love it, so it’s always a must-do for us. 

We were getting close to dinner reservation time after that, so we moseyed on over to Mexico, and we rode their ride, Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros.  There’s never a wait for that one either, so it barely took any time at all.  Therefore, we still had some time to kill after that, and the rain had picked up again, so the kids spent some time designing their own Day of the Dead characters on the computers in the entrance at Mexico.  Jacob's is the first one and Olivia's is the second one.

We then browsed all of the shops in Mexico until our dinner reservation was ready for San Angel Inn.  We were all starving by the time we were seated, and I was SO STOKED for dinner there.  We have eaten there all three times we’ve been to Disney World (the first time was just for lunch), and I have thought about that food often ever sicne.  The first time we went for lunch, they had empanadas, and they were some of the best things I have ever put in my mouth.

Then last year, I got the cheese enchiladas and they were fabulous, too.  They come with salsa verde, crema Mexicana, cotija cheese, crispy onion straws, and beans, and they’re served with plantains topped with crema Mexicana and cotija cheese and OMG, it is one of my favorite meals.  I got the exact same thing this time, and B and I also did a round of margaritas, because, of course. 

Everything was amazing, and the atmosphere was even better – seriously the coolest place – and it was just a great dinner.  Our server was wonderful, too.  I just don’t have enough good things to say about that place. 

After we finished up there, the kids wanted dessert, and they’d had their eyes on some giant donuts from Joffrey’s since we’d passed by the little kiosk on the way in that morning.  We swung by there in our ponchos to grab two cookies and cream donuts, and then we walked to a nearby souvenir shop so the kids could eat them since the rain had started again.

By the time that was done, it was getting late-ish, it was still raining, and it had gotten COLD, so I was ready to throw in the towel.  Brian and the kids had been wanting to ride Test Track all day, but it had been down most of the day due to the weather.  It ended up coming back up while we were at dinner, so he and the kids decided to go wait in line for it.  I had ridden on our last trip and didn’t think it would be good for my vertigo since it goes so fast, so I decided to sit that one out. 

Rather than wait there for them (the wait said 40 minutes if I remember correctly even though it ended up being much shorter than that), I decided to head back to the hotel by myself.  I was so ready to be dry and warm and in my PJs!

I kissed them all goodbye, enjoyed a quick little show at the Epcot ball on my way out, and I was back at the hotel room in minutes!

Meanwhile, the kids had fun designing their own cars and riding the ride with Brian.  It’s one of their favorites so they were super excited that they ended up being able to ride.

On their way out, the end-of-the-day show was starting in Epcot, but they didn’t stay.  They did take some PhotoPass pictures on the way out, though, and then they were back in the hotel room by 9:30-ish.

The kids showered quickly, and then we all crashed.  It was a little disappointing to have a rainy day in Epcot since it’s my second favorite park, but overall, we got really lucky with our timing.  We never had to be in the rain much, and we ended up doing every single thing we wanted to do there, so it was a success despite the weather!

And just in case you want to see our entire day summarized, here it is…



Hours spent in park – 12.75 (8:15 AM – 9:00 PM)

Rides/Attractions – 12

Shows watched – 1

Characters met – 1

Autographs obtained – 1

Disney Photo Pass pictures and videos taken – 34

Steps taken – 17,597

Miles walked – 7.14

Weather – Cloudy with intermittent rain, windy, high of 84 degrees, low of 64 degrees




Wake at 6:45 AM

Walk to bus stop at 7:45 AM

Bus at 8:00 AM

Arrive 8:15 AM

Frozen Ever After (everyone)

Virtual Queue – Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind (Brian)

Soarin’ Around the World (Lindsay, Jacob, Olivia)

The Seas with Nemo and Friends (everyone)

Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana (everyone)

PhotoPass Pictures with Te Fiti in Journey of Water (everyone)

Butterfly Habitat (everyone)

PhotoPass Pictures with the Epcot Ball (everyone)

Souvenir shopping (everyone)

LL – Spaceship Earth (everyone)

Reservation – Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria for lunch (everyone)

Met Jasmine from Aladdin (everyone)

Beauty and the Beast Singalong in France (everyone)

Snacks at Les Halles Boulangerie & Patisserie (everyone)

LL – Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure (everyone)

Shopping/browsing in France while waiting out the rain (everyone)

LL – Soarin’ Around the World (everyone)

Living with the Land (everyone)

LL – Journey Into Imagination with Figment (everyone)

Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros (everyone)

Day of the Dead character design in Mexico (everyone)

Browse souvenir shops in Mexico (everyone)

Reservation – San Angel Inn for dinner (everyone)

Joffrey’s kiosk to get dessert donuts for the kids (everyone)

Test Track (Brian, Jacob, Olivia)

Left park at 8:00 PM (Lindsay)

PhotoPass Pictures with the Epcot Ball (Brian, Jacob, Olivia)

Left park at 9:10 PM (Brian, Jacob, Olivia)

Happy Monday, y'all!


  1. I love Soarin' too. Once I was feeling nauseous (after doing a half marathon in Disney) and it cured me of my nausea! lol. I also love Living With The Land. The hidden Mickeys are the best!

    1. Oh that's so funny that it cured your nausea. I'm not sure it would do that for me. Haha.

  2. We all LOVED the Guardians of the Galaxy ride! It was so much fun and I didn't find it any more intense than Rock n Rollercoaster. EPCOT is our favorite park (mostly because it usually is so easy to navigate through the crowds). On our last trip the worst weather we had was while we were in EPCOT and we too ended up hanging out in France where Alec bought himself that macaron assortment and a few other pastries and snacks.

    1. Oh that's so funny that you had a similar experience. We love Epcot, too. It's my second favorite park... but it's a very close second to MK. I love it almost as much as MK!

  3. The Guardians ride sounds so crazy! I love all the Photopass pictures with the characters!

    1. Thank you! Yes, that ride looks intense. I don't think I'd enjoy it on a regular day without vertigo. It looks vertigo-inducing. Haha.

  4. Looks like a fun time! We finally made it to Disney last summer (the girls first time). We only did two parks and Epcot was one. We for sure had more fun than the girls....

    1. I bet you did! ALL THE FOOD!! So much good food in Epcot!


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