Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Six Years with My Simplified Planner + Spring Launch

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Happy Simplified Planner spring launch day!  It’s no secret that Emily Ley’s Simplified Planner is my favorite planner of all-time.  As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve used At a Glance, Sugar Paper, Erin Condren, and Plum Paper planners in the past, and while they all had their pros and cons, none of them were perfect.  The Simplified Planner, though?  It’s my planner soulmate.  ;o)

I’ve been using the SP for six years now and I still love it today just as much as I did six years ago when I bought my very first one.  It’s everything I’ve ever needed in a planner and absolutely nothing that I don’t.  I utilize every single page in this thing, and there is not a single thing I would change about it.  

It has room for all of our family’s appointments, meetings, date nights, extra-curriculars, birthdays, and anniversaries, and it also has room for our daily schedule, daily to-do lists, and meal plan.

The planners are of the highest quality, they come in an array of gorgeous designs, and the paper is luxurious and thick so my favorite Pilot pens that I’ve been using since high school do not bleed through.  This is the one I'm using for 2024... isn't it stunning?!


I could not live without this planner.  Our entire lives are in this thing.

They offer daily editions along with weekly editions, but I’ve always used a daily because I need ample room since we have a lot going on.  ;o)

Each daily edition planner features the following: 

January – December (calendar year) or August – July (academic year) – one day per page + shared weekend pages)

Each daily page has:

-       Hourly schedule 6 AM to 9 PM

-       To-Do section for 16 tasks

-       Blank section to jot notes/meal ideas/customize however you’d like

Full month views

Thick, 80 lb. pure white paper

9 notes pages

4 pages of Simplified prep-work to help you plan your year

Monthly simplicity tips

Colorful stickers

Hard cover with gold foil details

Gold, sturdy wire-o binding

Protective gold corners

Double-sided pocket page

Colorful, sturdy mylar tabs for each month

And it comes in the most stunning keepsake box


And the Simplified team also offers numerous accessories you can purchase to use with your planner… mini notebooks, stretchy bands to keep everything together, pens, stickers, magnetic page markers (I love these!), washi tape, planner pouches, and adorable paper clips shaped like hearts, stars, coffee cups, and more.

They also now have apparel, home décor items, jewelry, and so many other cute things!

Today they are launching their spring line, which means that we get to see the new covers for 2024!!!!  EEK!  So, I just wanted to share with all of you in case you’re searching for a new planner.  They offer planners dated January to December (the 2024 versions are already available) and also planners dated August to July if you prefer an academic year version (those are the ones that are launching today).

I’ve spoken about this planner so many times here on the blog and it’s just because I truly love mine so much.  I use it every single day of my life and it helps me stay organized to the max. 

Here are a few of the articles I’ve written about my love for this planner, so if you’re not convinced that it’s the best yet, maybe one of these posts will help.  ;o)  That second post went viral on Pinterest and it’s now my second most-viewed post of ALL-TIME.  If you’re longing to get your entire life organized, I highly recommend that second post.  It’s very detailed with every step that I took to get myself totally organized, and I love my system so much that I’m still using it today.  It’s a lot of work up front, but it’s so worth it in the end.  That post still generates so much traffic for my blog to this day! 

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The Simplified Planners for the 2024 academic year (August – July) will be on sale today at 10 AM EST, along with some other special items, so if you’re interested in snagging one, today is your day.  Some designs have sold out the same day in the past, so I always make sure to grab mine on launch day.  You can get yours here!

Happy organizing, friends!


  1. The Simplified Planner is really beautiful!! I love that it's your planner soulmate! I feel the same way with my Erin Condren planner, but I definitely have love for the Simplified one too!! I have used them in the past and my mom also loves them, they're fantastic!

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