Thursday, August 11, 2016

Confessions {8.11.2016}

Thursdays are for confessions…

I confess…

… that I cried all the way to work Monday after I dropped Jacob off for his first day of Kindergarten.  I had just composed myself in time to walk into work, only to be greeted by a co-worker who asked me, “How did it go?” and then she teared up herself which, of course, made me start tearing up all over again.  You know who you are, ADRIENNE!  ;o)

… that I thought my heart was going to burst when I picked Jacob up after his first day.  I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to see him and talk to him and squish him and love him.

… that I am feeling much better about this school year than I did last year.  Last year I was SO stressed out because we still hadn’t worked out his potty-training situation, and last year was also his first year at the school, so I knew he would be out of sorts from the new surroundings.  Well, he is now familiar with his school, he has established friendships, aaaand we finally got the pooping under control.  Amen.

… that we have missed church the last three Saturday evenings due to birthday celebrations and a date night, and we have been lazy and not gone on Sunday morning either.  This week, it’s on!

… that I’ve been in a much better mood this entire week simply because my house has been clutter free due to my toy purging spree last week.  It’s amazing how much having a clean house affects my mood.  When it’s cluttered, I feel like I’m constantly looking around in disgust and it wears me down. 

… that I wish I was wearing stuff like this and this and these instead of this and these.

… that after posting about our travel gallery wall the other day, I officially have the itch to do some travelling!  And I don’t mean to the beach.  I miss New York.  I miss Cali.  And I really miss Vegas.  Next year, hubby, next year.  #TenYearAnniversary

… that I really want to travel somewhere overseas – London, Paris, Rome, Santorini – but I’m terrified.  I already have mild anxiety when I travel… mostly because of my weird stomach (one day I’ll have to share with you my diarrhea on the plane story... #MaybeNot) but now also just because of the terrorism.  I don’t want to have to worry about hijackers and bombers and mass shootings… I mean, travel diarrhea is enough to have to worry about, right?!

On that note, I think I’ll go!  Happy Thursday!  ;o)

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  1. Your travel stomach issues sound....interesting haha!!! I'm kind of scared to use the bathroom on an airplane and I know that sounds crazy! I usually use it right before I board and then right after since I've never been on a flight longer than 4 hours. I would LOVE to visit Europe someday though so I may have to overcome that fear!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. I want to do some traveling! I'll go with you to Europe. :) I'm so glad the first day went well. You did good momma.

  3. I need my house to be clutter free, you are inspiring me! When Brayden gets back to school, it's on! :)

    And OMG you'll have to share that plane story!! LOL!!

    I am ITCHING to travel too, I NEED to get to NYC as soon as possible, it's been my dream ever since seeing Serendipity and Home Alone Lost in New York, ha ha! :) I just saw an email for super cheap flights there but I was too late, if I could have gotten those we may have went this year!!

  4. Ten year anniversaries totally deserve something BIG right?! We should start plotting them now.

    I can seriously imagine how much you would gush over your baby picking them up on their first day of Kindergarten. I would probably have cried again and everyone would think I am weird... I kind of am :P.

    Happy almost Friday friend!

  5. Yay for Jacob's first day of school going so well!!! I'm so happy for you guys! Oh and girl, I'm over the heat, although I wish it could stay summer a bit longer, but at a mild temperature. We finally went outside last night with the kids and it was actually comfortable...finally!!! Forget it, bring on sweaters, leggings and boots! Haha!!!

  6. I totally agree - when my apt is clean, I am a much happier person! I feel you on traveling overseas. I would love to, but also am very nervous and like you I am an anxious traveler in the first place!

  7. My son is about to start his last year of preschool, so we have another year until kindergarten, BUT I know I will be a mess that day, too! Oh, did I mention my son's first day of kindergarten will be my daughter's first day of her SENIOR year! Yikes! I'm going to need a mimosa that day for sure!
    I can't decide what is more scary...terrorists or the Zika virus? EEEK!!

  8. Aww! You are such a sweet mama; I'm sure Jacob was SO happy to see you too! I'm the same way with my house. I feel so much better when things are picked up!

  9. I confess...if my home is cluttered or messy, it messes with my mood as well! :) Type A person here! As a kindergarten teacher, I bet your boy was just as happy to see you after that first big day of school. Leaving is the hardest part. My little boy is starting kindergarten this year and it is just so weird to think my youngest will be in school all day. Have a great day!

    1. I'm super Type A as well so I feel your pain!

      Good luck with your baby starting Kindergarten... it really is bittersweet!

  10. Come to Oregon!!! :-) even though it's not as exciting here as Vegas. And yes share your travel story because I've had a similar situation... while wearing white pants. It was all kinds of awesome.

  11. I'm totally going to cry on Aubreys first day of Kindergarten. We have a few weeks but I'm sad and nervous thinking about it!

  12. But with International plane travel, there's #freewine ;)

  13. Clearing out the clutter makes me feel so much better. Hope your house stays clutter-free, so you can hang onto that feeling for a while! Cheers, Laura

  14. Um now we need to know the story hahahaha! I'm with you on the oversees travel. I was a little nervous for our London honeymoon three years ago but ten times more now. And yay for Jacob. You did good and so happy to hear it went well.

  15. I'd be scared to travel overseas right now too. ALthough watching the Olympics has me wanting to book a trip down to Rio! :) So glad you are feeling more comfortable about school. He is going to have a wonderful year!

  16. I still can't believe that Jacob is in school now. So much has changed. I would have cried too. I am scared about traveling overseas right now and I have that trip coming up. The travel bug is fierce right now. Now we must know the travel story. ha. I wish I was wearing things like that too!


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