Wednesday, August 3, 2016

What I Wore - July Recap

Welcome to another post that always has me wondering how the heck time flies so fast.  Another month has come and gone, and this one has been our hottest in a long time.  We’re spending pretty much all of our time indoors and trying to keep cool in sleeveless shirts, shorts, and sandals.  To say I’m ready for fall is an understatement.

Here are my looks from this sweltering July.

July 1 - Tank // Red Skinny Pants // Watch

July 2 - Olivia's Dress // Olivia's Sandals

July 3 - Shorts // Olivia's Sandals

July 4 - Olivia's Sandals

July 5 - Black Sandals

July 6 - Pants

July 7 - 

July 8 - Shorts

July 9 - Gold Wedges // Watch // Olivia's Sandals

July 10 - Shorts // Sandals // Watch // Olivia's Sandals

July 11 - 

July 12 - 

July 13 - 

July 14 - 

July 15 - 

July 16 - Gold Wedges // Olivia's Dress // Olivia's Sandals

July 17 - Black Bow Flats Similar // Olivia's Converse

July 18 -  Watch // Gold Wedges

July 19 - Pink Pants Similar // Watch

July 20 -  Watch // Gold Wedges

July 21 - Fringe Wedges // Watch

July 22 - White Jeans Similar 

July 23 - Shorts // Sandals // Watch // Olivia's Sandals

July 24 - Shorts // Black Sandals 

July 25 - Pencil Skirt Similar // Watch

July 26 - 

Jul 27 - Khaki Pencil Skirt Similar // Watch

July 28 - Peplum Tank // Khaki Skinny Pants Similar // Watch

July 29 - Pants

July 30 - Dress // Fringe Wedges

July 31 - Top // Shorts // Sandals // Watch // Olivia's Sandals

I’m still holding strong without repeating any exact outfits (at least I think so), but it is so challenging now.  At this point, I’m pretty much consulting my monthly recaps every morning to see what’s been worn and what hasn’t.  Cheers to seven months strong!

And if you missed any of my other monthly fashion recaps, you can find them below.  

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  1. 7 months is awesome! Over half way there!

  2. Linsay, you are awesome!!! I'm so impressed that you haven't duplicated an outfit. And you always look so great. I love your clothes. :)

  3. Lots of red white and blue in the month of july - love it! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Love all the red, white, and blue! And the necklaces are awesome!

  5. Your red white and blue was on point. I also found myself stopping to admire your necklaces too.

  6. You seriously dress the cutest!!! Can you come pick out my outfits?! Haha!

    1. Thanks, girl! You know I would love to! Maybe that's what I need to start doing... shopping for OTHER people! Haha.

  7. I love it all!!!! I can't even pick!!! Red, white and blue is stunning on you but that floral top and pink shorts is adorable!

  8. I don't know if I could live where you do, when it's upper 80's low 90's I'm dying!! LOL! I love all your outfits so much, you're so fashionable!

  9. Darling pics!! The skinny pants and striped shorts are my fave, love the blue dress, too :)

  10. I spy lots of red! Great job with no repeats!

  11. you knocked it out of the park again!!! I love those paisley shorts.... so cute!

  12. LOVE this! Love all the reds and blues I'm seeing and I have that last tank top and those blue and white shorts! :) I especially love your little mini you in some of the pictures.

  13. That necklace is what initially drew me to click on this from Andrea's linkup. It's that perfect pop of color!


    1. Thank you, Nina! And welcome! I'm glad you stopped by!

  14. Love! The very first is my fav but I love the july 14th too girl!

  15. I love all your combos for this month.

  16. Wow! Great outfits! You have a fabulous sense of style!

  17. Love your style, your outfits are all so different each day. Similar to my style I think. Your daughter is gorgeous too! x Jacqui

    1. Thank you so much, Jacqui! You are so sweet! Thanks for stopping by!


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