Monday, August 8, 2016

Productive Weekend + a Couple of Birthdays

Before I get started on our weekend recap, I just want to say happy birthday to my Daddy!!  I love you, Daddy, and I wish you many, many more!

Well, today is a BIG day in our household… our firstborn is starting Kindergarten.  Waaaahhhh!!  He got to meet his teacher last week (even though we already knew her beforehand) and he was thrilled to see his new classroom and meet some new friends.  I have a feeling he is going to do fantastic this year!  Mommy on the other hand?  Not so much.  I’m probably a sobbing mess as you’re reading this. 

Anyway, we had a great weekend.  Got tons of things crossed off of the to-do list, got to spend lots and lots of time with my favorite people, and celebrated a couple of birthdays along the way.

Friday started out with dinner at Cracker Barrel.  When we eat Cracker Barrel during the summer, we typically get veggies to go and we eat them at home, but during the winter we love to go there for dinner and have breakfast.  Well folks, after all of this fall talk and my constant yearning for fall these days, we went there and had breakfast Friday night and it put me in SUCH a fall mood.  We’re talking eggs, bacon, biscuits, pancakes, coffee… the works!  Afterward, we browsed their store because they had all of the fall, Halloween, and college football stuff out!!  GAH, I can’t WAIT for September!!

When we left, it was cloudy and the temps had miraculously dropped to the low 80s, so we spent the entire evening outside.  We went for a lovely stroll around our neighborhood, and then we let Jacob ride his new bike some more… he’s gaining confidence and it makes me so happy to see him thriving!  When he got off the bike, Olivia wanted to jump on… her feet can’t quite reach the pedals, but her doting daddy and brother rode her up and down the sidewalk… she thought it was the best thing!

After we put the babies down for bed, B and I whipped up some Moscow Mules (our new favorite summer drink) and we kicked back in our PJs to watch the Opening Ceremonies for the Olympics.  It was loooong as I’m sure you all already know, so once we reached “B” for the countries, we were over it and we switched over to Friday Night Lights, which I’m liking more and more by the episode!

Saturday morning I got heaps and gobs of stuff done around the house.  I finished cleaning out and organizing all of the kids’ toys, I got the entire house completely tidy (no more toy and junk explosion), and I got a few more little projects done that have been on the list for a long time.  Jacob and Olivia played SO well together all weekend... it was wonderful!  They even greeted each other like this Saturday morning:

We took a break from cleaning to play Jacob’s new game, Hoot Owl Hoot, and it was so much fun for the whole family!  Seriously mommies… you NEED this game!  It’s a game that requires all of the players to work together toward a common goal and either everyone wins or everyone loses.  It’s a game of strategy but it’s simple at the same time and we all had so much fun playing it.  Even as an adult, it requires some thought before making a move, so it kept me quite entertained as well.  As a matter of fact, we played it at least five times as a family this weekend, and B and Jacob played it twice on their own as well.

Saturday evening we went to Red Robin with B’s dad and family for our niece, Haley’s, birthday.  Our burgers were soooo good and the kids were so well-behaved even though we were there for close to two hours.  Toward the end, Olivia got a little wiggly, so I took her out to the lobby and we played with Snapchat to keep her entertained.  Hehe.

After dinner we went back to B’s dad’s house for cookie cake and presents and then it was time to call it a night.  On the way home, the kids were requesting songs like they always do, and Brian started doing a crazy dance (at a red light, of course) to a song called “Silver Scrapes.”  It may not sound familiar to you, but if you watch college football, you will recognize it from one of the ESPN commercials.  The kids LOVE it and they loved it even more when Brian started dancing all silly.

When we pulled in our garage, Can’t Stop the Feeling by JT was playing and B asked the kids if they wanted to have a dance party, so we all danced like crazy as the song finished.  When we all started getting out of the car, Jacob said, “This is the best day I ever had!!!!”  It was so funny and so sweet.  I love that kid.  #DanceParties #RaisingThemToBeAwesome  ;o)

Sunday morning I got a ton more done… swept and mopped and finished up the house chores, and completed a few more projects I’ve been wanting to work on, including a command station in our kitchen (LOVE and need to share with you), and I got everything all ready for Jacob to start school.  We played Hoot Owl Hoot three more times and then we all got ready to go to B’s momma’s for lunch.

We celebrated Haley again and we all left with full bellies.  We spent Sunday evening with my family and we celebrated my Daddy, and then it was bed for everyone because – back to school!

Think of me today… I will need all of the thoughts and prayers I can get.  I’m gonna be a basket case!!

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  1. I got bored during the opening ceremonies too. Sounds like you had a great weekend. I always love productive days.

  2. We got bored on Friday, too. Plus all of the commercials...

    Hope Jacob has the best day! I can't wait to hear all about it!

  3. I hope Jacob has a great first day of kindergarten! And I hope you survive it too, Mama! haha! And how far into Friday Night Lights are you?! Isn't it the best show ever??? Tim Riggins is my favorite and he just keeps getting better with every episode ha! I'm hoping to squeeze in some FNL episodes while the Olympics are on but my husband prefers the Olympics right now and our rule is to watch FNL I'll have to wait :) Happy Monday!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  4. Oh my gosh I hope not too many tears are shed on your part for Jacob's first day and a very happy birthday to your dad!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Ahhh today is the first day!? Oh Mama good luck!! I know it's hard, but it will get easier and you're right, he is going to do great!

    Your weekend sounds just perfect! So much celebrating!

  6. Aww! The first day of Kindergarten!! I hope he has a wonderful day, and you too! I love Friday Night Lights as well. It makes me want football more and more each episode I watch! Happy Monday!

    1. Thank you, Brandi! He did so well! When I picked him up I asked him if he had a good day and he said, "I had a GREAT day!" :o)

  7. Oh, Lindsay - I'm sending you the biggest virtual hugs eveeeeeeer!!! I just know Jacob will do great today!!! It sounds like you stayed nice and busy over the weekend. I need to remember to keep moving the weekend before Henry goes to school, because I can easily see myself hiding under the covers while uncontrollably crying the entire weekend. Ahhhh! I can't wait to read all about Jacob's first day.

  8. Big hugs mama I hope you are doing alright. I was thinking about you a bunch this morning. Looks like you had a great weekend. That game looks so cute! Happy Birthday to your daddy too!

  9. Oh girl, hope you are doing ok this morning! Sounds like you had the perfect weekend before back to school. So many sweet memories!

  10. I hope you're doing well this morning, I'm sure Jacob is enjoying his day, but I can only imagine how you are feeling.
    We got bored during the opening ceremony too and switched it to Netflix. Haha!
    The picture of them greeting each other is so sweet! Glad y'all had a productive and fun weekend!
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  11. what a fun and busy weekend! We have dance parties in the car too, there are certain songs the boys love. Life is more fun when you are silly. :-) I can't wait to hear how Jacob's first day goes!

  12. Hope Jacob enjoys his first day of kindergarten. You guys start school so early there! I'm positive I will be a mess when the time comes for Mila to start kindergarten as well! So glad Jacob is getting more confident and trying his new bike - he looks so grown up on that bike!! I looked at that Hoot Owl Hoot game for Mila for her birthday. It was rated a little older, so we put Count Your Chickens on her wish list instead and she got that one. I think the same company makes it. Very cute games. I love that there are so many game options for little kids - I don't remember there being too many when I was a kid. Happy birthday to your dad!!

  13. Oh man, hope today went well for Jacob--and for you!!!! What a big day!!! And I cannot WAIT for September, football, and cooler weather either!!!

  14. Oh my goodness, how did it go today?!? I can't wait to hear about it. I hope you held it together, mama. It's so bittersweet!
    Love the pictures from your weekend, but the picture of them hugging is the sweetest!

    1. It went so well!! He was so excited when I picked him up and he told us that he LOVES his teacher. I don't think it could have gone any better!

      And thank you, that one was my favorite, too. :o)

  15. What a great weekend! We haven’t been to Cracker Barrel in a while. I love to go there in the Fall and will need to plan on that in a few months. You know, since Fall normally doesn’t start until mid to late October here. I’ve never had a Moscow Mule! Thinking of you guys! Mason goes back to school on the 22nd and I am not ready one bit.


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