Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Loot is IN!

Happy Tuesday, ladies… and gentlemen (do I have any gentlemen readers besides B and my dad?).  #ThingsIPonder

This weekend was a happy mail weekend!  I finally received my Nordstrom goodies and I also received Olivia’s backpack and lunch bag set from the Pottery Barn sale.  I had originally planned on taking today off from blogging, but I received a few emails about my purchases last week, so I thought that I would review them for you guys in case anyone else was thinking of purchasing.

Thread & Supply Double Breasted Peacoat

I could not love this coat any more, you guys!  It definitely exceeded my expectations.  The fit is perfect.  The quality is fantastic.  And the cuffs and button details on the sleeves just send it over the top.  

The website said to size up because it runs small, so I was a little nervous that the small might be a little too small, but nope, it’s just perfect.  I love the length… some fitted jackets are too short and end up feeling a bit drafty, but this one is just right.  My favorite thing about it is that it’s form-fitting and it’s not the least bit bulky… very chic.  There’s nothing worse than putting on a jacket and feeling like you can’t move because you’re surrounded by so much thick fabric.  I live in the south and we don’t have extreme cold temps down here too often, so a snow jacket I do not need. 

And seriously, do I have to go over the price again?  I mean, this thing was a friggin’ steal!!  And I’m a bargain shopper, so you don’t hear me say that terribly often.  It comes in several different colors so you can be more adventurous than I was with my basic black if you’re so inclined.

And please do not hate on my selfie taking skills.  ;o)

Kate Spade Glitter Studs

I bought these in gold glitter because I wear studs every single day (unless I get really dressed up) and I don’t own any gold ones.  I currently rotate the pearls that B gave me for Mother’s Day a few years ago and the diamond studs that he gave me for our wedding, so after almost nine years of wearing the same two pairs of earrings, I thought it would be nice to have a change. 

These are gorgeous and I’m really pleased with them.  I love the size.  I like medium to large studs because I like for them to cover a lot of my ear lobe.  I wouldn’t mind having them in the opal glitter and silver as well.

Please don't mind the crumbs in my hair... #MomLife

Pottery Barn Backpack & Lunch Bag

Another great purchase.  We bought the Mackenzie Olive Flower Hearts Design and it is even cuter in person!  It has a padded back for comfort, and tons of pockets!!  It’s the perfect size for Pre-K to Kindergarten.  Not so small that it barely holds anything, but not too overwhelmingly large so they can’t carry it themselves.  We are going to be able to use this for several years, I believe, and Olivia is going to be so excited!  She has been obsessed with this suitcase that we got for our beach trip so she’s going to go nuts when she finds out that she has her very own bag!  We also bought the matching lunch bag… she won’t need it for two more years, but I just know if I didn’t get it now, it would probably be discontinued and I would regret it.  They also have a matching thermos, but I drew the line there even though I really wanted it, too.


I still love this sweater and I’m also wishing that I had bought this belt just because I need one so badly, but made of money, we are not… I guess I shall add them to the Christmas list! 

And finally, I’ll be darned if when I made my purchase, this necklace was out of stock, and it’s now back.  Argh.  Guess I’ll be adding it to the Christmas list as well!

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. How cute is that backpack and lunch bag?! She is going to look adorable!

  2. Great purchases! I love that coat. It looks so nice on you. Olivia's backpack and lunch box are awesome. I really need to look at them for Cam.

  3. That backpack is so cute and I am also loving those studs. I need some larger ones than what I currently have. Cute buys friend. I think you did super well!

  4. Girlfriend, I loved this post. It's fun to see you in that coat and to read your review! Those studs, oh those studs...I may have to buy those and we may possibly become stud twins!

  5. I love those studs! I still haven't tried any yet but I may have to pop into my local Kate Spade to try some on!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  6. I have those studs too and they are my favorite! Love the backpack and lunchbox, so cute.

  7. Great choices on everything!! I told Neal we are definitely investing in PB backpacks when it's time for the boys to start school. I love the one you picked out for Miss O!

  8. Those glitter are AMAZING!! I think I might have to get myself a pair! And that backpack/lunchbox combo is just darling!

  9. I love the things you got from the sale! And that backpack and lunchbox? Major swoon!

  10. That pea coat is perfection! I saw your earrings on instagram and my first thought was 'I have to have those!' Olivia's new backpack and lunch box are adorable!

  11. That backpack and lunch pail is super cute! I have yet to buy my kindergartner a backpack...hmm...or any school supplies for that matter...I should get on that, soon. That pea coat is super cute and not too bulky like some coats can be, perfect choice!


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