Monday, August 15, 2016

Three Day Weekend Got Me Like…

Came home from work Thursday evening to this:

A clean house, y’all!  

All of that toy and junk purging I did earlier in the week has made quite an impact! 

So instead of wasting half of the evening tidying up, I actually had some time to get some planning done!  Last week was just cRaZy!  Between Jacob starting Kindergarten (and now having homework) and Olivia getting a wood chip stuck in her nose (which we’ve still seen no sign of) among other things, it was just nuts.  Thursday evening it was good to finally be able to get everything out on paper, and because of it, I got so much accomplished this weekend!

Friday, my girl was out of school for a teacher’s planning day (she starts her new class this morning – cue the tears), so she and I had the whole day together, just the two of us, on Friday.  We got up and went straight to Panera, our favorite breakfast place, for a cinnamon roll and a cinnamon crunch bagel.  We took a few selfies, did some super creepy “SnapChapping” as Olivia calls it (see evidence below), and just had a great time being together.

After we left Panera, we went to Hobby Lobby to return something (the thing that I was on my way to return Thursday when I got the call from Olivia’s school that she had shoved a wood chip in her nose, mind you), and then we went to Old Navy for a shopping extravaganza.  Olivia’s school always does fall pictures at the end of August, so I figured we might as well go ahead and start scoping out all of the fall stuff.  They did not disappoint!  We got several pieces that will work well for transitioning to the cooler weather, and then she’ll be able to wear them all winter.  My favorite was this shift dress.  We got it in three different colors because they are so stinking cute!  She can wear them as dresses now and as she grows they will become tunics.  I just might have to go to and get them in every pattern and color.

Olivia had a blast walking around and picking out clothes… I rarely take her shopping with me, but given that she is so interested in clothes and “princess dresses” these days, I thought that she might enjoy picking out some of her own stuff.  Turns out, I was right!  She found this green, pink, and white floral dress, and would not let it go.  She dragged it all through the store, and when we got home she wanted to wear it immediately.  I obliged even though that meant that I wasn’t able to wash it first.  YUCK.  And then Saturday morning I washed it because I knew she would insist on wearing it to church again.  I was right.

Yellow Top // Navy Striped Shift Dress // Grey Striped Shift Dress // Denim Shift Dress

Anyway, after Old Navy, we ran a couple of other errands, and then we headed back to Panera to meet two of my girlfriends and their kids who are all close in age to Olivia.  When my friend Eryn suggested Panera, I didn’t even bat an eye because we love it so much.  Panera for breakfast and lunch?  Yes please!  As a matter of fact, I was going to suggest it myself!

Having lunch with them made me want to be a stay at home momma even more… I would love to be able to go to lunch with them and get the kids together more often… since I normally work, we always have to pack our family time in on the weekends, and I feel like we just don’t get to see our friends enough anymore. 

After lunch, it was time to head home for Olivia’s nap, and I used the time to get some things done.  I got some picture frames updated with new photos around the house, I completed a couple of house projects I had been wanting to finish, and I finally got Jacob’s new big boy bedroom photographed… I’m hoping to have the post up Tuesday so stay tuned.

Friday evening we spent the evening at Texas Roadhouse with Brian’s family to celebrate my father-in-law’s birthday.  After dinner we went back over to his house to open presents and have cake… man, we have celebrated a lot of birthdays these last couple of months!  I totally failed at getting any pictures, though.  Boo.

Saturday morning I got some laundry done and updated the labels on the kids’ toy baskets.  After all of this purging, I noticed that some of our toy categories had evolved, and now that Jacob is reading, I thought that it might be nice to have the baskets labeled with words instead of pictures.

We met up with my friend Shelly in the late morning and she brought her daughter, Claire, who is two months younger than Olivia.  (She also has a son who is five months older than Jacob, but he wanted to hang out at home with his daddy, so he didn’t come.)  Jacob got to practice some more (we don’t want him to regress) and little miss independent did more whining than having fun because she wanted to, “DO IT MYSEEEELF!”  At one point we finally just let her go in the water for a second so she would start to sink so she could see what actually happens since she doesn’t know how to “do it herself” yet.  She, of course, went under (we only let her go under for a split second, so don’t send the authorities) and came up sputtering… and it didn’t even phase her.  She still kept yelling to do it herself.  That girl scares me.

Look at Jacob rolling his eyes!  Lol

Saturday afternoon was for blog planning while the babies napped and had quiet time, and then we headed to church, where the kids both acted like wild banshees.  I mean, seriously.  This was the worst week that we’ve had in a while.  I blame my cousin for leaving to go back to college… she always kept Olivia smitten the entire hour, so that kept one of them under control.  (Shelby, I kid, I kid.  But seriously, we miss you.)

It was nothing that dinner with my parents and a margarita couldn’t cure!

After dinner, we headed home, plunked the babies in the bed, and B and I watched some FNL and Michael Phelps’s last Olympic race.

Sunday morning Jacob and I baked some cookies… not telling you what they are just yet, but they will be up later this week on the blog.  Trust me, you’ll want to try these.

We spent the early afternoon at my mother-in-law’s for lunch, and then we spent the evening at my parents’ house for dinner. 

I sure do love me some Sundays… Sundays are for family time and also, I don’t have to cook!  #PraiseHands

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  1. Sounds like you had a great long weekend! How fun was your Friday with Olivia!? All those little clothes are so cute - I think lots of shopping trips will be in your future as she gets older!

  2. I love Panera so much too! I could eat every single meal there so I'm actually jealous you got to go twice in a day haha!!! And I would want to be a stay at home mom too!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  3. Wow! What an awesome weekend! I love all the fun you and Olivia had together on friday. So special. Her clothes are adorable. A clean house always feels good. Yay for family time!

  4. Oh my you were so productive and what a great way to spend your Friday - just you and your mini!! I'm a huge fan of panera - when I can't decide on lunch it's my go-to! xo, biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Seriously the amount of stuff you get done is so impressive!! And Panera twice in one day, um yes!!! That is so fun you had a Mommy/Olivia day! I love one on one time with my kids. Those clothes from Old Navy are ADORABLE!!

  6. Love your weekend so much. Nothing like a girl dau with your girl and yay for picking up an Old Navy loot. That notepad is the best too btw. Happy Monday!

  7. Your weekend sounds like it was great! I'm sure it was so much fun to spend the day with Olivia! I'm very excited for those days with my Lilli :) We LOVE Old Navy, too! I could spend all of my money in there :) Have a great week!

    1. It was so much fun!! I'm already ready for another one!

  8. Homework in kindergarten!? What on earth are they doing?

  9. Hey girl, what kind of house plant / tree is that with the lights on it? i need one for my house lol

  10. I foresee many Mommy/Daughter shopping dates in your future (and I'm totally jealous)! How cute is she carrying the dress around the store. Go Old Navy! Glad you had some relaxation with your clean house too. Go Linds!

  11. Sounds like a great long weekend! Love the snapchats and shopping!

  12. What a great weekend! You and your daughter really have the best outfits! So nice! I love your snapchats! Too funny! I agree that some of the filters are downright creepy!

    1. Thanks, girl! And yes, some of those filters are terrible! Haha.

  13. Having a clean house to start the weekend is perfect! I love your tags for the toy bins and the pool time sounds fantastic in the heat!

  14. Long weekends are THE best! Sounds like you guys had a great fun and productive weekend! You are so organized...I LOVE It!
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  15. Sounds like you had the best weekend. I love time with just my girls. I am going to check out those dresses because they are so cute. I hate letting my girls wear something without washing it too.

  16. OH goodness your Olivia sounds like my Mini Fox. She literally had no fear of the water as well. We stuck her in ISR lessons so fast, and now she can at least float! What a great weekend, and so happy you got to spend some time with friends, and I agree, work totally gets in the way of a social life. But then I think, if I wasn't working I probably couldn't go out to breakfast and lunch, hehe :)

  17. Yay for a clean house! I love that you and Olivia had a little Panera and shopping date - so sweet. Old Navy is killing it like always - I want their entire toddler girl line for Mila! I can't believe how brave Olivia is in the pool! I tried to let Mila go in the water (with no float) over the weekend and she wasn't having it. Sounds like you guys had a fantastic weekend!


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