Thursday, August 18, 2016

Confessions {8.18.2016}

Today’s first confession shall be called Airing My Crazy because that’s exactly what it is.

I confess…

… that we have two sinks in our master bathroom and I can’t stand for the soaps to be different.  I buy Bath & Body Works soaps in lots of different scents and I always buy two of each scent specifically for our bathroom, so when I notice that my soap is depleting faster than B’s (it always does), I swap our soaps with the hope that they will even out and then run out at the same time.  You guys, I’m aware that this is just plain weird, but there’s nothing worse than having a Peach Bellini soap on one sink and a Black Cherry Merlot soap on the other.  #MajorFirstWorldProbs

… that I joined a gym this week just to use the treadmill.  During the heat of summer and the cold of winter I rarely have a chance to get in any cardio, so I’m hoping that this will solve all of my cardio probs.  Since the gym is only $10 a month with no commitments, I figured it would be worth it.  Had it been more than $10 a month, then no, I wouldn’t have spent the money just to walk.

… that I am dying to burn my Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin candle from Bath & Body Works, but I’m trying to hold off for September 1.  On September 1, it’s on.

… and speaking of September 1, I will also be decking my house out in all of its fall glory.  Bring it.

… that my Old Navy Super Cash is burning a hole in my pocket, but we can’t use it until the first week of September.  You better believe I’ll be snatching up these and this for Olivia, this for Jacob, and maybe this for me if the fit is right. OMG and I really want this!!  So cute!  Long live Old Navy.

… that I am finally starting to fall in love with Friday Night Lights.  It took a long time, y’all, and I almost gave up, but I’m glad that y’all encouraged me to hang in there… it only took 18 episodes.  Lol.

… and speaking of FNL, I keep hearing all of this talk about Tim Riggins… Tim Riggins this, Tim Riggins that, Tim Riggins is soooo hot.  But I’m all over here like I’ll take Coach Taylor, please. 

Y’all can have Tim Riggins. 

#OlderMenAreMyJam #NoticeISaidOlder #NotOld

Happy Thursday!  XO

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  1. So glad you are finally loving Friday Night Lights! I would take Coach Taylor, too. Although Tim Riggins is such a softy underneath it all! I think I would be crazy about having the same soap, too!!

  2. Ha ha! You are not crazy. I'm kinda the same way. No worries hun. I don't blame you for joining a gym to run on the treadmill. It's so stinking hot outside.

  3. 18 episodes huh?! I have been trying to watch Nurse Jackie but I am 8 in and not in love with it either... maybe I should keep at it. Your soap ocd made me laugh, I love it!

  4. Ha ha I totally get your soap problem!! I would probably do the same if we had 2 sinks in our master.

    Yay for joining a gym! And for $10/month?! Yeah that's awesome.

    Old Navy has the cutest clothes!

  5. I'm so proud of you for hanging in there! I'll gladly take Tim! ;)

  6. If we had two soaps in our master bath, I would be the SAME way! I'm a little OCD about things matching like that too! You are NOT crazy!! I'm excited to start busting out fall decor as soon as September arrives as well! Fall decor is my absolute favorite! I'm with Amy - I will gladly take Tim Riggins!! He was my favorite part about FNL!

  7. This had me cracking up. We've all got our crazy! I am so ready to bust out the fall décor and candles too!

  8. Haha love that hashtag. I still haven't watched FNL yet. I need to once Gilmore Girls is done. I love Bath and Body Works. I tried to get Rory to go in last weekend and he said no. He knew I would buy it all and said I need to wait until closer to fall. Boo.

  9. I can totally understand your soap dilemma! I am paranoid with having the "most full" soap in the guest bath. I'm constantly switching them up to make sure it's never half empty. Like we have so many guests...
    I'm glad you like FNL. I'd gladly take Tim Riggins and leave you coach! ;)

  10. Confession – I started burning pumpkin roll in my Scentsy this week! With the rainy weather and cooler temps, I just couldn’t resist! I never got into FNL, but maybe I should give it a try!

  11. Ever since I was little (like six) I've had a crush on Tom Selleck, hahaha. Have you seen Three Man and a Little Lady? Well now he would be like the coolest Grandpa ever, haha, but I still love him!

  12. That sweater dress from Old Navy! It's so cute and it toooootally puts me in the mood for fall and warm and cozy clothes. I know how you feel about fall decor. I'll live out these last few weeks of cooler summer days up here in the mitten, but once September arrives, all-things-fall will be happening!!!


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