Friday, October 15, 2021

Five on Friday - Great Holiday Gift Idea, Fall Cookies, Skittles, and More

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Hey, y’all, and happy Friday!  I have a few fun things to share with y’all today, and we’re starting with a fabulous holiday gift idea…

O N E – Magic 8 Ball

My friend’s son received a Magic 8 Ball for his birthday a few weeks ago, and he brought it along on one of our adventures recently.  Our kids had never seen one, and they fell in love immediately.  I’d forgotten all about them, so it would have never even crossed my mind to buy one for them, but I knew right away it would be the perfect gift for Christmas. 

I typically buy most everything on Amazon as they usually have the best prices, but right now, Target has these on sale for $8.99, which is much cheaper than Amazon’s $14.99.  Target also has a couple of deals on toys right now where if you spend $50, you save $10 on toys, or if you spend $100, you save $25 on toys.  I thought I’d share the PSA today in case you’re starting your holiday shopping like I am!

These would also be the perfect gift to take to a birthday party, too.  ;o)


T W O – Pretty Cookies

My friend, Jeannine, and her family challenged us to a Lego Masters bet, and the losing family had to provide the winning family with a gift basket.  The team our family picked ended up winning the whole thing, so we won the bet, and Jeannine and her fam gave us our gift basket a couple of weeks ago.  They included these cookies, and they were a favorite because they were just so darn pretty!  Fresh Market for the win!  They have great stuff, y’all.


T H R E E – Skittles

Y’all, I was so excited to see last week that Skittles announced they are bringing back lime!!!!  Skittles have been a favorite candy of mine since I was tiny, and lime was always my very favorite flavor.  Well, back in 2013, they removed the lime Skittles and replaced them with green apple (my least favorite flavor of candy ever) and I was so mad, I haven’t bought a pack of Skittles since then.

I recently saw a pack of ALL LIME Skittles at Walmart, and I bought it because I was just so dang excited to be able to have that flavor after eight long years of not having it.  Well, what do you know, shortly after that, they announced that they’re finally restoring the original flavors after all these years… sour apple is out, and lime is back in!!  I’m sure there will be lots of disappointed sour apple fans, though!


F O U R – Second Grade Penmanship

One thing that I love and appreciate very much about our school is that they still teach the importance of good penmanship.  Starting in Pre-K4, they teach the kids the d’nealian style handwriting because it helps the kids easily transition to cursive in second grade.  I know a lot of schools don’t teach cursive anymore, but as someone who has always loved putting pen to paper (and still do daily), I truly appreciate that they still do.

Olivia loves to write, and she’s constantly making lists and writing stories and writing in her “diary,” and she’s basically a little Lindsay.  Haha.  When she brought home this assignment from school, I was just in awe of that beautiful handwriting!  I love that she loves to make everything look so neat!  I don’t think my handwriting was that good in second grade!


F I V E – Georgia’s Number One!

And finally, y’all know how much we love some Georgia football in this house… well, after beating Auburn this past weekend we’re now 6-0, and since Alabama unexpectedly lost, they finally dropped out of the top spot which means… we’re #1 in the rankings for the first time in foreverrrr!!!!

Who knows how long it’ll last, but we’re going to enjoy it while it does, and that top spot is definitely a favorite from this week.  If you know anything about Georgia sports, you know that we’re used to getting our hearts broken… we tend to make it so far only to lose and have it taken away from us so I’m just going to celebrate while I can!  Haha.

Hopefully our Dawgs will continue to play well, and they’ll take us all the way this year… they’ve never won a National Championship in my lifetime.  The last time was 1980.  Sigh.

Friday Funnies

Only Georgia fans will understand.  Haha.

I'm sorry, Auburn fans, this was too funny not to post.
I love this dog!  Haha.


Me, last week

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Happy Friday, y’all!

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  1. You know my feelings on the lime skittles...going to buy all the packs now to get the apple! :) Hope you have the best weekend!

  2. Fabulous funnies! How did I not know that the lime was replaced with green apple? I just heard that skittles are the second most popular candy behind Reece’s for Halloween. Those cookies are so cute. Have a happy weekend!

  3. There's a toy store near us that used to have toys out to play with (not sure if they still do) and everytime we went the kids messed with the 8 balls!

  4. Those fall cookies look great! Maui looks adorable! I heard about the skittles switch, not sure I ever even realized there was a difference or what flavor green was actually supposed to be lol. Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. I much prefer the lime to the green apple too! That is pretty exciting in our house.

    1. I did a poll on Instagram about the Skittles and it was almost 50/50 green apple and lime. I bet there are a lot of green apple fans who won't be happy!

  6. Since they stopped teaching cursive in our schools, my kids do not have a signature. Crazy, huh?
    Go Dawgs!!

  7. I always take the sent from my iPhone out. Haha. I saw that Georgia beat Auburn. I was happy for you guys!!! I hate the lime skittles. Ha. I’m all for Apple. Such pretty handwriting. Have a great weekend.

  8. That's so great that your daughter is still learning penmanship! I love sending handwritten cards/notes, and my handwriting gets a lot of compliments--to my great glee, obviously! :D Your daughter's handwriting is beautiful!

  9. I'm rooting for y'all this season! I am an apple skittles girl too.


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