Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Our Week - The One with All the Rain and the Leak in the Ceiling

We were in the mountains for most of last week, so I’ll be recapping our trip in separate posts soon, but I wanted to recap the beginning of the week like I always do.  This may be the shortest weekly post ever!

Monday, October 4

Monday morning, I dropped the kids at school and then headed back home to do loads and loads of laundry.  We left for the mountains on Wednesday afternoon, so I had to get it all done so I could start packing.

It poured rain all day long, so I stayed inside, all cozy in my office checking things off of my to-do list until it was time to leave for an appointment.  The drive there – and then to the kids’ school afterward – was a wet one, and there’s nothing I hate more than driving around in the pouring rain.  Visibility was very low and there were several different areas with flash-flooding, so I had to be rerouted a couple of times… I was grateful to finally pull up in the car line and put the car in park for a few minutes.

Once the kids were picked up, we headed to Olivia’s dance studio, got her changed and inside, and then Jacob and I headed home.  He started homework while I unloaded the dishwasher, made lunches, and prepped things for the next day, and then I headed back out to pick up Olivia.

On the way back to the dance studio, I swung by the library to pick out a few new AR books for Olivia, and I also grabbed a new one for me to read on our trip.  My BFF, Jeannine, was working, so I chatted with her for a few, and then I hit the road.  I still had a few minutes to spare when I got back to the dance studio, so I read for a bit in the parking lot… Facebook and Instagram were down most of the day Monday, so there was no mindless scrolling. 

When Olivia and I got back home, B and I made breakfast for dinner, and then I squeezed in a quick stair stepper workout while the kids showered. 

Just before we were going to get the kids in the bed, we discovered two spots and a third long streak of water forming on Olivia’s bedroom ceiling.  They were all wet, so we had assumed there was a leak from all of the rain.  Our local weather reported that we got 5-7 inches of rain Monday alone.

It was supposed to rain all night Monday night and for the next three days after that, so we knew we couldn’t wait to address the situation, so B decided to go up in the attic and see what he could find.  He searched high and low and couldn’t find water anywhere.  There was none coming in from the attic ceiling, none coming in from any pipes, and he couldn’t even find any areas that felt damp.  So strange.   

When we built our house, we upgraded to the best shingles, and our roof is supposed to last for at least 30 years, so it just didn’t make sense for it to be a leaky roof.  Since there was nothing that we could do, B and I headed downstairs to catch up on shows and then we went to bed.

Tuesday, October 5

Tuesday morning, the ceiling in Olivia’s room was dry, despite the fact that it had rained all night, so we have a feeling that the issue is actually a plumbing issue rather than a roof issue.  It was a major coincidence that it started on the day that it rained seven inches, though.

The kids’ shared bathroom is sandwiched between Jacob’s room and Olivia’s room, and that’s the only plumbing on that entire side of the house, so we figured the leak must be stemming from usage in the kids’ bathroom.  Therefore, we blocked it all off and told them they’re not to use their shower, toilet, or sinks until we figure out what’s going on.

When we left for school Tuesday morning, it was still pitch black outside and it was POURING, so we took the backroads instead of the highway.  It never fails that there’s always a wreck on our main highway when it rains, and traffic pretty much always comes to a crawl or a complete stop when that happens. 

Because it was pouring and dark outside, visibility was practically zero, and the drive to school was a nightmare.  There was tons of flooding on the roads and traffic was crawling pretty much the whole way (which was fine by me because it would have been impossible to drive normally), so the drive to school took over 30 minutes.  Just for reference, it takes just under 15 if we go our usual route on a typical day. 

Coming home was just as bad, and I went the backroads yet again, as the traffic reports had stated that northbound and southbound lanes on the highway were, indeed, backed up due to wrecks on both sides of the highway.  The drive home took over 30 minutes as well, and I was so darn relieved to get out of that car and get inside. 

I remembered to avoid using the kids’ bathroom all morning, and then when I went to water my plants, I completely forgot, and filled up my watering can at Jacob’s sink.  I realized it immediately, and then headed to Olivia’s room, and sure enough, two of the three water spots on the ceiling looked fresh again, which means it’s probably safe to assume we’re dealing with a plumbing issue and not a leaky roof.  I’m not sure which is worse.  Lol.

The rest of the day was spent working and starting to prep for our trip, and then I headed to the kids’ school about an hour before dismissal for a meeting.  The meeting ended just before dismissal, so I jumped in the car line to grab Jacob and Olivia, and then we headed home.  Shortly after, Olivia and I headed back out for dance, and then the rest of the evening was spent at home packing for our trip to the mountains.    

Wednesday, October 6

Wednesday, B was off since we were leaving town, so he came with me to drop the kids at school, and then he and I headed back home to pack.  The kids got out at noon, so we only had a few short hours to get everything ready to go. 

The rest of the week was spent in the mountains, so I’ll be recapping it separately next week as I always do!

Happy Tuesday, y’all!






  1. Oh no! I really hope the leaky pipe fix is quick and easy (though they never seem to be do they?!)

    1. Thank you! We're still having trouble even getting in contact with a roofer who can repair it. Ugh!

  2. I guess which one is worse depends on the cost to fix it!

  3. I hope it's a quick fix. We had a plumbing leak recently, and we had to replace quite a bit of sheetrock...ugh!

  4. It rained here too! I was so over it. So sorry about the leaky pipes.

  5. I hate driving in the rain, too! Hope your plumbing fix is an easy one!


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