Friday, October 29, 2021

Five on Friday - Hiking Boots for Ladies and Girls and the Perfect Christmas Ornament for Kids

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Hey, y’all.  Happy Friday!  What a week we’ve had!  It has been so, so busy, but in the very best way.  Today, I’m kicking off the weekend with some favorites from this week.

O N E – Women’s Hiking Boots

I’ve been wanting some hiking boots for several years now, but I’ve wanted to find some that won’t break the bank.  If I knew I was going to wear them a lot, I’d spring for some high-end ones (I looooved my Timberlands in high school!), but it’s not likely that they’ll get enough wear to justify spending a lot of money. 

Many of the boots and sandals in my closet are from Target because they are priced well and they hold up beautiful over time, so Target was the first place I turned to, and they didn’t let me down.  I mean, do they ever?

I came across these boots and they’re everything I was looking for aesthetically.  They’re the perfect shade of brown, they look sporty, supportive, and stylish, and the shearling trim looks perfectly cozy for fall and winter.  The best part is that they have a side zipper closure for easy access in and out.  They have great reviews and they’re only $39.99, which is so much better than the $200+ price tags on the high-end boots.  Hopefully the quality will live up to my expectations.  I’ll have to report back once mine arrive. 


T W O – Girls’ Hiking Boots

We typically buy Olivia four pairs of shoes for the year – a pair of sandals for summertime, a pair of tennis shoes for school, a pair of Mary Jane’s for formal events (although, she hasn’t owned any of these for the last couple of years because we haven’t been dressing up due to Covid), and a pair of boots for winter.  She is growing at lightning speed lately, and I was so disappointed to see that her boots from last winter were so small that she couldn’t even get her foot in them. 

Since she was in need of a new pair, I turned to Target, of course.  Their selection of girls’ boots is extensive, they’re affordable, and they’re always well-made and they hold up over time.  Sure enough, I found the cutest pair for just $27.99 and I’m hoping they’re as comfy as they are cute.  They have a side zipper, so she doesn’t have to worry about tying the laces all the time, and that’ll also make it easier for her to get her foot in and out.  Crossing my fingers that she loves these because they are just darling!  And these come in several different colors, but we went with gold since they're so neutral.


T H R E E – Christmas Ornaments for the Kids

Each year, I buy everyone in our family a new Christmas ornament.  I always try to find ornaments that represent something the kids currently love or ones that have special meaning from something that happened during the year.  For example, the year we went to Disney World for the first time, each kid got a Disney ornament from Disney World, and last year, each kid got a Minecraft ornament because they were both so obsessed with it.

This year, I racked my brain, and I was torn between getting them ornaments of their favorite foods (because we haven’t done that before) and giving them an ornament of something they love.  They’re both still so obsessed with our Nintendo Switch and playing video games is one of their favorite things to do, so I thought it would be cool to find an actual Nintendo Switch ornament.

I came across these ornaments on Etsy and they’re amazing!  They’re made with a 3D printer and they look like exact replicas of the Switch (only smaller), and they come apart so you can put a picture or a gift card in the “screen” area.  So neat, right?  I bought one of these for each child, and then to differentiate between the two, I’ll put pictures of different video games in the picture slots – a picture of Minecraft for Jacob, and maybe Super Mario Kart for Olivia since she’s loving that so much lately. 

I just thought they were the cutest things (and also very unique), and I wanted to share them today in case you have a Nintendo Switch loving kid like we do.  It would make the cutest gift for a teenager who loves gaming, and then you could put a gift card to their favorite store inside the slot.


F O U R – Fresh Prince of Bel Air

As I’ve already mentioned here on the blog a few times, we’ve been binging The Fresh Prince of Bel Air with the kids, and y’all, it is such a great family show… it has been a favorite of all of ours for the last two weeks.  It is hilarious for parents and kids alike, it teaches some good lessons, and it addresses the issue of systemic racism in our country in terms that our kids understand, so it opens the door for some great conversations with our kids… even Olivia who is only seven.  I watched the show growing up, and it has just been a blast reliving it all again.  I will always and forever love Will Smith.


F I V E – Texts from B

Remember that time B texted me and told me that I should buy something SUPER random, and I literally already had it in my Amazon cart?  Haha.  Brian texted me last week and said that I should buy a mini skeleton to put on my charcuterie boards and I literally already had this pack of two sitting in my Amazon cart when he sent that message.  We’ve been together too long, I guess!  Haha.

Our skeletons delivered last week and we’re enjoying their company.  ;o)  And they're on super sale right now if you want to grab some for next year!


Friday Funnies

Me, every Friday and Saturday night

Truer words have never been spoken.  Lol.


Literally haven't paid for gas inside a gas station since 2001.  Lol.

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Happy Friday, y’all!

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  1. Just ordered those boots! So excited to go pick them up later today! And those funnies - especially the staying and going out - so spot on, haha!

  2. Those boots are a great price! My kids need winter boots and it's so hard when they are bigger sizes!

  3. Those hiking boots are absolutely adorable and of course I love your funnies!

  4. I had to go pay inside recently at the gas station and if it wasn’t dire, I would have drove off, lol! That’s too funny how he can predict your purchases. Love the hiking boots, hope they work out! Have a nice weekend!

  5. I love both pairs of boots, and the zipper on the side makes them so much easier to get on. I'm going to check out the etsy shop for other possible ornament ideas. Have a great weekend.

  6. Those are really cute boots! Since I do hike so much I did break down this past year and buy a "real" pair. I ordered a good 1/2 dozen of them through Amazon (and sent all but one back) before I found a pair comfy enough for hours of hiking. We buy our boys ornaments like that too and I am having such a hard time figuring out what to get them all this year...

    1. Yes, you DO do a lot of hiking. If I did that much I'd totally spring for something nice, too!

  7. My girls need hiking boots too. So cute. I haven’t even thought about Christmas ornaments. You are on top of it!

  8. The gas station meme - Yes! Bahahaha! I'm already inconvenienced enough over the fact that I have to get out of my car just to pump and to go inside and make eye contact with another human, not if I don't need to. Hahaha!


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