Monday, October 11, 2021

Our 2021 Mountain Trip by the Numbers

We got back from another trip to the mountains yesterday afternoon, and as always, I’m recapping the entire trip by the numbers.

57 – The lowest temp while we were there.

75 – The highest temp while we were there.

1 – Trader Joe’s pit stop made on the way to the mountain house.

12 – Bottles of wine purchased there.  Gotta get that Three Buck Chuck when we can!

2 – Times that Brian tried and failed to get our SUV up the super scary steep driveway.  (More on that in my post recaps next week!)

0 – Times that the kids and I were in the car for the journey up or down the driveway.  It was seriously the stuff of nightmares, so we chose to walk up and down instead.

6 – Adult beverages consumed.

1 – Bottle of wine consumed at the winery.

4 – Bottles of wine purchased at the winery to bring home.

4 – Donuts consumed.  This may be our lowest number of donuts consumed on vacation ever.  We did, however, have some donut holes, too.  I forgot to count them, though!

4 – Cinnamon rolls consumed.

4 – Dairy Queen Blizzards consumed.

2 – Nights that Brian and I skipped dessert.  Are you even on vacation if you don’t eat dessert?!

0 – Meals eaten out at restaurants.  We did get takeout a few times, though.

205 – Steps leading down from our house to the river behind it.

1 – Time Brian slipped and fell on said steps.  Don’t worry, he’s okay.  ;o)

0 – Fish caught in the river.  Olivia was so disappointed!

101.9 – The highest Olivia’s fever got in the 24 hours she ran a random fever.

1 – At-home Covid test taken… thankfully, it was negative, and Olivia’s fever never turned into anything more.

2 – Phone calls we had to make to tell my parents she was feverish… right before they were supposed to head up to join us.  Out of an abundance of caution, (and understandably since my mom still works in an office with others) they decided not to come and we were so sad.  :o(

1 – Time we locked ourselves out of the house.  A keypad controlled the deadbolt, but we accidentally locked the bottom lock from the inside one time before we left, and the keypad didn’t control that lock.  Thankfully, there was a lockbox on the property with a spare key, and the owner was able to get us in with that immediately.

40 – Deer that we saw while driving in and out of our neighborhood.  B saw 18 of them without us when he was going in and out to get food, and the kids and I saw 22 of them.

1 – Time that we drove through the neighborhood and didn’t see deer.  We saw them every single time we drove through except for the very last time as we were leaving to head home.

7 – Wild turkeys seen on the side of the road.

1 – Horse seen.

1 – Time somebody yelled COWS when we saw cows.  We saw surprisingly few of them on this trip.

2 – Times Olivia asked for snacks.  The older she gets, the less she asks.

0 – Apples picked.  First mountain trip we’ve ever been on where we didn’t go apple picking.

94 – Gemstones that Jacob found when gem grubbing.  (He didn’t open his second bag like Olivia did, so that’s why his number is exponentially less than hers.)

226 – Gemstones that Olivia found when gem grubbing. 

8 – S’mores roasted and eaten over the fire pit.

1 – Hike that we went on while we were there.

319 – Feet gained on our hike.

2,861 – Max feet that we reached on our trip at the top of the mountain on our hike.

34 – Points Georgia scored to Auburn’s 10.  GO DAWGS!!!!

41 – Points Texas A&M scored to Alabama’s 38.  We’re still in shock that Bama lost!

1st – Place that our Georgia Bulldogs are in now that we won our sixth consecutive game and Bama lost!!!!

293 – Pictures taken on the trip.

37 – Videos taken on the trip.

44 – Stories uploaded to Instagram.  Follow along in the story highlight in my Instagram bio.

0 – Times we were asked if the kids were twins.  We hardly saw any people in the mountains on this trip, though!

0 – Times the GPS fell off of the dashboard… but that’s because we didn’t even bother to bring it this time.  ;o)

And that’s it, y’all!  Recaps should be up next week so stay tuned!

Happy Monday, y’all!

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  1. I can't wait to hear more about your trip!

  2. Sound like fun - minus the steep driveway and stairs! That's a lot of deer!

  3. We have dealt with steep driveways before and that is a little scary. But I am so glad you had fun and oh my goodness the deer!

  4. I always love the recap by the numbers - sounds like the recap of the trip is going to be great!! xo, Biana

  5. Super steep driveways freak me out. I remember looking at a house when we were in the market, and loved it, but passed because of the driveway. Olivia only asked for snacks twice?! I don't even want to know what that number would be if I kept track of my boys lol. I'm sorry your parents weren't able to make it. I hope they are feeling better!

  6. Sounds like a wonderful trip... other than the driveway! Glad Olivia's little bug turned out to be nothing.


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