Monday, February 7, 2022

Currently… February 2022

I’ve seen many people do these “currently” posts throughout the years, and I’ve always wanted to take part, but I rarely have room in my editorial calendar to get to everything that I want to, so stuff like this almost always gets pushed to the side.  January and February are usually pretty slow in the blog world since we’re coming off of the fourth quarter craziness, so I thought I’d carve out a day to do one of these just for fun! 

I’ve seen several different versions of the prompts, and today I’m using the one that Erika posted on her blog last week.  Here we go!

I’m currently…

Making: Disney dining reservations!!!!  Our window to book our dining reservations opened on February 2, so we sent all of our requests to our travel agent and she was able to book most of what we wanted.  We weren’t able to get our first choice at Hollywood Studios, so we’ll all be stalking the Disney app to see if anything opens at the restaurant we want.

Cooking: On the day I’m typing this, it’s going to be beef and rice skillet with peppers and a side of broccoli.  By the time you’re reading this, who knows?

Drinking: Aaaallll the water because I’m donating blood tomorrow!

Eating: Dark chocolate peanut M&M’s as I type this.

Reading: I just finished The Wish by Nicholas Sparks and I loved it SO much, y’all.  It might his best one since The Notebook.  Next up will most likely be The Midnight Library by Matt Haig.

Wanting: A money tree so I can knock out the rest of the projects around the house – painted cabinets and a new light fixture for the laundry room, a backsplash for the kitchen, a new shelving system for Jacob’s bedroom, updated light fixtures for the kitchen and dining room, some landscaping in the back yard, and a few other things.  We’ve lived in our home for 12 years, and it seems we’ve spent much of that time in transition and/or with unfinished spaces, and I’m just itching to get it all done.

Looking: For wall decor to hang in the kids’ bathroom.  We have just one wall that needs a little something, and I’m on the lookout for that perfect something.

Playing: Music from Encanto on repeat for the kids.  If I have to hear We Don’t Talk About Bruno one more time… hahahaha.

Wasting: This is a tough one… I’m not a big “waster.”  I’m all about time management, so I never waste time, and I meal plan religiously so we rarely waste food.  We also recycle every single thing that can possibly be recycled, and we try not to have too much “waste” in general, so I have no clue what I could be wasting right now.  I’m sure there has to be something, though… Brian might say “money” since he cares nothing about home décor and refreshing the kids’ bathroom.  Hahahaha.

Buying: Everything needed for the kids’ bathroom refresh as well as some stuff for our laundry room completion.

Sewing: Absolutely nothing.  I don’t sew and I never have, other than a button here and there.  Haha.

Wishing: That Covid would disappear in a puff of smoke so we could all get back to normal.  Isn’t that what everyone is wishing for these days?!

Loving: How much progress I’ve made on the house these last few weeks.  The majority of it is all cleaned out and organized, and I’ve started tackling lots of projects as well.  I’ll be posting an update soon, so be sure to check back!

Hoping: That baseball practice isn’t scheduled for seven days a week this season.  EEK!

Marveling: That my girl is going to be EIGHT in just a few short weeks.  How on earth can that be?!  She was just born yesterday, you know.

Needing: Hmmmm, there’s honestly not anything that I need.  Things that I want – plenty of stuff always.  But need?  No.  I have everything I need and I’m so grateful for that.  :o)

Smelling: The combination of lime and peppermint oil in my diffuser.  It is so good.  It’s fresh, crisp, and energizing, and gives me all the happy vibes.

Wearing: Leggings, a workout top, and a sweatshirt, and I’m all wrapped up in my favorite Sherpa blanket, too.

Praying: That we all stay well for our upcoming Disney trip and that we don’t have another major wave of ‘Rona just in time for our trip.  We’ve already decided we’re going regardless of the pandemic status since we’re all vaxxed, but we all, obviously, have to be in good health to go.

Noticing: That I now have FOUR grey hairs, y’all.  I’ve never had grey hairs in my whole life until last year, and now I have four sprouting up in the same spot.  Sigh.

Knowing: That it’s about to get crazy around here because baseball is officially underway! 

Thinking: That I desperately need to go get my hair highlighted and trimmed… this may be the longest I’ve ever gone in between visits!  And that’s saying a lot since there was a big gap in 2020 right after Covid started.

Opening: Lots of packages from Target!  We’ve been refreshing the kids’ bathroom, and about 99% of the stuff came from there.  Soooo many Target packages, y’all!

Giggling: These days I’m constantly giggling when overhearing conversations between Jacob and Olivia.  Jacob has recently started talking like the “tween” that he is, and Olivia has pretty much always talked like she’s 16-years old, so their convos have gotten quite interesting.  We’re hearing a lot of “sus” and “bruh” these days, y’all.  Hahahaha.

And that’s what’s been going on over here lately!  What about y’all?

Happy Monday!


  1. My gray hairs started about your age. You do get used to it but when my roots start to show, I kind of have a little panic attack! I’ve never had dark M&Ms, I want to try those. Have a great day sweetheart

  2. I have a bunch of grey hair. It stands out more when it's straightened! So the curls help I guess. Yes, I think we're all wishing for what you are!

  3. I feel like we have 3 songs from Encanto on repeat in this house LOL! I could also do with a money tree - wouldnt be too bad! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  4. That Nicholas Sparks book was SO good! I love seeing your house updates. We have some similar projects that we need to get back to after taking some time off for the holidays.

    1. Wasn't it great? And thanks! I'm so glad that you're enjoying the house updates. Thanks for following along!

  5. The grays are starting to peek out for me too. It happens to the best of us! Fingers crossed for no more 'rona and none to mess up your Disney trip! Oh, how I would love a money tree, lol!

  6. I was just thinking today that I'm pretty rare for my generation in that I do know how to sew (I made Alec a pillow out of one of his old favorite shirts!)

    1. Yes, I think it's pretty rare these days for someone as young as you to be as talented in the sewing department. I don't know anyone my age who can sew!

  7. Target has the best bed and bath knocked it out of the park with the kids' bathroom!

  8. Oh, I hope your Disney trip works out wonderfully for you! We used to go every other year and it is so fun to plan out the restaurants. I'm excited for our trip in June to San Diego and our day trip to Disneyland. There is a California Adventure park and I didn't realize this, but it is just a 10 minute walk from Disneyland. SO, of course we'll be checking out both parks. I have a good feeling your Disney trip will be just fine and that evil Covid will stay away! You are so good about using your diffuser! I want to look at some of my diffuser recipe cards and pick one out to diffuse this week.


  9. So glad y'all are going to Disney!! I like this line up of currently! I may do something like this since I stopped What's up Wednesday!

  10. So one of my daughters put that she wished covid didn't exist so she could see her friend's faces, go out more and go back to normal. That is what I want too. I want a money tree as well. We have projects and travel we want to do. When are you going to Disney?


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