Wednesday, February 16, 2022

House Cleanout and Projects - Mid-February Update

I’m nearly done with our house clean-out, and I’ve also been rocking the house projects lately, so I thought I’d share a little update today…

This is everything I’ve completed since my last update (post here in case you missed it) in mid-January…



Cleaned out all cabinets

Cleaned out all drawers

Cleaned out pantry

Cleaned out refrigerator

Cleaned out freezer

Cleaned out bar cart

Cleaned out kids’ art table, drawers, and baskets

Filed all kids’ artwork that we want to keep

Organized all of Olivia’s pens, markers, crayons, colored pencils, etc.

Added a tiered shelf to pantry for canned goods

Reorganized a couple of the “junk” drawers to make them more functional

Reorganized my cabinets that hold all of my holiday napkins, towels, and straws to make it more functional

Said Goodbye To:

All expired food

14 cups/thermoses/bottles

2 bowls

2 dish towels

2 pairs of sunglasses

Expired vitamins/old medications

Various boxes

Tons of broken pencils, crayons, etc.

A huge stack of old papers

1 medium-sized bag of trash


Pantry Before:

Pantry After:

Pantry Before I Added the Tiered Shelf:

Pantry After I Added the Tiered Shelf:

Refrigerator Before:

Refrigerator After:

Kids’ Art Drawer Before:

Kids’ Art Drawer After:

Olivia’s Art Box Before:

Olivia’s Art Box After:

Olivia’s Art Utensils Box Before:

Olivia’s Art Utensils Box After:

Front Room


Cleaned out game cabinet

Cleaned out table

Hung new artwork

Added new lamps

Added some decorative books


Said Goodbye To:

1 game

4 puzzles

8 decks of cards, most of which had cards missing

I forgot to take a picture of the games cabinet before…

Games Cabinet After:

Kids’ Bathroom


Cleaned out cabinets

Cleaned off shelves

Cleaned out shower

Scrubbed down all surfaces

Replaced old towels

Replaced shower curtain

Replaced shower curtain hooks

Replaced shower curtain liner

Replaced bathtub mat

Got new rugs

Bought new towel hooks (just need to get them installed)

Started browsing artwork to hang on wall


Said Goodbye To:

Old shower curtain

Old shower curtain liner

Old shower curtain hooks

Old bathtub mat

Old towels

Old wall art

Before and after pictures will be coming in a separate post once it’s all done!


Master Bedroom


Cleaned out dresser

Cleaned out under the bed

Cleaned out my nightstand

Organized my nightstand drawer to make it more functional

Made a designated spot in nightstand drawer for current book I’m reading


Said Goodbye To:

12 pairs of old undies

10 pairs of old socks

Expired medications

Small pile of trash

Not going to show y'all a picture of my underwear... hahahaha. 

And I didn’t take before or after pictures since nothing drastically changed.


My Office


Cleaned out file cabinet

Cleaned out desk

Cleaned out organizer cubes

Cleaned out table

Cleaned out bookcases

Cleaned out closet

Cleaned out craft table

Reorganized my planner shelf to make it more functional

Set up an essential oils station so I can see everything in have in one spot

Got pile of décor hung up where it belongs or put it in the décor box if we’re not using

Added a small glass bowl to my desk to wrangle chapstick, nail clippers, and other small items I use frequently when I’m working

Added a lotion with a hand pump for easy access while I work


Said Goodbye To:

6 books

1 diffuser

Pile of trash

Pile of recycling

A few other small odds and ends

Didn’t take before or after pictures since nothing drastically changed.


Living Room


Cleaned out entertainment center

Cleaned out DVD chest

Cleaned out coffee table

Cleaned out tables


Said Goodbye To:

Nothing, actually!  This room is functioning perfectly just the way it is!


Didn’t take before or after pictures since nothing really changed.


Laundry Room


Cleaned out cabinets

Bought new cabinet to increase storage

Put together new cabinet

Moved ironing board organizer to a different wall to make room for new cabinet

Stocked cabinet with cleaning rags and cleaners

Hung décor over new cabinet

Bought rug to cover the ugly drain on the floor and brighten up the room a bit

Planned out exactly what I want the ledge to look like over the washer and dryer

Planned out decorations for the ledge


Said Goodbye To:



Before and after pictures will be coming in a separate post once it’s all done, but here's a little sneak peek of some of the decor!

Downstairs Guest Bathroom


Cleaned out cabinet

Cleaned off shelves

Reorganized soaps

Stocked toilet paper and tissues


Said Goodbye To:



Didn’t take before or after pictures since nothing really changed.

And there ya have it!  Pretty good for just six weeks into the new year, right?  As always, you can follow along in real-time on Instagram stories!

Happy Wednesday, y’all!


  1. Wow, great job! I have a similar game cabinet but somehow the games we play most stay on shelves... I may need to do some reorganizing!

  2. I love seeing these updates because it gives me the motivation to do our own clean outs!! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  3. I need to do a major pantry makeover - this has inspired me!

  4. You have done a ton around your house so far. Great job!

  5. Nice work! It is so funny the difference in pantries and fridges between people with and without kids. Mine looks so different. You have multiple mac and cheese boxes, I have multiple flavored balsamic vinegars, lol!

  6. You are really takin' care of business! :)


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