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Five on Friday - Kids Bathroom Refresh Details

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Hey, y’all!  We’ve been working on the kids’ bathroom refresh, and I thought I’d share some of the details with you today since the actual room reveal is still a ways off while I find wall décor and finish up with a couple of other minor things in there. 

Both of our kids tend to lean into their gender stereotypes – Jacob tends to like stereotypical “boy” colors and “boy” stuff, whereas Olivia loves everything pink, sparkly, and “girly.”  Decorating a shared bathroom for two kids who couldn’t be more different was a bit of a challenge, but thanks to Target, we ended up finding stuff that everyone loved!  And no, this post isn’t sponsored by Target, but like pretty much everyone else, I LOOOOVE Target, and it’s always my first stop for all things home décor. 

Ready to see what we got?  And if you’ve been following along in my Instagram stories, you’ve probably already seen some of this, so just bear with me if you have…

O N E – Bath Mats

I’m always drawn to polka dots and stripes, so when I came across this set by Pillowfort, I couldn’t click on it fast enough.  The set comes in blue and white (and this shade of blue is just perfection), and it also comes in pink and white (swoooon).  I knew Jacob wouldn’t be accepting of anything pink, but Olivia happens to love blue in addition to pink, so I thought it’d be perfect. 

The rugby striped towels (below) provide just the right amount of boy-ishness and the polka dots on this bath mat provide a touch of femininity, so I thought it was the perfect combo for a boy/girl shared bathroom.   

All of the items in this set are priced great, and the quality is awesome.  These bathmats are large, they’re very plush and thick, and they’re soooo soft.  The kids have never had an actual bath mat in their bathroom (they’ve always used a small towel), so they are both stoked.  Life’s little pleasures, right?


T W O – Towels

The bath towels that come in the set are standard in size, they’re very well-made, and they’re suuuuper soft.  The best part, though?  They have built-in hanging loops on the sides for easy hanging!!!!  Y’all, is this not genius?!  Our kids have always struggled with/hated hanging their towels over the bar, and most of the time Olivia gives up and throws hers on the floor (LOL).  And I don’t even want to talk about how many times they’ve ripped the towel bar down in the process, so this is going to solve all of those problems! 

The kids started using the new towels this week, and the first time Jacob used his he said, “Mommy, I don’t like the new towels.”  I was so disappointed, and also a bit shocked because – whyyyy?, but then he said, “I don’t like them, I LOVE them!!!!”  Hahahaha.  Olivia then raved about them after her shower as well.

So, they are definitely kid approved.  But I mean, our kids were using scratchy, beaten up, 16-year old towels prior to this, so I can’t imagine these new towels wouldn’t be better than those?!  Hahahaha.

Anyway, I bought four bath towels for the kids to rotate in and out, and I also bought a couple of matching hand towels, plus this set of matching washcloths as well.  I love how the washcloth set has several different shades of blue to add a little bit of interest to the color palette in the room.


T H R E E – Shower Curtain

Since the bath mats and towels are so “busy,” I chose a plain white shower curtain so things didn’t get too overwhelming in there.  We have this macramé fringe shower curtain in our guest bathroom downstairs, and it is simply gorgeous, so I bought the same one for their bathroom as well, and it looks perfect with the other items we chose.  Hopefully, I won’t regret buying something white, though… I mean, with two messy kids, it was probably a dumb idea.  I guess we shall see!  Haha.


F O U R – Accessories

In addition to those items, the kids needed new shower curtain hooks as the ones we had prior to this matched the old set and didn’t go with this new stuff at all.  I chose these simple chrome hooks… no need for anything fancy!

I also picked up a new shower curtain liner.  I always buy this plastic one from Target.  It’s only $2.99, and I just replace it when the old one gets gross… usually about once a year!

The kids were also in need of a new rubber shower mat as theirs was getting gross, too.  Again, I always buy this $6 mat from Target, and I just toss it when the old one gets gross.  I’ve tried cleaning them, and that works for a while, but eventually, it gets permanently stained and you pretty much have to toss it or have a dirty-looking tub.  I typically replace this about once every 1-2 years depending on how much I clean it throughout the year.  I wish we didn’t have to deal with them at all, but the kids’ tub/shower is super slippery without it, so it’s not an option to go without one.  We don’t need any accidents!

For the last accessory, I picked up these wall hooks for the towels.  We currently have a towel bar in there, but since the towels have loops for hanging, I want to install hooks instead.  I’m hoping to put up a painted board across the wall and install the hooks on that to give it a more decorative, finished look.  I bought two hooks, one for each of the kids’ towels, and then a third to hold the hand towel by the sink.


F I V E – Wall Décor

And now for the fun part – the décor!!!!  Three walls are already complete, so we really only have one wall that needs something.  The wall that holds the kids’ towels will have the painted board with hooks holding the towels, and over each kid’s towel is a framed picture of them at the beach.  We initially did this so they could easily keep track their own towel spot.  I still love the pictures there, so there’s no need to replace them.

The wall over the toilet has three shelves over it, and those hold the extra towels, hand towels, and washcloths.  The top shelf, however, is empty, so I’ll probably find some little knickknacks from around the house to put on that.  I also love this little sign from Target.  I think it would be cute propped up on the top shelf, but we’ll see.

The side wall on the left side of the sinks will hold a hook and a hand towel, so that just leaves the side wall on the right side of the sinks.
  That’s the first wall that you see when you walk in the bathroom, so I’m hoping to find something cute to put there.  The kids really liked this Brush Your Teeth sign and this Wash Your Hands sign from Target, and it actually matches all of the stuff perfectly, so we’ll likely use those.

I also love this sign from Etsy because – 90’s kid, y’all!!!!


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  1. Oh baby Yoda! Great funnies. What fabulous finds for the refresh. Love the navy and white.

  2. We have a boy and girl shared bathroom too. It started out with a rubber ducky theme and then they outgrew that so we now have a world travel type theme with a map shower curtain and a Paris painting hanging up.

  3. Love you what have for the bathroom. And that bathmat is adorable. Too bad I don't need one right now.

  4. I saw your refresh on IG and I loved it. I need some new towels and bath mats for the bathroom I share with the girls. It is the bigger bathroom so we get ready in there.

  5. Love the choices you made! When the kids were little (actually through junior high), they shared a bath that had a bright blue/beach theme. And YES to the hooks. We changed out the bars for hooks in 2014 and never looked back. So much easier. have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Much easier designing a bathroom for all boys! LOL. We have a total blue, white, and teal theme going on in ours. Those signs are so cute.

  7. I love all the things you chose! Target is the best! Lol to that last one, so true! Have a fab weekend!


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