Monday, February 21, 2022

This is Eight… Olivia’s Birthday Interview

My jolly gal is going to be EIGHT on Friday, y’all.  The baby of our family is going to be eight.  I can hardly wrap my mind around that… probably because it truly seems like it was just yesterday that she was born.  Don’t blink, y’all.  Don’t blink.

As usual, I recently interviewed her to ask her the same questions that I ask her every year right before her birthday, and I just love to see how her answers change as she grows.  Here’s what she had to say this year, and as always, my commentary is in parentheses.

1.    What is your favorite toy?  “Hmmmm… Barbie Dreamhouse!!”

2.    What is your favorite stuffed animal?  “Sheepie, Beary, and Pancake.”  (Sheepie will always and forever be her fave.)

3.    What is your favorite game?  “Let’s see… Clue.”  (She was introduced to Clue by her cousins this past Christmas and she loves it.)

4.    What is your favorite sport?  “Singing and dance!”  (She’s referring to ballet, tap, jazz, and lyrical, and she’s going to start taking singing lessons this summer so that’s what she means by singing.)

5.    What is your favorite book?  “That’s a hard one… I don’t know.”  Me: “So you don’t have a favorite book?”  Olivia: “No.  Except I do like a book called Bats.  It’s in our classroom library.” 

6.    What is your favorite TV show?  “Gabby’s Dollhouse and Bluey.”  (Gabby’s Dollhouse two years in a row!)

7.    What is your favorite movie?  “That’s hard.  Encanto and Ice Age.”

8.    What is your favorite song?  “Mmmm, We Don’t Talk About Bruno.”

9.    What is your favorite band or singer?  “Favorite band or singer… for singer I would probably say Taylor Swift and then band, I don’t know.”  (Two years in a row for T. Swift!) 

10. What is your favorite holiday?  “CHRISTMAS.  That’s an easy one.”

11. What is your favorite season?  “Winter because Christmas is in winter.  And my birthday.”  (She said winter last year as well, and she also said last year that it was because of Christmas being during winter.)

12. What is your favorite color?  “Blue.  And then pink.  And then purple.”  (For the first time ever in her life, pink has been bumped out of the top spot!)

13. What is your favorite animal?  “Hmmmm… dogs, cats, kangaroos, and giraffes.  Kind of a weird combination.”  (Lol.  She randomly said kangaroos last year, too, yet she never ever mentions a kangaroo.)

14. What is your favorite shirt?  “Hmmmm… my favorite dress was that yellow one that we sold and it had the ruffles for the sleeves.”  Me: “The one that looked like the Belle dress?”  Olivia: “No.  It had ruffles and there was this fancy part on both of the sleeves and the ruffles were there.”  Me: <Describes the dress I’m thinking of.>  Olivia: “Yes, that’s the one.”  Me: “Yep, that’s what I meant by the Belle dress.”  (She was referring to a dress that I got at Old Navy years ago when she was tiny, and it looked like a Belle from Beauty and the Beast dress.  She did love that dress, but it’s funny that she chose that one because there are others that I would have thought she would have chosen over that one.)

15. What is your favorite fruit?  “Raspberries and pineapples.”  (Yep, these are pretty much the only two fruits she will eat.)

16. What is your favorite vegetable?  “Broccolli and green beans.” 

17. What is your favorite snack?  “Um, one time you let us have, like, Ring Pops, and my favorite thing was Ring Pops, fruit snacks, and Oreos.”  (Just for the record, the kids don’t ever eat those for a snack.  Lol.)  Olivia: “And the s’more bars.”  (She’s referring to the Quaker Chewy granola bars in s’mores flavor, and yes, they do, indeed, eat those for a snack.)

18. What is your favorite treat?  “Bubblegum.”  (This is the fourth year in a row that she’s said gum.  Haha.  She looooves her gum.)

19. What is your favorite drink?  “Water.  That one’s easy.”  (She still literally drinks not a single thing but water.  No juice.  No soda.  No milk.  Not even chocolate milk.  She only wants water.)

20. What is your favorite thing to eat for dinner?  “Hot dogs and mac and cheese.”  (She didn’t even hesitate with this one, and she’s referring to the Kraft mac and cheese… nothing fancy.  Haha.)

21. What is your favorite restaurant?  “Mmmm, <says the name of our favorite pub down the street from our church.>  Me: “And why is that your favorite?”  Olivia: “Because they have PB&J and they have games inside it… a game room.”

22. Who is your best friend?  “Aubrey and Rebecca and Savannah and Eleanor.”

23. What makes you feel happy?  “Ummmm, makes me feel happy… going to Disney World!  Or on any vacation.”

24. What makes you feel sad?  “Mmmm, maybe… my friends not getting along with me and when I get in trouble?”   

25. What are you afraid of?  “Ghosts.”

26. What are you thankful for?  “Ummmm, my family and all my toys and, maybe uh, all my grandparents and cousins and my whole entire family.  And I’m thankful for my house and what all the stuff I can do.  And I’m thankful for us to win the national championship game!”  (BAHAHAHA.  That’s my girl!  Go Dawgs!) 

27. What are you really good at?  “Singing and backbends and basketball.  Dance.  I almost forgot about dance.  And I think that’s all.  Oh, I’m good at writing!  I’m not really good at playing by myself, though.”  (Lol.  She is correct about that… she’s definitely not good at having alone time.)

28. What is your best memory?  “When I was a baby and going to see Disney World.  And how me and Jacob get along so well.”  (She had just turned four when we went to Disney, so she wasn’t actually a baby, so I think she remembers some of the trip.)

29. What do you want to be when you grow up?  “Singer, dancer, Broadway play-er and I want to be on America’s Got Talent.  I could actually go on America’s Got Talent Right now because I know the whole song We Don’t Talk About Bruno, and I could sing that.  Well, I can’t go right this second because I have Covid.”  (The AGT thing is news to me!  I don’t think she’s ever mentioned that before.  And I’m a little sad because for the last three years she always said “Elsa” and “dancer” so this was the first year she didn’t mention either.  And LOL to that last part about Covid.  She does currently have Covid as I’m interviewing her.)

30. If you could have one wish, what would it be?  “One?!  Hmmmm… I know!  To be as pretty as I could possibly be!  I don’t know why, but I just want to!  OR TO FLY!  I want to fly, too!  Like without an airplane and stuff… like a bird!”  (To be as pretty as I could possibly be??  That was random.  Do we need to be worried?  LOL.)

Happy almost eighth birthday to my favorite little girl!  Never a dull moment with you!

Happy Monday, y’all!


  1. How is she almost 8?!? These interview questions are the best! I guess we should turn on Gabby’s Dollhouse!

  2. I feel like I was just commenting on her interview last year!!

  3. What a sweet girl!! 8 is great :) My favorite movie right now is encanto too! xo, Biana

  4. She is so funny! 8 is such a great age, still a kid, but not a tween yet! Vacation makes me happy too!

  5. These are so cute. I love that she loves mac n cheese and hot dogs. I loved that as a kid too. I wanted to be a singer and dancer too. So fun to read these. And pink isn't in the top of the colors now. My girls LOVE those colors too.


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