Monday, August 29, 2016

The One with All the Birthday Parties

This weekend will go down as the weekend with the most birthday parties ever...  one for Jacob’s friend from his old school Sunday afternoon, one for Jacob’s friend from his current school Saturday evening, and one for my uncle’s girlfriend Sunday evening at my parents’ house.  And Jacob was actually invited to another one Sunday afternoon, but we had lunch with B’s fam, so we didn’t go to that one.  It is pure craziness when you have a kid in school… lots and lots of parties to attend!

We somehow managed to squeeze in lots of family time in between parties and get a few things done around the house, so that’s what I call a pretty ol’ good weekend. 

Friday evening J and I picked up pizza from Domino’s on the way home.  The kids love the Cinnastix and we hadn’t had them in forever, so we decided to treat them since they had both had good weeks at school.  And since we didn’t go anywhere out to eat, we had enough time after dinner to watch a movie.  We watched Home and it was really cute.  Not one of my faves, but definitely worth watching.  I snapped this picture halfway through the movie… be still my heart.  I know my days of Jacob wanting to hold my hand are numbered, so I’m cherishing every single second of the times that he does.

B and I got the kids in the bed and watched three episodes of FNL before calling it a night.

Saturday B had to get Maui to the groomer by 7:30, so he stopped by Krispy Kreme and Starbucks for a Saturday morning treat.  We spent the morning hanging out and being lazy… I got a few things cleaned up around the house and the kids played in their “fort”… under the dining room table.  They like to take lanterns under there and play.  So cute!

B picked up Maui from the groomer just before lunch and she is now all nice and clean and snuggly again.  They put a bow around her neck and I had to snap a picture because she looked like she wanted to punch me for leaving it on her that long.  Lol.

We all had sandwiches at home for lunch, and then Jacob and I ventured out for the first of his two birthday parties for the day. 

The first was at a local gymnastics place and the kids had a blast tumbling, jumping in the foam pit, walking the balance beam, and jumping on the trampolines.  This party was for Jacob’s friend Caitlin whom he went to school with from the age of 6ish months until we moved him to his new school last year for Pre-K4.  In their infant class they were always the first two there every morning and they would always sit side by side in their high chairs and eat bananas together.  He and Caitlin were inseparable during their almost 4 years together and they were ecstatic to see each other.  Jacob had been counting down the days (literally) every single morning this past week leading up to seeing his “Cait-Cait” and Caitlin’s parents and grandparents told us that they had heard nothing but “Jacob this, Jacob that” for the last couple of weeks as well.  Those sweet babies.  <3  Her parents and Brian and I have already arranged their marriage.  Hehe.  And I hate that I didn’t get a picture of the two of them together.  :o(  She's the one sitting on the purple mat in the top left corner of the photo below.

After party numero uno, we had just enough time to run home, change J into his bathing suit, grab a towel, and head out for party numero dos.  This party was for his current teacher’s son David, who is also in kindergarten at his school.  They had invited both kindergarten classes as well as many other people from the school so there were a ton of people everywhere.  There was an inflatable water slide, a playground, and one of those little plastic toddler “roller coasters” (which J spent most of his time on) and the kids all had a blast, while the adults conversed.  Half of the people there were old friends and classmates of mine from high school who now also have their kids at the school… it’s always wild seeing all of our kids play together knowing that we were all walking the halls at the same school together just a mere sixteen years ago.  Yikes, sixteen years ago… not so “mere” after all, I guess.

I was a horrible blogger this weekend because I barely took any pictures.  Only got this one from the second party.  #Woops 

Jacob was completely exhausted after that party, so he and I picked up Bojangles and took it home to B and Olivia, we all ate dinner, bathed the kids, and put them to bed promptly at 8 PM.  B and I then had three whole hours all to ourselves so we watched a few more episodes of Friday Night Lights, and y’all will be proud of me, because halfway through season two, I’m finally starting to understand the appeal for Tim Riggins.  #IveNeverLikedBadBoys #ButImStartingToLikeThisOne

Sunday morning was lazy and slow, just how I like it.  We ate leftover donuts, watched Chicken Little, painted Olivia’s nails, and played on the floor… Jacob with his Legos and Olivia with her girly Hotwheels.  She had Jacob round up all of her pink and purple ones and she made us some Hotwheels soup.  Keeping it girly!  Haha.  I finally gave in and started burning one of my fall candles and I even put Maui’s candy corn collar on.  Tis the season!

Sunday afternoon we had lunch at B’s momma’s and we got to visit with his aunt and uncle who are on their way back home from Minnesota.  They always spend summers in Minnesota (where they’re originally from) and they travel back down to their current home in Florida for the rest of the year.  They always stop by to visit on the way back so we get to spend some time with them.  It’s always so nice to hear about their summer adventures!

Sunday evening we had our usual family dinner at my parents’ house and we celebrated my uncle’s girlfriend for her birthday with vegetable lasagna, squash, salad, and bread and a chocolate peanut butter cake.  So.  Much.  Food.  After dinner my mom busted out my little brother's old Sit N Spin (anybody remember those?!) and the kids had a blast!  I even joined in on the fun... please don't make fun of my crazy eyes in this picture.  Haha.

Wearing my mom's apron... the sweetest!!
It was another wonderful weekend… now we’re just counting down the days to next weekend… did someone say three day weekend and college football?!  Yes, yes they did!  Amen.

And one more thing before I go... yesterday was B's and my 13 year dating anniversary, so shout out to my baby daddy!  Love you, Boo! 

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  1. Holy weekend friend! I can imagine by last night everyone was just pooped. Jacob had a pretty amazing SAturday with both of those parties. So fun! I'm glad you guys had some family time and could enjoy. Have a great week.

  2. What weekend! Even with all the birthday parties, it does sound like you were able to relax and enjoy lots of time together! Your family dinners on Sunday night always sound so delicious!

  3. I'm exhausted just reading your weekend. ha! Those donuts look amazing! A Dunkin Donuts in coming to the next town {about 8 minutes} rather than the 20ish that we have to drive now!

  4. Oh my gosh you guys were busy!! Glad everyone had fun at the parties though! And the sit and spins were the BEST! I'd forgotten about those!

  5. Girl, I hear ya on the birthday parties once your kid is in school! Brayden gets invited to one every other day it seems! LOL Your weekend sounds busy but so fun too! Ella is the same way with the hot wheel cars ha ha!

  6. Sounds like our kind of weekends! We have a HUGE family and there is always a party of some sort to attend. Last weekend we had 3. The hand holding picture – so sweet! I love the picture of Maui and her bow! Too cute. Looks like you guys had a great weekend!

  7. You guys were social butterflies this weekend!! Loving that donut photo - yes to donuts no matter what day of the week it is!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  8. Oh man, I never considered all the birthdays once Henry is in school! I better start looking for deals on toys! Happy you made it through a busy-birthday-filled weekend! Looks like you all had a great time! Oh and you and Jacob holding hands...oh my heart, so precious!

  9. Sounds like a great weekend. You had so many birthdays this weekend. So much fun though. I love the sit and spins. Brings back memories. Hope you have a great week. Yes to college football (we have our first game Friday) and three day weekends!

  10. What a fun weekend, I'm tired just from reading about it. So many great pictures, I use to love sit and spins. Love the picture of you and Jacob holding hands, so adorable.

  11. Jacob might have a busier social calendar than I do! I love the sit and spin pics too, I definitely had one when I was little

  12. Such a busy weekend! I have wanted a donut ever since I saw that photo on IG Saturday morning lol. I am totally not beyond wrapping my crazy long legs around a sit n' spin either. So I kind of adore you for that photo.

  13. You go girl...two Birthday parties and still lots of fun and family time! I'm impressed. Also, happy date anniversary ;) Yay for the upcoming three day weekend!

  14. omg that pic of you on the spin thing is awesome!!!!
    There's a Home series on Netflix Annabelle is OBSESSED with!

  15. There's so much to comment on this, I don't even know where to start! First off, I think you & I are living parallel lives, right down to the dining room table forts! Every time I read your posts I find myself saying "Me too!" the whole way through!
    I'm so glad you're starting to see Riggin's appeal. I've never liked bad boys either and I really never like long hair, but, that guy changed my mind!! My husband and I saw Buddy Garity at Buca Di Beppo & I just about came unglued. My husband wouldn't let me bother him though...ugh, men!
    Maui is so cute! I adore the candy corn collar!
    Have a great week, Lindsay!!


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