Thursday, October 20, 2022

Candy Corn Fruit Skewers

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If you’re looking for a fun and festive and EASY snack for your Halloween party or Halloween dinner, I have you covered!  I came up with this idea recently when I was brainstorming potential Halloween snack ideas, and after searching the internet high and low I couldn’t find anything like it anywhere!  It’s so hard to be original these days with blogs and Pinterest and social media, so I’m excited to share these today!      

How stinking cute are these candy corn fruit skewers?!  Y’all, they were the absolute easiest things to throw together and we already had all of the ingredients at our house.  I also love that they’re healthy for the most part, but that they do have that one little pop of sweetness on the top.  It’s the perfect balance.

Use It

Pineapple corer (we have this one)

Toothpicks (you could use plain ones or even fun Halloween ones)


Buy It

Pineapple (we always purchase them whole and slice our own)

Mandarin oranges (we love Cuties, but you could also use pre-packaged)

Mini marshmallows


Make It

1.    Cut the top off of your pineapple.

2.    Use the pineapple corer to extract the pineapple.  This will create a big tower of rings.

3.    Using a knife, slice each ring into quarters to make 2-inch wide slices as seen in the pictures.

4.    Peel your oranges.

5.    Load one slice of pineapple onto a toothpick.

6.    Load one slice of orange onto a toothpick right above the pineapple.

7.    Top with a mini marshmallow.

You’re done!  So easy, right?  Brian and I purchased this pineapple corer years ago, and we haven’t bought pre-sliced or canned pineapple since then.  You can buy an entire pineapple for just $2.99, and it only takes about one minute to core it and slice it.  It’s one of our favorite kitchen gadgets ever and it has saved us a ton of money!  Have you ever priced pre-cut pineapple?!  OMG. 

Anyway, these little candy corn fruit skewers were cheap and easy to make… you could even put your kids to work making these!  Just remind them to be careful with the toothpicks.  ;o)

If you make these and share them on Instagram, I would love to see them!  Be sure to tag me @lindsayssweetworld!   

Happy snack-making, y’all! 


  1. These are so cute! They also kind of look like hula dancers.

  2. How adorable are these? I love them! Great job, friend!

  3. I saw these on your Instagram and went crazy. LOVE THEM.

  4. I still am just so in love with these. Such a clever idea!


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