Thursday, October 27, 2022

Easy Chocolate Ghost Cupcake Toppers

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I’ve been seeing these adorable ghosts all over social media, and I wanted to try my hand at them.  It turns out that they’re super easy to make, and they’re tasty, too.  You could make a batch of these little guys and put them on any treat to make them instantly festive for Halloween.  I decided to add mine to some cupcakes, and they make the absolute cutest little cupcake toppers! 

The best part about the recipe is that you can make the ghosts any color you want!  All you need is a little bit of food coloring.

Use It

Parchment Paper (we use this brand)

Cheese Spreader (these are great!)


Buy It

White Melting Chocolates (I used these)

Food Coloring (whatever color you want the ghosts to be... I used these)

Black Writing Gel or Frosting (I used this)


Make It

1.    Add melting chocolates to a bowl.  I used about 1/4 cup, and it made seven ghosts.

2.    Heat melting chocolates in the microwave for 30 seconds.  Stir.  Add back to the microwave until chocolates are completely melted.  Remove and stir again. 

3.    Add one drop of food coloring to your melted chocolate and stir.  To make pink, I used one single drop of red food coloring, but you can add additional drops of color until the desired color is reached.  Trust me, though, a little bit of food coloring goes a LONG way.

4.    Spoon melted chocolate onto parchment paper.

5.    Using the cheese spreader, smear the chocolate down into a ghost shape.

6.    Repeat steps four and five for however many ghosts as you need.

7.    Wait for chocolate to harden.  It only took about 15 minutes to harden while sitting on my countertop, but you could put them in the refrigerator to cool and harden them faster.

8.    Using writing gel or writing frosting, draw faces on each of the ghosts.

You can then peel the ghosts right off of the parchment paper.  They come off so easily, and once hardened, they’re sturdy enough to use for all kinds of things… like my cute little cupcake toppers!  They would also be cute on brownies, on a cake, on a dessert or charcuterie board, or even on a plate all by themselves!  The possibilities are endless!

If you make these, I would love to see them!  Be sure to tag me @lindsayssweetworld on Instagram!  


  1. That does sound super easy and they are so cute!

  2. Adorable! You could do other designs for different holidays too! Super cute.

    1. Yes, totally! I'm sure I'll try a Christmas tree or something similar for Christmas!

  3. So darn cute - loving your festive holiday ideas!

  4. Love, love, love! Pinning these for next year!


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