Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Halloween Home Tour 2022

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I shared our fall home tour last month, and today I’m sharing an update since we added all of our Halloween décor to the mix this past week!

For the front porch, I swapped the fall leaf wreath for a Halloween wreath, and then I added a tower of Jack ‘o’ lanterns as well as some black and white striped pumpkins to our existing pile of pumpkins.  We also added our first ever Halloween inflatable to the front yard!!  The kids were so excited!  They love an inflatable.

On the mantle, I added some bats, ghosts and cobwebs, and I think everything looks so great with my beloved battery-operated candles!!  Those candles just hit different during creepy season!

I also traded the orange pumpkin for a black one on our DVD dresser, and I added a couple of spooky trees. 

I added some skulls to the entertainment center, some black pumpkins to our pumpkin patch to give it a Halloween vibe, and I also added a little skeleton to the coffee table.  I missed these little guys all year!

My tiered tray in the kitchen remains the same, but I did add a few Halloween touches to the tray on the island, the countertop, and bar cart.  How dang cute are these little bat and ghost guys?!  They were only $5 each from the Target dollar spot and they light up!

Finally, the coffee bar – I put up some of the fall mugs and pulled out the Halloween ones!  So fun!

And that’s it, y’all!  I’ve never been one to decorate much for Halloween aside from a couple of touches here and there, but these last few years I’ve started slowly building my collection of Halloween décor per the kids’ request.  Next year on the list is another yard inflatable!  Haha!
And that wraps up the tour!  As always, I’ll link as many items as I can below. 


Front Porch

DVD Chest
Chest of Drawers
Black Bottlebrush Trees (old from At Home Store)
Ceramic Ghosts (old from Walmart)

Books in Seasonal Book Crate (Not Pictured)
Ghost (Target Dollar Spot, not sold online)
Bat (Target Dollar Spot, not sold online)

Buffet Table
Tiered Tray
Kate Spade Black Dot Bowls
Brew (book)
Eat Beautiful (book)
And if you missed any of my previous fall home tours, you can find them below. 

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Every year I say that I am going to decorate for Halloween and I never do! Lol! I need to get more Hallow decor, that's for sure! All of yours is so cute! I love all of the black and white with the pops of rich color!

  2. I always, ALWAYS, love your holiday home tours!!!


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