Friday, October 28, 2022

Five on Friday - Charcuterie Christmas Ornament, Girls Jean Jacket, and a Puzzle Update

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Happy Friday, y’all!  We have a super fun weekend on deck, and I’m excited to soak it all up!  We have the homecoming alumni social and football game at my alma mater/the kids’ current school tonight, then we’ll be watching the Georgia/Florida game on TV tomorrow, and then we have aaaallll of the fun Halloween festivities on Monday!  Then on Monday at the stroke of midnight, I’ll be flipping the switch to all things Christmas!!!!  Woooo hoooo!!!!  Just over here living my best September – December life!  These are truly the best four months of the whole year!

Ready for some favorites from the week?

O N E – Charcuterie Ornament

As you all know, I put up a rainbow Christmas tree in my office every year, and I started filling it with ornaments of my favorite things a couple of years ago.  Well, we all know that charcuterie boards are one of my most favorite things, so I obviously need a charcuterie board ornament to go on my tree one day.  I was hoping that Target would have something this year since they have so many unique ornaments, but sadly, I have yet to see a charcuterie board ornament there. 

When I can’t find what I’m looking for, I always turn to Etsy because they never let me down!  You can literally find anything on there.  Sure enough, I hit the jackpot, and y’all, just look at these charcuterie board ornaments!  This one is probably my favorite, and I also love this one and this one.  I’ve already purchased my ornament for 2022, so I’ll be saving these in my favorites to purchase next year.  Just thought I’d share the idea, though, in case you know somebody who needs a charcuterie board ornament, too.  ;o)


T W O – Jean Jacket

We’ve been in search of a jean jacket for Olivia since she outgrew her old one.  I purchased one on Amazon Prime Day, and it’s really nice – the quality is excellent, and the fit is great – but it’s made from traditional denim that has zero stretch and it’s not very soft.  Olivia is soooo picky when it comes to what she wears.  She doesn’t like anything rough or itchy or scratchy and she doesn’t like anything that feels tight or binding. 

Since she wasn’t 100% sold on the jean jacket from Amazon, I turned to Target, and I found this darling Cat & Jack jean jacket.  It is soooo soft, y’all, and it’s stretchy, too.  Plus, the fit and quality are excellent.  I highly, highly recommend this jean jacket if you have a child with sensory issues.  As a matter of fact, I love it so much I’m considering buying one in an XL for myself because it’s much more comfortable than the one I have!  Haha. 


T H R E E – Fall Puzzle

Well, we did it y’all, we tossed the Friends puzzle.  We had completed about 80% of it when we realized that there were several pieces missing.  Sigh.  Half of the remaining pieces weren’t fitting anywhere either.  That puzzle was difficult from the start because it wasn’t cut well, so multiple pieces look like they fit in the same spot, and it has just been a big pain in the butt for the last few months.  I’m not normally a quitter, and I do love a challenging puzzle, but this one was just frustrating and terribly made.  We finally made the decision to toss it on Monday evening, and I cannot tell you how much JOY that has brought me.  Hahahaha.  Peace out! 

We also started our new fall puzzle, and I’m in loooove, y’all.  What a fun one to put together this time of year!  And the best part?  This puzzle is well-made and all of the pieces fit together as they should so there’s no question whatsoever what goes where!


F O U R – Taylor Swift’s New Album

I’ve been listening to Taylor’s new album on repeat since it came out, and I’m loving it!  While I don’t think it’s as good as Folklore (I don’t think she’ll ever top that album – seriously one of the best albums of all time), I am LOVING it so much.  My favorite songs on the album so far – Midnight Rain, Maroon, Anti-Hero, and Lavender Haze.  But my very very favorite song on the whole album is Bigger Than the Whole Sky which is only on the 3 AM edition (it's a bonus track).  Have y'all heard it yet?  Oh my word, make sure you have tissues on hand when you listen for the first time, especially if you've ever experienced a pregnancy loss or the loss of a loved one.  I also really love Would've, Could've, Should've, which is another bonus track.  That one goes along with the theme of the Folklore album, so that one would have been great on that album. 

I always love having new music to listen to, and this album has definitely been a favorite this week.  I’m crossing my fingers that maybe, just maybe, she’ll tour in 2023.  I could use some more live music in my life!  It’s my favorite thing on earth!  If you haven’t picked up the album yet, be sure to grab the 3 AM version with all of the bonus tracks!


F I V E – Christmas Music

And for my last favorite from the week, y’all, can I just say that I am absolutely THRILLED that this is the last Friday of the whole year that I’ll be without my beloved Christmas music?!  That’s right, starting Tuesday, November 1, I’ll be Falalalala-ing from now until Christmas!!!!  Christmas music is one of my most favorite things in the whole world, so I absolutely cannot wait!  Give me all the warm and fuzzy vibes. 

If you’re like me and you’ll be getting in the spirit on Tuesday, too, check out this old post from 2015 that I did… it’s my ultimate Christmas playlist!  Things have changed a bit since then as there have been many new Christmas albums released that we love, but this is a good place to start.  And maybe I’ll do an updated Christmas playlist soon!


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Happy Friday, y’all!

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  1. I loved your lil pink ghosts. And give me that charcuterie right now. Oh sooooo CUTE!

  2. What a cute ornament! I'm happy for you that Christmas music brings you so much joy!

  3. The ornament is so cute! And Taylor's new album sounds really good!

  4. Those funnies are 100% true, haha! Hope you're having the best weekend!

  5. Ahhhhhhhh those little pink ghosts! Those are the cutest!!! That charcuterie board ornament is the absolute best! Perfect find!


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