Monday, October 10, 2022

Our 2022 Mountain Trip by the Numbers

We just got back from a trip to the mountains, and as always, I’m recapping it by the numbers today!

46 – The lowest temp while we were there.  That’s 11 degrees cooler than last year’s low!

78 – The highest temp while we were there.  That’s 3 degrees higher than last year’s high.

0 – Trader Joe’s pit stops made on the way to the mountain house.  We tried to go to one, but our GPS is a liar because it took us to some warehouse that had nothing to do with Trader Joe’s.  Lol.

14 – Adult beverages consumed.  Please keep in mind that my parents joined us this year and all of these numbers reflect their consumption as well.  Hahahaha.

1 – Bottle of wine consumed at the winery.  This bottle is also included in the total above.

1 – Bottle of wine purchased at the winery to bring home.

18 – Donuts consumed. 

13 – Ice creams consumed.

1 – Night that the adults skipped dessert. 

4 – Meals eaten out at restaurants. 

1 – Hike that we went on while we were there.

310 – Steps leading down into Tallulah Gorge that we descended and ascended. 

1.23 – Miles hiked in Tallulah Gorge.

1,560 – Max feet that we reached on the trip.

276 – Feet gained in elevation on our hike.

2 – Deer that we saw while driving.

1 – Racoon that we saw while driving.

6 – Times a squirrel tried to run out in front of our car. 

6 – Squirrels that made it across safely after running out in front of our car.  ;o)

16 – Times somebody yelled COWS when we saw cows.

7 – Times Olivia asked for snacks.  Although, I’m pretty sure I forgot to count a few of them.

0 – Apples picked.  We didn’t even try this time since apples have been scarce the last few years we’ve gone.

0 – Gemstones grubbed.  The place we always go has stopped offering gem grubbing, so we didn’t go at all this year.

4 – S’mores roasted and eaten over the fire pit. 

Lots more – Marshmallows roasted to eat without the graham crackers and Hershey bars.

42 – Points Georgia scored to Auburn’s 10.  GO DAWGS!!!!

1st – Place that our Georgia Bulldogs are in now after our win and Bama’s struggle against Texas A&M.

282 – Pictures taken on the trip.

1 – Picture that we got of all six of us... and the lady who took it accidentally took a video so I had to screenshot the video to have the picture.  So it's dark and grainy and Olivia isn't even looking at the camera.  <Forehead slap!>

82 – Videos taken on the trip.

54 – Stories uploaded to Instagram.  Follow along in the story highlight in my bio.

0 – Times we were asked if the kids were twins

1 – TikTok that Olivia was in… her first one!

1 – Time that we almost burned the mountain house down.  But seriously…

Yep, I’m leaving y’all with that!  I’ll be back tomorrow with some other content and then the mountain trip recaps will begin next week to include the details about the fire.  EEKS.

Happy Monday, y’all! 


  1. Cant wait to hear more!! I love that you know how many adult bevies were consumed LOL!

  2. I always love posts by numbers!! I will have to go find you on Tik Tok! Also, I can't wait to hear about almost burning the mountain house down!!!

  3. I love it! I am on TikTok also, I will have to find you there I like it so much better than Instagram. I knew there would be donuts involved on this trip, lol!

  4. Your trip looks so relaxing! What a great tradition!

  5. To be honest, I wouldn't have judged those alcoholic drinks had they been just you and Brian. LOL! Also, squirrels are craaaAAAaazy!

  6. Oh I can't wait to hear that story! LOL. Other than the near fire it sounds like a great trip.

    1. Yeah, it was a little scary, but alls well that ends well!


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