Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Holiday Gift Guide for the Ladies

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Now that Halloween is over, I’ve mentally switched over to Thanksgiving and Christmas mode, and today I’m sharing the first of many gift guides!  I know many of you aren’t quite there yet and that’s totally okay, but with supposed shortages and potential delivery issues this year, I figured most people are at least starting to think about shopping, and I wanted to have these ready to go for those who are.

Most of my picks this year are from Amazon, and as always, there are items in every price range so there’s something for everyone.    

Here are my 2021 picks for the ladies…

1 – Leopard Apple Watch Band

This leopard watch band is an inexpensive, yet fun, gift that will turn any Apple Watch into something special.  This would be a great stocking stuffer, or a fun Dirty Santa gift when playing with a large group.


2 – Tassel Earrings

I love a great set of statement earrings, and these ombre tassel earrings are oh so cute.  These would make a great gift for a girlfriend, and they come in every color of the rainbow, and then some.  I know not everyone loves pink as much as I do.  ;o)


3 – Wet Brush

This gift is probably less fun and more practical, but once you use a Wet Brush, you’ll never ever go back to using a standard brush.  Olivia and I have been using Wet Brushes for years now, and they are awesome, especially if you’re tender-headed.  Even if you’re not, you’ll love the massage that it gives your scalp when you brush.  And you’ll also love that you lose less hair when brushing, too.


4 – Flippy Tablet/Phone Holder Pillow

This pillow holds your tablet or phone when you’re lounging around, and there are three different sides... each side holds your tablet at a different angle so you can always find the perfect fit whether you're standing, sitting, or laying down.


5 – Affirmation Cards for Women

One of my very favorite bloggers released these affirmation cards for women last year, and I bought a set for myself.  There are 62 different cards, and each sentiment is meant to encourage and inspire.  The artwork is gorgeous, and I have enjoyed reading through them each morning this past year.  These would make a perfect gift for any lady on your list.


6 – Marble Cheeseboard

If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know how much I love to make charcuterie boards.  This 15-inch marble and wood board is simply gorgeous, and it would make the perfect gift for anyone who loves to host parties.


7 – Leopard Robe

Cozy season is here, and if you’re anything like me, you love to live in loungewear around the house.  This robe is warm and cozy, has great reviews, and it comes in several other colors.


8 – Travel Jewelry Organizer

This travel jewelry organizer is small, so it doesn’t take up much space in your suitcase, but it holds a lot of items, and keeps them safe in its hard shell.  It has four different compartments so you can keep everything separated, and it swivels open so you can see everything at once.


9 – Travel Toiletry Bag

I’ve had a bag similar to this one since I was in my late teens and it is simply the best for keeping toiletries organized when you travel.  There are several different pockets and there is ample room to bring along everything you need when you travel – shampoo, conditioner, contact solution, toothpaste, etc.  Then when you get where you’re going, you can hang it on the bathroom door and leave it open for easy access to every item that you packed.  It’s so cute, too!


10 – Glass Nail File

I bought this glass nail file over a year ago, and it’s still going strong all this time later.  Since it’s made of glass, it never dulls, so it never needs replacing.  It works beautifully on my nails and it works even better than a standard nail file.  This would make a great stocking stuffer for anyone who likes to do their own manicures at home! 


11 – Black Dot Mug

I love a pretty coffee mug, and this one is so gorgeous… I can’t believe it’s on Amazon!  The shape is unique, the black dot pattern is classic, the pattern carries over throughout the entire inside of the mug, and the gold handle is just the icing on the cake. 


12 – Raffia Statement Earrings

I wasn’t planning on including two pairs of earrings on this gift guide, but I just couldn’t choose between these raffia earrings and the other tassel earrings!  These come in tons of different colors and they are perfect for any girl who loves statement earrings.


13 – Barefoot Dreams Cozy Socks

I live in fuzzy socks all winter long, and these Barefoot Dreams fuzzy socks are incredible.  They are the softest, warmest things, and they are totally worth the splurge.  I don’t normally pay $18 for one pair of socks, but when I do, they’re these! 


14 – Cozy Knit PJ Set

These cozy knit PJs have great reviews and they come in many different colors.  These are an Amazon find, but according to blogland, the quality is top-notch.  They're currently $10 off, and don't forget to clip the coupon, so you can get the extra $2 off as well!


15 – A Standard of Grace Guided Journal by Emily Ley

This guided journal is full of prompts that are great for those who want to start a journey of self-reflection.  The book has a beautiful hard cover with thick, sturdy pages, and there are three ribbons attached that you can use as bookmarks to hold your place each day.  And, Y'ALL, this hardcover book is on super sale for just $3 right now!!!!  That is 85% off the regular price of $19.99.


16 – Glitter Apple Watch Band

Yep, it’s another watch band, but I couldn’t resist including this pink glittery one, too.  The glitter on this one just screams CHRISTMAS to me, and it would be so festive to wear from now until the new year!   


And that’s it, y’all!  I hope you got some great ideas, either for your loved ones or for your own wish lists.  I’ll also be doing gift guides for the guys, for tiny kids, for older kids, and for teens so stay tuned for more ideas!

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. And oh what a fabulous gift guide it is! I love the pink striped toiletry bag!

  2. I love that little pillow for the tablet. It would be great for Ella because she gets 30 minutes in the morning and it's always hard for her to get cozy and comfy when watching it.

  3. I love looking at gift guides for myself! I really like the pajamas!

  4. I always add a watch band to my wish list!! Such a great round up! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  5. So many cute things here! I love that cheese board and those cozy pajamas.

  6. Loving all the fun pops of leopard! And I need that charcuterie board <3

  7. Let the gift guides begin! This is such a good one...I'd take any of these gifts with a smile on my face!

  8. Those earrings are so cute! I really like getting cute accesspries like that as gifts :) Luckily I've got most of my Christmas shopping done, but there's always a couple more things to pick up (hubby and I are still debating what exact combo of things to get for his sister, as his family have a very strict budget and you have to spend the exact amount allocated for gifts or it's "unfair", ha! Where I always end up going overboard for my family, with getting them gifts from us and from the kids and from the dog sometimes too, it's a time for splurging for us!).

    Hope that your week is going well :)

    Away From The Blue

    1. I love that y'all like to splurge on the gifts for your loved ones. That is so funny that you get gifts from the dog, too!! Haha. Our kids would love if our dog gave a gift to their grandparents!

  9. I need that sparkly watch band and that travel jewelry organizer. The design of it is so ingenious!

  10. I want those pjs. So pretty. I love my glass nail file. Great list!

  11. I think that toiletry bag is going to be added to my list! So handy!


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