Monday, July 5, 2021

What I Ordered from Amazon in June 2021

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Y’all, this may be the longest Amazon post in the history of Amazon posts.  As most of you know, Amazon Prime Day was last month, so between shopping the sale, buying a birthday gift, buying Father’s Day gifts, starting Christmas shopping, and because I ran out of and needed to repurchase several neccessites, I ordered a LOT of stuff.  A lot.  Let’s get started!

Leopard Top

I’ve been wanting a casual short-sleeve leopard top to wear during the summer and to use as a layering piece in the fall and winter, so I ordered two different ones in the Prime Day sale and I’ll be returning the one that I like the least of the two.  This top definitely exceeded my expectations and it is so cute!  The ruffle sleeve is so feminine, it’s super soft, and I couldn’t love it more!

Leopard Top #2

This was the other short-sleeve leopard top I bought in the sale, and it’s soooo good, too, y’all!  I love that the peplum hem is lower on this top… it hits right above the hips instead of in the middle of the torso.  Some peplum tops tend to make me look preggo depending on where the hem hits, but this one hits in the perfect spot.  It comes in tons of colors and patterns, too, if you don’t like the leopard.


Ruffle Neck Brown Dot Top

This top has been in my wish list for months, so when Amazon alerted me to a lightning deal during the sale, I couldn’t resist it.  This will be the absolute perfect summer to fall transition top because it gives off all the fall vibes while also being light and airy.  I love it SO SO much.


Red Peplum Top

We are huge Georgia Bulldogs fans, so we wear a ton of red and black during football season.  My wardrobe is surprisingly lacking in the short-sleeve red color department, so I’ve been on the hunt for a top or two that checks those boxes.  Y’all may remember that I already have this top in black and white, so I went ahead and grabbed it in red and white during the sale, and it is just the best thing.  I seriously want to buy it in all the colors.  It is the perfect top.


Red Flowy Top

This was another red short-sleeve top that I bought for football season, and it’s really cute, too.  The top layer is swiss dot, and it’s fully lined underneath so it’s not see-through.  The quality is great, and the top is comfortable.  It also comes in a bunch of other colors.  It does run slightly large, though, so if you're in between sizes, I would size down.


Brown Tunic Sweater

This sweater is another tried and true favorite as I already have it in pink.  I love it so much that I’ve had it in my wish list in this brown color for months, so I went ahead and grabbed it when it went on a lightning deal during the sale.  In case you missed my review of it before, believe me when I say that it is SO good.  It’s the softest thing ever, it’s cozy, it’s flattering (I love that neckline), and it’s long enough to wear with leggings… it looks amazing with the Spanx faux leather leggings and boots!  I highly recommend this one!


Tie Dye Joggers

These joggers randomly popped up in my search during the sale, and they were so cheap and the reviews were so good I couldn’t resist trying them!  No harm when you get free shipping and free returns!  They are soooo comfy and cozy and I love them!  They run very large, though… I bought the small and extra-small because I read that they ran large, and the extra-smalls fit and are still a little roomy.  I normally wear a small, so I was surprised that the XS were the ones to keep.  So, I’d say to definitely size down one full size in these.  They come in lots of solid colors and different patterns, too, in case tie-dye isn't your thing (it's usually not my thing either)!


Tie Dye Sweatshirt

I bought the matching sweatshirt to go with the joggers, but it won’t be here for a couple of weeks, so I can’t speak to the quality and sizing yet.  I’m going to try it with the joggers and see what they look like together and then I’ll decide whether or not to keep both items.  I’m not usually a big fan of matching sets, but for some reason, this one seems like one I’ll like!


Pink Apple Watch Band

I’ve been wanting a bright pink Apple Watch band and this one was only $5!  It’s perfect and soooo summery!


American Flag Tee

This tee was a birthday gift for one of my girlfriends.  I had it shipped straight to her house since we didn’t get together to celebrate, and she said that she loves it!


Sweet Tea Candle

This candle was another gift for my friend and I had it shipped right along with the tee.  She loves all things farmhouse and southern, and there is nothing more southern than sweet tea, y’all!  This candle is from one of the small shops on Amazon, so I love that I was able to support a small business while also enjoying the free two-day shipping that comes along with an Amazon Prime purchase.  I was a little apprehensive about gifting a candle that I couldn’t smell first, but my friend said it’s one of the best candles she’s ever smelled!  She loved it so much that she already ordered another one!  Now I’m intrigued and I kinda want one, too, but I rarely burn candles anymore.


Throw Pillow Covers

I’ve had a set of pillow covers similar to these on my wish list for over a year, but I never bought them.  These pillow covers popped up in my recommendations just as they were on a lightning deal and I couldn’t snatch them up fast enough!  They are SOOOO much cuter than the ones that I had in my wish list!  They are excellent quality, so thick and well-made, and they look AMAZING in our living room!


Black and White Garland

My beloved black and white garland that I use for Halloween and New Year’s broke last year when I was taking my decorations down, so I grabbed this one in the sale to replace it.


Halloween Garland

While I was searching for black and white garlands, this one also came up, and I bought it to use during fall and Halloween as I've been wanting a good garland for my office.  What I also didn't realize is that you get not one, but TWO garlands when you purchase this listing.


Silicone Baking Cups

I’ve been needing another set of silicone baking cups for years, so I grabbed these Amazon Essentials cups when they were on super sale during Prime Day.  Y’all know I’m a sucker for rainbow colors, and these stole my heart.  Silicone is definitely the way to go when it comes to muffins and cupcakes… You don’t have to grease them and the muffins and cupcakes just pop right out!  They are the best!


Silicone Body Scrubber

I’ve always used disposable loofas in the shower, but I grabbed one of these silicone body scrubbers to replace my loofa this month.  These silicone scrubbers can be used over and over forever and will rarely (if never) have to be replaced.  They can be washed in the dishwasher for sanitizing purposes so they’re more hygienic than the standard loofas, and in the long run (or the short run, really) they’ll save money since I won’t have to buy a new loofa every couple of months anymore.  I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now and I will say that it doesn’t get quite as good of a lather going as the standard loofas do, but it still does a great job.  I’m sold so I also bought another one to keep in my travel bag.  I also love that this one has the built-in hanging loop.  None of the others have that so that's why I chose this one.


Silicone Scalp Scrubber

My hair has thinned a bit since I’ve gotten older (read: since I’ve had kids and they stress me out – LOL) so I’ve been trying new things to thicken it up.  One thing I keep seeing over and over again is to start using a silicone scalp massager in the shower because it can stimulate the hair follicles which can make hair grow faster/thicker.  Who knows if they will even work, but man oh MAN do they feel good when I’m washing my hair!!  Definitely worth the $3 just for that!  And these came in a two-pack so I’ll probably give one to my momma or a friend.


Silicone Bundt Cake Pan

In my best Chandler Bing voice – “Could I have ordered more silicone items from Amazon this month?!”  Haha.  My metal bundt cake pan was horrible and no matter how much I greased it each time, my cakes always got stuck and fell apart (seriously, just ask B how pissed I was a couple of weekends ago when it happened AGAIN), so I finally broke down and bought a silicone bundt cake pan.  I’m hoping it works as well as my baking cups do.  I’m not crazy about the red color since nothing else in my kitchen is red, but it had the best reviews and was also included in the Prime Day sale, so I got a great deal on it!


Yeti Koozie

This koozie was a Father’s Day gift for B, so it wasn’t purchased in the Prime Day sale, but at the time of purchase, it was about half of the price that it is now.  I’ve found that prices for Yeti products fluctuate a TON on Amazon, so you have to make sure that you don’t buy a Yeti item without comparing to other places first.  This koozie is supposed to be the best and it keeps canned drinks cold foreverrrr. 


Pill Box

I keep a pill box in my purse to hold pain reliever, antacid, etc. and mine was in need of replacing.  This one was on sale during Prime Day, so I grabbed one.  It’s the perfect size – small so it doesn’t take up a lot of space in my purse, but large enough to fit four different kinds of medicine.  My old pill box only had two sections.


Mini Pop Toys

I bought this set of three mini pop toys (they are the size of keychains) – one for me (I told y’all I was going to get one since I have fidgety fingers), and two for the kids stockings at Christmas.  They ended up sending four instead of three, so I’ll probably gift the fourth one at Christmas… we always buy gifts for families in need through our church, and I’m sure any child would love to have one.


Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel

I started using this as my morning moisturizer last year, and it is the best!  It hydrates my face so well without causing my face to be shiny, and it contains hyaluronic acid which helps skin repair itself.  I needed a refill, so I bought three of them from Amazon because they had the best price… as a matter of fact, they were on super duper sale when I bought them.  I thought it was a mistake because the price was so low.  Haha.


Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation

I’ve been using this foundation for years and I was in need of a restock, so I bought three as I always buy in bulk for items like this.  Amazon always has the best price for this, too.


Bead Set

I started making bracelets last year during the pandemic and was in need of some new beads.  This set was on MAJOR sale during Prime Day, so I grabbed it.  I love how dainty these beads are and I love the array of colors.  I’ve already made two new bracelets with them!  And Amazon is SOOOO much cheaper for beads than Hobby Lobby or Michael's!


Weaving Loom Set

Olivia loves arts and crafts sets, and this one popped up as a great deal on Prime Day, so I grabbed it and put it away for her for Christmas!  Feels good to get started on Christmas so early!  It’ll be here before we know it. 


Lunch Notes Facts & Funnies

I love to put little jokes in the kids’ lunchboxes during the school year and I ran out back in the spring.  These were on sale during Prime Day, so I grabbed them.  There are 101 sheets in the set (can’t beat that for the price!), and each sheet has one random fact as well as one joke.  Jacob looooves random facts, so he is going to be so excited about these!!


Lunch Notes Facts & Funnies 2

Went ahead and grabbed the second set as well!  These have the same format and they are just so cute!  Much better than the joke lunch notes I bought last year.


Flonase Sensimist

I take this year-round for my allergies and I love it.  I actually stopped taking it recently just to see how I do without it, and all was well until grass pollen came out.  It usually hits the hardest here around mid to late June, so it was time for a refill.


Alaway Eye Drops

My allergies affect my eyes terribly.  Before I started using these my eye doc said the inside of my eyelids looked like cobblestone walkways because they were so dry and irritated.  He recommended using these drops twice a day, and I’ve been using them ever since… for about 15 years now, at least.  I’ve tried two other brands of allergy eye drops and they do not compare.  As always, Amazon has the best price on these, and it was time for a refill. 


Zelda Skyward Sword for Nintendo Switch

This was a gift for B for Father’s Day.  He and the kids love to play video games together and Zelda is a family-friendly game that they all enjoy.  This one releases for the Switch in late July, so we haven’t actually received it yet.


Science Diet Dog Food

This is the dog food we have fed Maui since she was a baby (although we switched formulas once she became an adult).  We love it, she loves it, and it was time for a refill.  She's so tiny and eats so little that it'll take her about 5-6 months to get through this tiny bag.  Lol.


Amazon Gift Card Reload

Amazon offered a special deal for Prime Members on Prime Day where you could get a free $10 gift card if you purchased $40 worth of Amazon gift cards or more.  So duh, I purchased $40 of Amazon gift cards (because we’re gonna use them anyway) and then I got my free $10 directly sent to my account!  No brainer, y’all!  Free money as long as you use them on things that you were going to buy anyway!


In addition to saving money on each item during Prime Day and getting our free $10 gift card, we also used our Amazon credit card to pay for all of our purchases, so we'll get 6% cash back on all of our Prime Day purchases + 5% cash back on all of our other purchases.  Amazon already has the cheapest prices on most of the things we buy, so between that, and the 5-6% cash back we save a lot of money than if we were to buy all of this at Target or Walmart.

We love our Amazon!

And if you want to see everything that I ordered in previous months, just check out the posts below!

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Happy Monday, y’all!


  1. You found so many things! I felt like I missed out on a lot for prime day. I'm loving all the shirts!

  2. So many great finds! I need to check out that Amazon credit card!

  3. We had a huge Amazon month as well! I need to get those mini pop toys for Sophia now that we've started eating out at restaurants again. Thanks for sharing! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  4. You should do a tutorial on the bracelets you make.

    1. I've actually had a couple of people ask me to do this!

  5. I love all your shirts that you purchased!!

  6. So many cute clothing purchases!

  7. You did order sooo much. I love the silicone body scrubbers. I wish I would have got the muffin cups.

  8. Great buys!! I have had the silicone body scrubber and the cupcake holders on my list forever. I just need to bite the bullet and get them ordered. Added a few other things from your post to my wishlist... thanks!

  9. You got some good stuff, that is for sure! I love that tunic sweater, and cannot wait for it to get cool enough to wear it. You find the best candles on Amazon - I don't know how you do it, but I think it's a talent. :)


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