Monday, July 1, 2024

What I Ordered from Amazon in June 2024

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It was another light-ish month for Amazon orders.  I would have hardly had anything for this post if it wasn’t for Father’s Day, a birthday, and a care package!  Pretty much everything that was purchased was for someone else this month!

Maxi Dress

This maxi dress was one of the two purchases I made for myself this month.  I’ve had this maxi dress in pink with dark pink squares for years, and it’s one of my favorites.  I added a couple of the other patterns to my wish list months ago, so when this one went on a lightning deal, I couldn’t grab it fast enough.  This dress is stunning in person, y’all.  The colors are so vibrant, and the dress is so flattering and flowy.  The fabric is 100% polyester, so it’s not super high-quality, but it’s not cheap either.  I actually really love this fabric for summer, though, because it keeps you nice and cool.  And it doesn’t shrink, fade, or pill.  The dress comes in tons of other colors and patterns, too, so there are lots of options. 


White Ruffled Tank

You’ve seen this tank before because I already own it in three colors.  Ha!  I love it so much that I went back for a white one when it went on sale!  I wear a lot of skirts and bottoms that require white tops, so I feel like you can never have too many basic white tops.  Again, this top is super flattering, and the ruffles are so feminine and beautiful.  It is fitted, but it’s not too tight – there’s definitely some breathing room – and it holds up beautifully in the washer and dryer.  This is one of my favorite Amazon clothing finds ever.  You know it’s good since I now own it in four colors!  It comes in 18 colors, and it fits true-to-size.  I wear a small.


Amazing Guitars Adult Coloring Book

When we found out that Jacob’s old piano teacher was down for a few weeks from a surgery, we put together a little care package for him, and we included this adult coloring book along with some markers and colored pencils.  He can’t get around much, so we thought this might give him something to do since he can still use his dominant hand.  The coloring sheets inside are intricate and beautiful and I would totally color in this one myself!  I love an adult coloring book!


Under Armour Men’s Pants – Khaki

We bought these pants for Brian for Father’s Day, and they are awesome.  They’re made from athletic fabric that all of the guys love these days, but they look so sharp and put together!  The fabric wicks away sweat and dries really fast, so they keep guys cool during the summer, and they don’t wrinkle in the washer and dryer.  This design has a flat front and four pockets + belt loops just like any standard pair of dress pants and they truly look great on!


Under Armour Men’s Pants – Grey

These are so good that we bought them twice – one in khaki and one pair in grey!  Again, these look like dress pants, but they’re built for maximum comfort.  These are just like the khaki ones, but they’re even dressier-looking in this grey color.


Formula 1 Tee

This was a gift for my dad for Father’s Day and he really loved it!  It’s a good quality cotton t-shirt just like he likes!


The 4:8 Principle

A friend recommended this book, so I picked it up to read this summer.  I haven’t started it yet, but the reviews are awesome.  I can’t wait to get started!


Father’s Day Card from the Dog

I don’t usually buy Father’s Day cards for Brian from Maui, but when I saw this one, I had to get it.  She is getting older, and therefore, has started having more accidents in the house, so I thought it was very appropriate.  Haha.


Father’s Day Card

And then I got this card for my dad from me.  Hahahaha.


Snap Circuits

This was a gift for my nephew for his birthday.  Jacob LOVES these and has played with them for years.  They make a great gift for any kid who loves to build, who is curious about how things work, and who generally loves STEM toys.  They have lots of different sets from beginner to advanced, so they can grow with your little one as they grow.


Happy Monday, y’all!

And if you want to see everything that I ordered in previous months, just check out the posts below!


  1. We used to have snap circuits. I wonder where they are!

    1. They are so great! Jacob has always loved them and I love them because he's learning while he plays.

  2. WOW, seems like you do all or most of your shopping online.
    Found your post at Slices of Life. My entries this week are numbered #49+50
    Please join and share your posts with us

    1. I definitely do a lot of my shopping online! I only do a little bit in person. Thanks for letting me know about the linkup!

  3. I will definitely check out those pants for Michael. Thanks for linking up with Prime Purchases!

    1. I bet he will love them! Brian has two pairs of the pants and three pairs of the shorts now!


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